Action Sports Survey

I have been asked by a friend, who is doing some market research relative to 'action sports' to post this survey. It's really simple, and only takes a couple of minutes, and you go in the draw to win a new Go Pro, which is pretty cool! You can do that over here.

This photo is irrelevant, I just don't like a plain text post.

Darryl Kelly

Darryl is a little toward the older end of the rider spectrum, but that doesn't stop him from shralpin' around some Northern Queensland parks. It's always rad to see older dudes having a good time.

BWSL BMX Competition Torquay Highlights

Aidan Mair headed down to the BWSL Competition at Torquay, and put together this sweet little highlights reel. The park looks really fun, and some big tricks got thrown down.

Nathan Watts 'Welcome to Mankind'

Dylan Godfrey sent Nathan Watts' Welcome to the Team video. He kills Geelong plaza in this, with some real cool tech combos, was a good watch for sure! Though, I thought he'd been on Mankind for a while now.

Nathan Watts | Mankind Bmx from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Gippy Crew Presents: Ryan Delost

Real stoked on this. Pat Freyne continues to make moves with his Gippy Crew scene. This is the first of many installments, featuring younger, lesser known dudes around Gippsland. Pat's doing this to try and keep kids motivated, and put a bit of fire in their belly. This one features young style cat Ryan Delost. Blasting lookbacks, one footed tables, some tidy barspins and more, dude has a lot of potential.

News: Gippy Crew DVD in the works.

Gippy Crew dude Pat Freyne hit me up to let me know that himself and the rest of the crew have just commenced filming on a DVD. This news coming fresh off two solid Sunday mixes, I'm expecting straight fire with some production time behind them.

Website: 2020 BMX Online

I've sorta slept on this over the last week or so, but the 2020 site has had some on point online content of late. First of was the piece with Australian Fit TM Dre Regli, and his take on sponsorship, shops, attitudes and Aus BMX as a whole. Hot on the heels of that, James caught up with Liam Fahy-Hampton who was one of the most influential riders in the mind 00's, as well as re-upping his Run at me Slut section, which is absolutely incredible if you haven't seen it. Check out Dre's interview here, and Liam's here.

LEEN BEEF Bright Day Trip

A couple of the Leen Beef dudes in Gary McIvor, Rhys Newling and Tim Watson went on a day trip to Beautiful Bright, and hit up the park there, as well as a dope looking swim spot. These dudes know how to have a good time.

LEEN BEEF Bright Day Trip from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Sunday Mix Up V2

It's been two consecutive Sundays now, that the Gippsland clique of Pat Freyne, Josh Skeen and Micky Leighton have produced a mix, and both have been really solid, packed full of legit park and street clips. Good shit.

"Tabes for the Babes Tour" Episode One

Ryan Guettler packed up an eclectic mix of riders for a very loosely planned tour. They hit up Woodward West, Mosqueda Park, UC Berkley campus as well as the AMA Supercross in Oakland. Despite all these dudes riding entirely different, it looks like they had an awesome time. The Mosqueda park looks like a dream!

Welcome to Primary Frenchie!

Our favourite goofy footed Frenchman, Alex Coumailleau recently got bumped onto the Primary team, and this is his obligatory welcome video. Teaming up with his homie Tristan Montagu, they lit up a sweet ledge spot, and Frenchie churned out some of his buttery peg styles.

Alex ”Frenchie” Coumailleau – Welcome to Primary Threads! from Primary Threads on Vimeo.

Sunday Mixed Up

Gippy Crew coming through with some heat in their most dialled video yet. This day mix features Pat Freyne, Michael Leightom and Josh Skeen riding Warragul Park and some street. It has everything from blasted table airs to toothy hangs, they are a diverse crew. Pats ender is fucking legit.

Ryan Delost Day Edit

Jayden Rusden sent through this video of his friend Ryan Delost riding their local park. All clips were collected over the course of a day.

Mick Bayzand Colony Video

Mick Bayzand is a beast. Just shy of 3 minutes worth of his powerful, fast street style in this video for Colony

Afray Summer Second Release

In typical Afray 'less is more' approach, they just released their second drop for the summer, and it is as on point as ever. With a few raglans, a couple of dope tees, and a flow team with a few notable additions, shit's looking good. Check out the full lookbook here

Hey, Yer Good Thanks

Recently, I've seen a bunch of James Fox photos showing up on Facebook via some mutual friends, which were impressive. Then, the other day, this rad video featuring a bunch of somewhat unknown Gold Coast crew and some bigger names, including Tyrone Edwards, Clint Jackman, Blake Ind, Shane Conlon, Vince Byron, Ryan Hogarth, Josh Pukallus, Dylan Lewis and James Voller. At nine minutes, I only just got around to watching it, but it was well worth it. Apparently it's from a bigger project in the works that has been put on hold due to injuries, work commitments and the like.

Ryan Guettler X Vans

Ryan Guettler rips some So Cal trails with a few really unique backflip combinations, trails tricks and a couple of bigger contest tricks. No matter how often you see it done, the ender is no joke. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jay Wilson Bone Deth Bike Report

This is definitely the weirdest, grindhouse-y bike check video I've ever seen. Outside of that, there is also some awesome riding clips in here; the fastplant curved wall to 180 is one of the coolest things I've seen.

The Fourth Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

In the face of much adversity, the 4th Annual Blake Jam went down here in Kempsey yesterday. Despite already having been postponed once, and having some shady weather in the days leading up, we still had a real good turnout; and of course, radness ensued. We also managed to raise over $300 for the Westmead Children's hospital in Sydney. John Ossedryver was on hand to capture all the action, and put together this dope little video from the day. Also check out a short one from me after the jump. Thanks to Hell on Wheels, Back Bone BMX, Lux BMX, Pure Bikes, Dishonour, Stowaway, Triplesix, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. You guys are the best.

White Rhino 2our

The North Coast pilgrimage to ride the biggest and best bowls on offer has become something of an annual even for Dave C and Trent Rowsell, who love nothing more than a good bowl. Watching them in their element is an absolute treat. Hit up Psycho Lovers for more radness!

White Rhino 2our from John Young on Vimeo.