Zane Caldera 2012

FNQ's Zane Caldera has been bullshit good forever, and has matured into one of local BMX's best kept secrets. Zane is someone with the rare combination of having big tricks, as well as a good style and the ability to blast. This video has everything from technical footjam combos, big bowl lines, transfers and a pair of the best table airs you're ever likely to see.

Zane Caldera 2012 / 2013 from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

Freestyle Now January 2013

Shaun Jarvis sent through this video featuring himself and the rest of the Freestyle Now Stunt Squad. The riding is really diverse, with everything from multiple willy-whippers to blasted tables to wild flatland combos, as well as some rad skateboarding! These dudes are doing a good thing.

Freestyle Now January 2013 web play from freestyle now on Vimeo.

Focalpoint's Flem Banks Jam

Focalpoint just dropped the video from their recent jam at the Flem Banks. There is a bunch of amazing riding in this, as well as a real good time!


Mario & Luigi

In something of a sequel to the Garreth Hadfield Mario video from a little while ago, Mario teams up with his younger brother Luigi (Steve Lyons) for a shred at Ride On. Their escapades, the costume, props, and the Jack Toadles cameo make for a really enjoyable watch. This is rad! Production by Jack Birtles.

MARIO & LUIGI - RIDEONBMX from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

"Summer 2012-13" by Peyton Ellwood

Peyton Ellwood collected these clips of his crew over the summer, riding a few parks and dirt spots down south. These kids are all getting real good.

Nick Maligec 2012

Corey Vinci put together this video of his boy Nick Maligec shredding some Victorian parks. Nick has quite an array of technical park tricks, and some great tailwhip moves.

Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam Postponed

Due the the wild weather that QLD and the North Coast of NSW has been having for the last week or so, I have been forced to postpone the Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam. It will be going ahead this Saturday February 2, weather permitting. Don't forget to get behind our generous supporters who jump on board every year; Lux, Hell on Wheels, Back Bone, Stowaway, Triple Six, Dishonour, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. I hope to see you all down here, and getting rad!

Marnold Ten Clips

In Marnold's third ten clipper for Colony, we see him kill the street section that the New Knox park has to offer.


Gary McIvor jumped aboard the HD train recently, and tested it all out on a cruisy trip to Melbourne with his boys.

Trippin from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Round Three

Following up on the solid impression made by Rounds 1 & 2 comes the third and final instalment in the trilogy, which lives up to the buzz created by the first two. Featuring a solid crew including Greg Lamond, Jake Corless, Sion Bourne, Matt Bell, Jake Hitchman, Kie Ashworth, Dwayne Saul and Luke Snelling who all come through with some great riding, and Sion's skills behind the lens make for an awesome watch, check this out for sure!

Round Three from Sion Bourne on Vimeo.

One Afternoon with Peter Chang.

It seems every week Jack Paton sends through a new video, and with each one, his filming and editing improves, which is awesome. His most recent submission is of Peter Chang riding Albany Creek one afternoon. That ET to Hang Five was cool!

One Afternoon With Peter Chang from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Mackle "Welcome to Cult"

Matt McCallum got bumped to Cult recently through Selekt, and has been working on his obligatory welcome edit for a while now. Mackle's nose manual game is crazy, so you know there will be plenty of good shit from that aspect, but there is plenty of dope peg moves and a few tricks that surprised me.

Clique & Cali Drop

Our friends over at Dishonour have just dropped some new goods, in their new Clique chino shorts and Cali sunnies. The shorts are similar to their slim chinos of last year, except shorts! The sunnies, are just a variation of their previous version of cali shades which, by the way, are awesome.

Canberra Lost Edit

The Defero crew took a trip to Canberra in early 2012 and filmed a bunch of stuff, which has never seen the light of day until now. Plenty of dope riding in this, however, Flagz's crash is cringeworthy.

Mike Vockenson Shadow Down Under

Vocko always brings the heat, and this short video for Shadow is no different. Big, deadman shit, weird tech combos and general pisstakes have become staples of this superstar. These are all leftovers for the upcoming 2020 DVD, which makes it that much crazier!

