Young at Heart

Sticking with the Young trails theme, we have another Will Herrmann creation. This time, it's with the creators themselves; Will and Chris Kerr. These dudes are the engineers behind some of the finest trails in the country, and watching them shred on home turf is something to behold. There is also a dope overflow gallery on the 2020 site, and a full interview with them in the latest issue of 2020, which is out now.

Will H X Profile Racing: Young Trails

Will Herrmann has been a fixture in the Sydney and Melbourne scenes for a while now; and definitely knows his way around a bike. He spent some time out in Young, shredding the Kerr's trails and winning cash on karaoke. He cooked up this video for Profile. These trails look amazing, almost as rad as Will's jammin' Salmon at the end.

Profile Racing, Will in Young. from breakhouse on Vimeo.

Benn Pigot - Tora Sumi x Etnies

John Young just dropped Benn Pigot's Etnies/Tora Sumi welcome video, and it is absolutely ridiculous. This is the closest any video has come to showing just how fucking good Benn is. His token big airs mixed in with some high-speed bowl lines and some other goodness makes this the best video you'll watch this week. John's production is next-level, too. Filming at Five Dock is not an easy task, but John makes it look way too good. I'm stoked!
Benn Pigot - Tora Sumi x Etnies from John Young on Vimeo.