Ryan Lloyd Raw Clips

Primary Threads posted a bunch of raw clips of Ryan Lloyd that are a little dated and didn't make the cut for any other projects. As you all know though, Ryan is an incredible rider so these are still great.


Jack Birtles and his crew spend a hell of a lot of time on the road, and a good percentage of that is spent getting loose. That's not to say they don't ride a heap, too. This new mixtape, aptly entitled Blackout captures that perfectly. Plenty of good riding, but gratuitous amounts of party funness. There's also a feature up over on Focalpoint regarding the project.

Melbourne Bowl Trip

A couple of ADL transition roasters took a trip to Melbourne to sample some of the newer delights. I can't get over how fun the St Kilda park looks.

melbourne bowl trip from Dempsey bmx on Vimeo.

Primary Threads: A Day in the Life of Ryan Knight

Ryan Lloyd hung out with his dude Ryan Knight for a day, and pieced together this sweet video, encapsulating a day in the life of Ryan Knight. If the video is anything to go by, Ryan is a dude who lives life with an emphasis on fun!