Polly Ten Clips

Polly definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, which is definitely a good thing in the current state of mandatory trick lists. Four pegs, a front brake and Polly's creativity make this Colony Ten Clip a very enjoyable watch.

Chris Finnigan X Fly Bikes

Chris is one of those dudes who doesn't put out reams and reams of stuff, but when he does you know it's gonna be good. This video put together by Lee Turner for Fly BMX Bikes is no exception. Doing proper clicked trails tricks out of grinds, all whilst oozing style is no easy feat, but you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.


Leen Beef crew put together a short mix riding the Wodonga park. A bunch of sweet lines in here, but the vibe is amazing, and that park looks so much fun.

Leen Beef Crew Dong Park Mix from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Jake Norris

Nicko Smithson sent over this video of his dude Jake Norris shredding Rockhampton's skatepark. Jake is more than capable on both the ledges and in the bowl, which is good to see. He also does a respectable underhanded nose wheelie, which is crazy.

Jake Norris 2013 Edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay 2013

Chris Courtenay's new video is chock full of technical park riding; only about a foot higher than the average tech park rider. A bunch of really good clips in here, but the alley-oop down whip in the mini, and whip gap were highlights for me.

Team Trips: Colony's Follow the Lines Tour

A huge portion of the local Colony team, plus a small North American contingent are embarking on a pilgrimage down the east coast, kicking off on the 24th in Maryborough. Check the flyer below for all the details.

Aaran Selway Lands the Aussie Roll

To resi, but it's pretty crazy nonetheless, and it means it's only a matter of time before it is done on a legitimate box jump.

Cody Smith 2013 web video

Jack Paton submitted this video of Cody Smith, a young dude from Brisbane. Cody has a bunch of real solid technical park tricks, and some sweet opposite barspin combos.

Paul Gerlich

Paul Gerlich submitted this short video of himself riding some parks around Brisbane. His riding has a very mid-2000's mini ramp feel to it, which is cool.

Paul Gerlich Edit 2 from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Zac Miner - B-Roll

Zac goes in hard, no question, and as a result, takes a decent slam or two when filming for any project. This raw b-roll video, composed of clips left over from his recent Colony Web video is a perfect demonstration of that. The first tooth crash is no joke. The rest of the video is solid, too, even though they didn't make the cut. That tranny planter spot looks so much fun.


2020 Throwback: Park Etiquette

2020 dug through their archives and found this article on Park Etiquette from Issue 5which is really on point. A lot of the younger gen of riders could definitely benefit from reading and absorbing this, hell, even pass it on to your scooter riding enemies and maybe they'll be a little less annoying.
Don't be a clown, make sure you're not in the wrong place.

Jack Gruber Short

Jack Gruber had some of the best clips in the ACT Jam video, and has followed it right up with 62 seconds of goodness. Everything from roasted invert airs to bar height barspin rail hops.


Benn Pigot on Etnies

After quitting the Nike program earlier in the year, Benn Pigot has found a home on the ever-growing local Etnies program. There's a welcome video in the works, as well, which is sure to be sick.
Benn roasting at Elanora. Photo by Drew Raison


The Backbone dudes just dropped the video from the ACT Jam that was held over the weekend, which looked like an absolute ball! Plenty of roasting around CBR's amazing concrete parks, and two incredible tricks at Belco by Will Gunn and Jake Wallwork respectively make this a video not to be missed. It's awesome to see a jam on a scale as large as this can be such a raging succcess; shouts to everyone that got behind the Jam, be it by supporting or being there. Roll on next year!
Back Bone BMX ACT Jam 2013 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

Armeture Crew Mixtape Volume 3

Newcastle's Armeture Crew come through with this solid mixtape featuring Layne Gordon, Kris Humphries, Kane Drew, Dylan Ferguson and Kyle Andrew. Dylan Ferguson is the standout, but everyone else definitely delivers.

Armeture Crew Mixtape #3 from Armeture Productions on Vimeo.