Questions and Answers: Kristopher Humphries

I've known Kristopher Humphries for a fair while now, and not only is he a brilliant photographer and a great rider, he's passionate about his scene, and BMX as a whole. He's had a bunch of work published recently, so I hit him up with a few questions; click through to see what he has to say.

Kieran Gould

Kieran Gould lays down some real sleek lines on some fun looking spots in this short video by Jayme Timms.

45 Seconds with Leeton Kleingeld

Damn, this took me by surprise. Young buck Leeton Kleingeld doing some serious technical riding in this 45 second clip for Colony. A few things set this apart from your regular tech park video; hit play and I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

Nicko Smithson 2013 Edit

Rockhampton homie Nicko Smithson has been killing forever, and this new video for Ride On shows that nothings changed. Dude is definitely big on the roast game, as well as mixing it up with a few smooth icepick combos. This is edited to Sabbath, as if you needed any more reason to watch it.

Nicko Smithson 2013 Edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Psycholovers USA

Trent Rowsell jetted off to the US recently, and traversed his way across the country with his lovely lady Noni. He tasted the delights that are Colorado concrete, which, with Trent being a roastmasta, makes for some absolutely majestic viewing. Enjoy.

USA from PSYCHO LOVERS on Vimeo.

Chris Armour

I actually met Chris a few weeks ago at Uni, not because he's a student, he was promoting a BMX program in conjunction with Monster Skatepark. He sent me the link for this video today, and he throws down some really solid supermega riding at Monster and Macquarie Fields. He has switch whips on lock, and the things he does over the Mac Fields box are unfathomable. That thing is tiny.

Ryan Hurst for Kream Clothing

Young Ryan Hurst put together this video for his threads hookup Kream Clothing at the Cairns Esplanade park. Ryan has a bunch of good tricks, with some sweet lines in the plaza, and some serious shralpability in the bowl.