Nate Headon: Crispy Day In The Life

Here we have another non-riding (almost) masterpiece from the Crispy guys. This one runs you through a day in the life of Nate Headon, following him as he fishes, talks shit, dances/sings, rides Deagon skatepark and finishes the day off with some sweet, sweet green.

1 billion times better than this.

Adam Dyson: Skatepark Mix

Adam Dyson does a bunch of really awesome, creative freecoaster and grind shit in this, very Charlie Crumlish-esque. This is a very neutral edit for me, my tendencies to criticise aren't alerted and I haven't got much else to say about it. I don't really know anything about Impurity, but a local and BMX related venture can't be a bad thing.

AFRAY: Killing Shit

In this edit, and as has previously occurred, the production is as though jazz made love to nature and created a perfect, smooth and nothing less than exquisite piece of art to which each and every one of you can touch, feel, smell and look at. Just don't fap over it.

Josh Mannion: Giving No Fuqs

Well, well, well. Where do I begin with this atrocity. Josh Mannion, through this here edit, has now officially over taken Josh Irvine for the spot of most gammon rider in BMX. I'll throw a few words out to describe this edit, naive, ignorant, annoying, sacrilegious (for all you jesus junkies out there). I don't usually care about song jacking, but you don't ever, EVER song jack from one of the most legendary riders ever from one of the most classic DVD's of all time. You might as well have used 'Diary of a Madman'. Here is the part where I would usually write something nice in alternation, generally about the filming or the riding or the company supporting the rider, but in this instance, there is nothing else to say. Don't click play.

End of Daylight Savings Jam Video!

The End of Daylight Savings Jam almost didn't happen, but thankfully the clouds parted and and it went off. The attendance was down because of the weather, but that didn't take away from the fun times; it was one of the raddest riding days ever. Check out the video by 2020 head honcho Matt Holmes below!

Cam White: Dirt Session

Whilst not as crazy as this, the above edit does demonstrate how committed and moreso, ridiculous, dirt jumping has become. I think I got chills when whichever dude it was did that superman seatgrab flip, that is some trippy ass shit mane. Also, thank fuck at least one of them is wearing a full face. I predict that becomes standardised practice in the near future.

Anchor: A Weekend Away

The dudes from The Anchor loaded up their rigs and tripped around central Victoria for a weekend, hitting up an amazing looking bowl, an even better drain spot and that famous brick quarterpipe sculpture. These Flagz/Anchor videos are the best, always makes me wanna hit the road...


Battle of Belcompton!

Hot on the heels of the ragingly successful ACT Jam, and ringing in the school holidays is a Back Bone presented comp going down this Sunday at the Belconnen Skatepark. There's a whole swag of prizes for ass-kickers, but you need to be a registered member of Freestyle BMX (which is $33, and means you're completely insured at skateparks for the year). Get on down!

Downlow: Flat Ledge Nights

The Downlow crew have been cranking out the quality edits lately, and this skatepark session is no different. A good chunk of the team shred some lit up ledges at a skatepark.

Christians Masur

Christians hails from Germany, and spent a chunk of time down under in the past year. He has since gone back home, but filmed this up in QLD, shralpin' around some parks with rad style.


2020 V47

The new 2020 is out this week and features none other than West Australian rocker, alcoholic and SET rider, Calvin Kosovich sending a MASSIVE feeble (with a womans blouse on). Really stoked that the cover shot is something this badass, bit different to the last few. Looks like a bunch of other awesome articles in here as well so be sure to support the scene and pick one up when they're available! 

Jerard Vandervalk: BMX Resume

The wanna be alternative blog, Crispy Stream, dropped another rubbish, waste of net space edit this week. Whilst the filming is absolutely amazing, the editing leaves a lot to be desired, especially the end. I never realised Jerard could do shit like this.

Brock Horneman: Scooter Edit

FUCK MGP. If you ride BMX and if you love BMX, then supporting a scooter company wouldn't exist as an option, let alone a reality as seen above in this hideousness. Rollerblading > scootering.

Edit: Cooper Filmed Another One

Jack O'Reilly does a big ice, Macca is in this and Anton does an over crook 180. That is more than enough information for you to want to watch this.

Fit X Jared Carter

This has been coming for a while, and I've been holding by breath waiting for this since Scott Greentree instagrammed a picture of it exporting last week. Jared Carter has some of the best trails this side of the equator, and roasts the shit out of them in this video for Fit. With a style reminiscent of the Northwest, it's awesome to watch him on home turf.

Ashley Ballard

Ali Hassan upgraded to a DLSR recently, and has begun to get into filming. This is his first effort with the new goods; being a video of Ashley Ballard, who puts together some nice lines at some Brisbane parks and a couple of familiar spots.

Locky Bonica and Nathan Endean Doubles

This pair of excitable 14 year olds got together and produced this doubles edit in an afternoon. Not bad

A Day in the Life of Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam and a handful of other SEQ residents show blatant disregard for authority in this day in the life for Alli. They also ride Pizzey and GC, and perform a bunch of techincal manoevers.

Miner, Z: Riding His Bike Good

In this edit, Canberra resident and devoted Colony rider Zac Miner, sends himself down a bunch of big things as well as messing around on a few sissier set-ups, still rad. He does an absolutely marvellous job, terrific even, at being a man and hitting big rails. That is what I like to see, not this bullshit 1 foot ledge tech line shit. I think the masculine phrase in this context is to say that 'he tore it a new one', which I humbly assume translates to a comparison between Zac riding really good and a sexual performance in which the male also does quite good.

Tim Watson: HUNT Section

Tim Watson self proclaimed himself 'The Stingray'. He now goes under the name 'The Predator'. Giving yourself a nickname is badass. The Predator is awesome because he drinks heaps of beer, grinds big rails, talks down to sluts and generally doesn't give a fuck. I have a lot of respect for both Rhys Newling and Tim for putting so much effort and time into this project, good to see it getting some shine. When your done watching this, head over to Newlings Vimeo and watch the other clip of The Predator to get a practical perspective of what the man himself is really like. Australian BMX at it's finest.


These leen beef videos are always good value. This time it's Dylan Beazley on his grind at Bright.

bright from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

New Parks: Cronulla

Spotted this over on Focalpoint this morning. Construction is set to start on this new park at Cronulla's Greenhills Beach next month. The design looks real good with a couple of fun looking bowls, a nice plaza, and it's reasonably nearby, so I'm excited! More info here and here.