Thomas Dunn- Proper/Ride On.

Thomas Dunn has been somewhat quiet of late; but has picked up a new hook up in Proper. Ride On just dropped this new clip of him ripping around their shop park. A few unique moves, and some sweet lines in here.

Save Hazelbrook Trails!

The infamous Hazelbrook trails are under fire once more, and the locals need your support! Due to a group of ne'er-do-wells, the council are planning to plow this legendary spot. A campaign to ensure the trails continue their 20-year legacy is fronted by Xave Koen, and a meeting has been organised with the local Councillor for sport and recreation at the trails; at 3:30 this Friday afternoon. The more faces the better, demonstrating a positive influence within the community. The trails are located on Oakland Road, in Hazelbrook. If you live in the greater Sydney area, please try and make it, and bring all your friends.

UPDATE: There is a petition up at now; please take a moment of your time to show your support!

Xave Kown snapping a perfect table mid-line at Hazo.

Lucas Comino in "The Right Fluke"

Another day, another Grumets section. Today, we can present to you Drainkids founding member Lucas Comino. This section is really good; so many buttery coaster lines, as well as a table to fakie that is Butcher as fuck.


Chris Nicol- 2013

I'm always really impressed by dudes that can do all of this tech park riding brakeless, as it seems to be a pretty brake-intensive style of riding; and Chris does it really well. His bag of tricks is seriously deep, and that 360 tailwhip to table got me stoked.


Afray- Winter 2013

Afray just put out volume one of their winter product for 2013, and it is, as expected, on point. This first drop gives us two simple, clean, Raglan-style crewnecks to choose from. If the beanie Tom is wearing below is indicative of the coming releases, I am excited! Check out the lookbook here.


Click through to watch (or rewatch) their 2013 mixtape, too!

Grumets: Flagz

The next in the stream of Grumets parts to be uploaded is Chris Mathews'. Long manual lines, random transition and some unique stuff made for a really enjoyable watch.

DJ X Division 2013

Daniel Johnson's new clip for Division just dropped, and it's fire. The riding is solid throughout, but the last half dozen clips stood out to me, especially the second last one; he was on the rail so early, and went all the way to the end.

Hermtrails arvo

More and more people seem to be digging sets in their yard lately, and this one is Hermtrails crew. Two fun looking lines, and apparently more to come. Good shit.

Grumets DVD- Jack Elkins

The Grumets DVD had a stacked lineup, with a handful of Brisbane's finest, so it was always going to deliver. This section in particular had high expectations, especially with the web content that Jack has produced during the filming for this. Really tech lines, mixed with some big, solid moves as well as a few surprises, hit play and enjoy.


 You can also check out Gonz and Mitchell McDonald's sections after the jump...

Alex Hiam B-Roll

Colony put together this B-Roll video of their prodigal son, Alex Hiam, which didn't make the cut for his recent web video. He takes it pretty hard on a couple of those lip trick attempts, and there are some pretty dope clips, like that tailwhip to table air.

Jack Kelly: Going HAM

Here we have an edit that showcases the wide range of rail mastery that a one, Jack Kelly, possesses. The only thing that really got to me, struck me deep in my core, was that some of the tricks were cut so quick that you hardly noticed them. I think for Jack to spend so much time and effort going in, emphasising a few of the more ridiculous clips would have been deserved, such as the snaggle and dope over tooth on that Adelaide rail. Nollie 50s are hot at the moment.


A portion of the Psycho-Lovers crew, being Benn Pigot and Trent Rowsell blazed up the coast last week to partake in the transitional delights that the North Coast has to offer. As well as hitting up a Coffs Harbour full pipe, these two FDL Bowl burners put the Nimbin and Gold Coast bowls to sleep. So fucking rad, and a very fitting 2500th post.

FISE: Mini Ramp Finals

A bunch of crazy quarter tricks get thrown down in this, but everything is irrelevant apart from Lanky Nathan dancing and hyping a bunch of, lets assume, ignorant as shit French people. Thank the lord jesus. Oh and fuck Vital for their crappy embed code.

Dancing in the Street

When two of Sydney's finest and best looking men, Ammon Chesworth and Josh Druce team up for a video, you know it's gonna be bangin'. Just hit play

Grosser and Bayzand GoPro

Australia's most longevous pair of street riders; Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand have been cruising the Melbourne metropolis with a Go Pro for a minute and managed to produce this cool little video from their efforts. It has a real arvo session-y vibe to it, and Kym has a strange, innate ability to do jumping tricks out of grinds and manuals really, really well.

Focalpoint Issue 32

The dudes over at Focalpoint just dropped their 32nd instalment of the magazine. As usual, there are pieces from jams, interviews with riders and a bunch of other content from around the continent. The cover is pretty savage; Coffs Harbour native Rahdi Frances-Cater doing a 360 table down a set of stairs!

Crispy: Simply The Best 1080P HD SWAG MIX

It would appear that Crispy Stream is almost as prudent as Changa Banga. They also lied about the quality, I pressed play in the hope of seeing crisp, clear HD quality and instead I was left disgruntled, unsightly trapped in a nightmare of vignette and 720 pixels. Nonetheless, there is an unusual amount of riding, of course laced with cliche party times.

Aidan Chard| Welcome to Pure Bikes

Aidan Chard is welcomed to Pure Bikes in great fashion; a trails video! Rips through both Stromlo and a private set brakeless, with good tricks and rad style. That 270 berm looks so much fun, damn.


Ben Scott @ Torquay

I grew up with a dude named Ben Scott, but he ended up within the Juvenile Justice system. His Victorian namesake, here, cruises Torquay park with considerable ease for the camera of Dylan Godfrey. I dug the vibe of this one.

Ben Scott @ Torquay from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Chance Brejnakowski: Doing Hard Shit

WOW. Australia's most modest BMX athlete, Chance Brejnakowski, gets some serious tech quarter jibs slayed in here. 3 to nose to 3 was a favourite as well as the range of various footjam trickery, it's cool to see the footjam continue to be pushed, building on the foundation set by Justy Bumpstead.

Seen on Shmokaljoint.

Logan Cant: Self Filmed Clip

Whilst this dudes name is Logan Cant, from the consistent blasting, technical mastery and upside down manoeuvres, I would have to say that, Logan CAN.

The Grumets DVD: Premiere Flyer

Here we go, the Grumets dropped a flyer last night for their release 'The Right Fluke'. Do your very, very best to make it along to this and support Brisbane/Australian BMX. Hopefully Kev Keefs Neil is there to tell everyone how good he is.

Also, the above ice is ABD, but who cares right?