Kyle & Logan: Life is a Highway?

When I first heard the song and saw the title containing 'training for the olympics', I thought this would be a parody video. It isn't. I never even realised that BMX (aside from racing) was in the Olympics. However, this marvellously marvellous edit provides visual demonstrations of how Kyle and Logan will probably win.Cameo from a really small person he he lol.

Event: End of Daylight Savings Jam

For the last five years, the end of summer has marked an exciting occasion; the Hell on Wheels End of Daylight Savings Jam! Five Dock jams are always an absolute treat, and despite not being directly referenced on the flyer, you can assume that DEATHBOWL IS COMING!

Billy Hietenen 2013.

Been a while since we've seen something from Billy, and I know that he and Raine Turnbull have been working on this for a while. The fact that he switched his feet between those two boxes at Belco is pretty wild, does he have a natural direction? Either way, dude is good.

Kyle Baldcock: Woodward West Edit

Gotta get a few posts in around Butterlegs the greedy little Diversity hog. Here is an edit of Kyle Baldcock riding around Woodward West for a website. It hit me whilst watching this that the dude is insanely versatile, clocking a few dope tech runs in here around the more mundane flair & whip stuff. Wouldn't it be a cool concept to see an all street edit from someone like Kyle? Also, I REALLY enjoyed the track accompanying this edit, in quintessential style to this website, the music was repetitive, boring and made me want to do this.

Downlow Apparel: Lookbook Shoot

Do you like fashion? Do you like cool guys hanging out in an alley in the dark? If you answered yes to the two Q's I just asked, then you just GOTTA press play and watch this. Humour aside, Downlow is producing some dope shit and have the talent to back it. Look out for the riding edit to follow soon.

Forgotten: CBR to Coast

This is wild. Jason Watts and Will Gunn tripped from Canberra to Central Coast, with B-Dog tagging along to document it all. Fast, crazy lines while both put together some cool tech moves, mixed to a good metal soundtrack tops it off. If you've been to five dock, you know how crazy all of Jason's clips are.

Clips and Snaps promo

Corey Smithies sent me the link for an upcoming web series coming out of the Kalgoorlie scene. These dudes kill it, so I'm sure they'll deliver.

clips n snaps promo from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Rockhampton Mash Mix

Nicko Smithson had a bunch of clips of himself and the rest of the Rockhampton crew doing nothing, so he threw together this sweet little mix. A bit more tech than what we usually see from those dudes, but rad nonetheless.

NZ Trip 2013

Some more Farm Jam/Roast it related footage popped up this morning, but it's not from either contest; rather, a few sessions at the Frew Farm and Gorge Rd. Ryan Lloyd's 360's over the last set at Frew's are absolutely ridiculous.

nz trip 2013 from The hermitage trails on Vimeo.

More W.A Trails Goodness

Another video has popped up from the Hidden Valley jam, this one from the brain of Jamie Mauri. Pure, undiluted fun.

Chris Kerr

The amount of trails action this week has got me stoked. This one's of Chris Kerr spending an arvo on his backyard setup.

Luke Gorecki // Back to School

Gorecki has sort of been off the radar since his banger final section in the BMX Militia DVD, but obviously still kills it. Rad to see something new from him.

Jack Kelly: 10 Clips

Whilst some people are useless at being anything more then good looking, Jack Kelly is out there being one of the nicest most genuine dudes, a killer on the bike AND looks good whilst doing it (very similarly to Josh Druce if I do say so myself). Highlight for me from this edit was definitely the sick fucking flair yewwwww.

Hopefully he gets the attention he deserves, something that Kink obviously floundered at. FOOLS.

Simple Session - Finals Edit

This is your Captain speaking.

If your parents were rich enough, you have an energy drink sponsor or you simply are well refined in 'YOLOing', you might have been lucky enough to make it to Simple Session this year. A number of Australian riders assumed those criteria and put down good enough runs to make it to the finals. This video is somewhat of a highlight reel of the finals, showcasing a whole heap of supermega gnarliness, a lack of Drew Bezanson, who would have undoubtedly won had he been there as well as the pinnacle of BMX trend setting, Alex Kennedy reppin' camo pants. Press play and wish you were getting CA$H from Monster energy.

Brenton Gutter Ledge Session

Ballina homie Brenton Gutter filmed this little joint during an afternoon of sessioning the ledge at his local. I could definitely go with seeing feeble 180 footplants a lot more, and if you know that ledge, you know the last clip is proper.

Brenton Ledge Edit from Dane Hodkinson on Vimeo.

The ACT JAM is back!

Those of you old enough will remember a series of jams in Canberra, many moons ago, held over the Easter long weekend. Well, the crafty dudes at Back Bone; with help of a whole swag of generous supporters have revived it! Being held on the 28-31 March, at Weston Creek, Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Back Bone respectively, there'll be money and prizes up for grabs at all three. It's guaranteed to attract Australia's best crew of shredders, and after hearing nothing but good stories about the old jams, there's no way I'll be missing this!

Chris Best // Outdated Footage

Jack Paton just dropped this video comprising a bunch of old footage of his dude Chris Best, who's been out with glandular fever for a while. Kid has a big suey for such a small ledge, and gotta love the odd bowl mole appearance.

Chris Best // Outdated footage from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

West Aus Trails Jam!

Some West Oz crew opened up their amazing trails set up to hold a jam over the weekend. With lines galore, a wallride, a steel halfpipe and a line up of fucking rad dudes, it was bound of produce a good time. A ton of classic trails riding coming from Rhysty, Mikey Ross, Angus Samson, Seb Scott and the rest of crew. It looks like the fucking raddest day!

Trails Jam! from Ben Chambers on Vimeo.

Tobias Kahlert

This video of Tobias Kahlert ripping around a couple of Brisbane parks has been sitting in our inbox for ages, and I've just now gotten to it. I dug that t-bog gap at Ramp Attak.


V@L3 M1X

Jason Petersen put together this mix of a whole heap of crew shredding Vale park, which is one of the more frequented Gold Coast parks; you can always catch a good arvo sesh down there. Looks like a fun scene.
V@L3 M1X from Jason petersen on Vimeo.
Since we've been out of commission for a few weeks, you can catch a bunch of my favourites from the past month after the jump.

Josh Irvine: Welcome to Ride On BMX Store

Good morning and your glad to meet me. I am the newest member of the Diversity BMX blogging team. I will be spraying my love all over the greatest and worst Australia BMX videos the world will never see.

I am very excited to have this as my first post. It is Joshua Irvine ABSOLUTELY destroying some ramps in a BMX super session. I am not aware what a super session is, but if it involves Irvine, I'm sure there is going to be a whole heap of super around. Dying to see the next edit from Joshua