V@L3 M1X

Jason Petersen put together this mix of a whole heap of crew shredding Vale park, which is one of the more frequented Gold Coast parks; you can always catch a good arvo sesh down there. Looks like a fun scene.
V@L3 M1X from Jason petersen on Vimeo.
Since we've been out of commission for a few weeks, you can catch a bunch of my favourites from the past month after the jump.

Fit Bondi Trip; despite there being as much footage of the ring-ins as the actual team dudes, this is awesome. It's a treat watching Pigot, Harti and Fitty ride Bondi and Five Dock, and the rest of the crew kill it at Waterloo and on the streets.

Back Bone Trailmix. Metallica, PA trails, Back Bone crew and a clip from the late, great Dane Searls, what more do you want from a trails video?

Jack Birtles spent a week in NZ, and churned this out. Green with jealous rage.

  Around the same time, Billy Brooks and Paul Chamberlain made the 500km pilgrimage from Christchurch to Queenstown on their 20" machines, which looked like an amazing but arduous task.

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