Diversity Quick Six - Jack Elkins

A new feature we're starting on the site is the Diversity Quick Six were we ask your favourite riders six questions. First up is the Brisbane street assassin with the the magic pop, Mr Jack Elkins. Hit read more...

Basic stuff first. Name, ages, sponsors, shoe size etc?
Jack Elkins, 21, Fit Bike Co and LUXBMX Store, size 11

Who are some of your favourite riders, past and present?
Growing up; Edwin Delarosa, Max Gaertig, Chase Hawk, Chase Dehart, Scotty Cranmer, Sean Sexton. Right now; AK, Dak, Benny L, Craig Passero, Sean Sexton, Garrett Reynolds, TYMO.

If you were to open up your iTunes right now what would be some of your most played songs?
I'm on Spotify but: Charles Bradley - No time for dreaming, ASAP Ferg - Shabba, Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill, Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart, Better Days - Graham Nash

What websites do you visit on the daily?
The big three - TCU, Vital, Transworld, the Fit site, Adweek, B&T, Quartz, NYTimes, YMFY

You're stuck on a desert island for the rest of your days… What 3 items would you wish to have with you?
Swiss army knife, snorkel, Wilson

If there was one thing you could change about BMX right now what would it be?
People trying to change BMX.

Follow Jack Elkins on Instagram (@JackElkinsInsta) and check out some of his edits below.

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