Unscene: A history of Brisbane Freestyle

Unscene: A History of Brisbane Freestyle is coming up in Brisbane for all the older guys out there or young ones wanting to learn more about local BMX heritage. Ross Lavender has poured a ton of work into this and it's going to be amazing, be sure not to miss it! More info after the jump or on the website HERE.
Less than two weeks to go and things are looking great for the exhibit.
I will be picking up the remainder of the exhibit items this week and have them cleaned and ready for display.
As I have mentioned in the past the exhibit will be displaying bikes, parts, clothing and other items associated with the Brisbane scene. I have been very fortunate enough to have many of the old riders loan their personal items and even donate some to the Unscene History Archives. I have a number of frames to show including the 1993 S&M Platform Dirtbike, a Revcore Freestyler, the only existing Maxxim Freestyle Prototype, Steve Smiths Haro frame and custom SLA forks (which he rode in Expo ’88); and three of the four Prody frames made by Gavin Hyde of G&J Cycles. There’s a bunch more frames but you will just have to come along and have a look for yourself.
There will also be Just Tricks, Pro Motion and Wheels Entertainment uniforms to show and over 20 original Freestyle shirts all worn by the local riders. These are great too look at, most are very worn, tatty with a few blood stains on them – it doesn’t get much more real than the riders blood itself!
There will be some video on display of early competition footage and locally made Freestyle videos including Brisbane’s first Freestyle video Sex, Drugs and Rock n Rolls, the Prody series (Clint Millar made videos pre-Colony days…) and some of the Drain Kids videos by Lucas Comino.
The text and photographs will be supported with a few QR Codes so if you don’t have a scanner on your phone be sure to download one! I am trying to keep all the text simple so whether you are a rider or someone off the street you will learn a lot about some of Brisbane’s unknown BMX history.
There will be quite a bit of info on the local competitions and trophies to display also. The comps became a great way to meet other riders and form this little unique family us riders had back then.
I still have quite a bit to do until the opening day. The project has become much more extensive than I originally anticipated but all I can say is if you love BMX and want to learn more about the roots of Brissy Freestyle this show is a must for you.
Finally, please share this post with everyone you know. The exhibit is free and is only open to the public for 2 days.
I will be available all weekend at the exhibit so feel free to introduce yourself and say hi.
Jugglers Art Space103 Brunswick Street,
Fortitude Valley,
Brisbane, QLD, 4006
Opening Hours:                                                                                                                                               Saturday 26th October – 10:00AM-4:00PM            

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