Diversity Quick Six - Jason Watts

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian young gun Jason Watts, who has been absolutely killing it lately with some insane web videos, getting picked up by Haro and a few trips to the states. Hit read more to learn some more about Jason...

Basic stuff first. Name, ages, sponsors, shoe size etc?
Jason Watts. 20. Haro, Ride On and Verve Footwear. Size 10.

Who are some of your favourite riders, past and present?
Mark Mullville, Pat Casey, Dakota Roche, Mike Aitken... the list goes on, haha.

If you were to open up your iTunes right now what would be some of your most played songs?
Ummm, Judas Priest, Ministry of Sound, pretty much a mix of everything, haha.

What websites do you visit on the daily?
Websites I go daily would be Crispy Stream, The Come Up, Diversitybmx (Mitch: Suck Up), Vital BMX and Focalpoint.

You're stuck on a desert island for the rest of your days… What 3 items would you wish to have with you?
My bike, a bowl and bourbon!

If there was one thing you could change about BMX right now what would it be?
I would change the hate between BMX riders.

Follow Jason on Instagram (@wattzup) and check out some of his edits below.

If you'd like to see your favourite rider featured send us an email and we'll get in contact!

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