Diversity Quick Six - Dave Dillewaard

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian legend Dave Dillewaard, one of the first Aussie riders to make it big in America. Hit read more to learn some more about Dave...

Image from Demolition.

Basic stuff first. Name, ages, sponsors, shoe size etc?
Dave Dillewaard. 4 days away from 30 years old. Ride for GT Bikes, Demolition parts, S One Helmets and Etnies.

Who are some of your favourite riders, past and present?
Joe Rich, Dennis Ennarson, Ty Morrow, Ryan Nyquist.

If you were to open up your iTunes right now what would be some of your most played songs?
The Weeks - Buttons is up top. I went crazy on that song for a min. Pink - So What cause one time my mate Yonny was staying with me and I played it a lot to annoy him. Gyroscope - Doctor Doctor cause it's a good one!

What websites do you visit on the daily?
Facebook, Twitter, The Come Up, Demolitionparts.com, bmx.gtbicycles.com, 2+2 poker, World Star, Shock Mansion

You're stuck on a desert island for the rest of your days… What 3 items would you wish to have with you?
My missus, a home brew kit, and my bmx.

If there was one thing you could change about BMX right now what would it be?
There should be qualifiers for big contests like X games and Dew Tour. There is no way for new up and comers and old dudes like me to even try and be in these contests now. It's just a popularity contest and if you're not in with the right people or really, really good you can't even try to get in there.(currently mad watching Dew Tour dirt on a web cast from my couch.)

Follow Dave Dillewaard on Instagram (@dillewaard) and check out some of his edits below.

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