Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ev's Tech Corner - A Beginner's Guide to Freecoasters

Another new feature we're running on DiversityBMX is Ev's Tech Corner. For those unfamiliar Evan is one half of LUXBMX Store in Brisbane and is regarded by many as the best BMX mechanic in the biz, so who better to run a tech section? With more and more people converting to freecoaster hubs by the day we though that shedding a bit of light on some of the more popular options would be a great place to start...

Alex Kennedy is one of the new wave of riders taking freecoasting to a whole new level.

To put it simply, a freecoaster hub allows the rider to roll backwards without the drive- train engaging and making the pedals spin backwards with the wheel. Evolved from traditional coaster brake hubs, early freecoaster designs were basically coaster brake hubs with the brake pads removed. However bearing load issues, inconsistent driver/clutch engagement and overall weight often deterred riders from experiencing the freedom of which a freecoaster hub can offer. Pigeon holing the freecoaster to the flatland market or those prepared to constantly service and maintain the hub... HIT READ MORE

In more recent times refinements to existing designs and advancements in technology have seen the production of more durable, reliable and lighter freecoasters. With this we have seen more and more big name pros jumping on the coaster bandwagon, at the same time pushing the limits of BMX riding as we know it.

Colony Freecoaster: With a proven design, the Colony freecoaster is one of the most durable freecoasters on the market while also being one of the lightest traditional clutch style hubs. Colony also have all of the small parts available if need be. Available now in RHD and LHD options with matching hub guards.

Ezra Freecoaster: One of the lightest freecoaster hubs on the market, the Ezra hub uses a retractable pawl mechanism. As the driver engages, an isolated slack disc activates the pawls into the engagement ring in the hub shell.
Image from Kunstform

Salt Plus Freecoaster: Details on the Salt Plus freecoaster hub are still a little vague, however it does appear to have a retractable pawl design similar to the Ezra hub. As with most of the Salt/Plus componentry we should see it come in at the more affordable end of the market. Given the lack of heavy internals, the Salt hub should also weight around the same weight as a traditional cassette hub. Available late 2013

Photo from BMXunion.

Cult Match Freecoaster: Much like the Colony, the Cult Match freecoaster is loosely based on the traditional clutch mechanism. Cult have however incorporated a tapered roller bearing in the hubshell behind the driver, a needle roller bearing in the driver itself and a thrust bearing replaces the adjustment spacer behind the clutch to offer less resistance to it when back pedalling or during crank flips etc. Due to the extra internals you will see the Cult hub weighing in a little more than others on the market, however according to Cult, these hubs will be bomb proof. Available in male and female as well as RHD and LHD, we should see these hubs late October 2013.
Photo from The Merged

2014 WeThePeople Crysis Freecoaster bike: For 2014 WTP are offering the Crysis with the new Salt Plus freecoaster. Retailing at around $800. The Crysis features a full chromo frame along with fully removable brake hardware. The Crysis is setup ready to go for someone after the free- coaster experience and looking for a mid level complete. Available now HERE and at all good WeThePeople dealers.

Image from Kunstform

Be sure to drop into LUXBMX Store to chat with Ev or check out LUX's range of freecoasters online HERE.


Vauxy said...

good on ya guys get the site back up an running!

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