Aidan Torr || Redcliffe Session

Aidan Torr comes through with the goods in this Jack Paton produced video. Kids are getting so good so quickly; Aidan's 16 and is doing flairwhips on a five foot quarter. Wild!

Aidan Torr || Redcliffe Session from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Daniel Watson: Clips from the Deep Depths

This is rad! Jack Birtles put together a bunch of old clips of Daniel Watson and came up with this video, which has a really fun vibe. Some weird one limbed stall variations, a cameo from Spiderman, awesome soundtrack and some pool shralpin' make this a video you don't wanna miss. Last clip looked so much fun

Daniel Watson Clips from the Deep Depths from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Ben Kent Quick Edit

Homie Ben Kent sent over this video of himself ripping around his local, at which he has some rad lines. Park looks like a lot of fun!

Harry Bartter Summer Video

Harry Bartter put together this video over the summer, riding a bunch of parks and a backyard kicker set up. He's gotten real good at whips.

The Commission- Taking it Easy

Sydney duo George Prentoski and Lee Cruickshank come through with just under five minutes of buttery street riding and fun times. George is killing the four peg game lately, and Lee is smooth as silk, and running to film the Lambo just topped it off.

The Commission BMX - Taking It Easy from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

Jack Kelly Welcome to Dishonour

This very succinct, concise video is Jack Kelly's obligatory 'welcome to the team' for Dishonour. Dude is a very good fit for their team, and I look forward to the full video that is in the works.

Alex Hiam & Tim Storey Doubles

After a brief stint on the bench with injury, Alex Hiam is back on the bike. To celebrate the occasion, he self-filmed a doubles video with his boy Tim Storey at their local park in Cleveland. This is one of the better-done doubles videos I've seen, synchronized flairing and all!

Throwback: Steadfast 2 Bonus- Cams Jam 2

John Young just uploaded this portion of the bonus section from his Steadfast 2 DVD and it's a cracker! Featuring some of Australia's most esteemed dirt riders in Shane Conlon, Jaie Toohey, Jared Carter, Chris Harti, Cam White and of course the Late, Great Dane Searls and much more ripping shit up!

Big Salad

Notorious B.I.G (Salad) just dropped his first solo video, jam packed with signature Salad moves. The fastplant 3 into the green bank is nuts.

Dyllan Leahy

Andy Swann cooked up this video of Dyllan Leahy riding some parks around Melbourne. Dylan comes through with a barrage of technical lip tricks.

Leen Beef

Gary McIvor and his boys Jake, Burry, Garfield and Rhys Newling put in a solid session at the new Wodonga park and pumped out this rad video. This park looks like so much fun!

leen beef. from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Pat Freyne January

Gippsland native Pat Freyne has been super productive lately, pumping out some quality shit in reasonably quick succession; and this is no different. Some solid street lines, a couple park clips, and a dope ender. Killing it dude!

Chris Courtenay 10 Clips

Chris Courtenay kills Beenleigh in his second Colony 10 Clips. He seems to do all this crazy park riding completely nonchalant, which is awesome.

Nick Cooper- Stay Strong

Jayme Timms has been filming with Nick Cooper for his Stay Strong video, and they dropped this 15 second clip as a tease.

One Minute with Tim Storey

Alex Hiam shot us the link for this video he and Tim Storey produced from a session at Cleveland. Tim kills it, especially the last clip, and that song is awesome.

One Minute with Tim Storey from alex hiam on Vimeo.

Triple SIx 'House of Hammers' Roadtrip

After a brief hiatus due to a trip to Sydney, we're back! To kick things off, we've got the Triple Six House of Hammers roadtrip from October. Team riders Mike V, Jerry V and Raph Jeroma-Williams tripped down to ride the contest, along with our own Mitch Wood and TM Sam Cummins. They kill a bunch of mid north coast parks, with some contest footage spliced in there for good measure. That bowl at Bellingen is ridiculously hard to ride, which makes everything done in there that much crazier.

2020 V46

2020 are ringing in the new year by dropping this freshly squeezed magazine. Packed full of rad features including interviews from DJ, Sam Waters and Jono Hopping, Coverage of House of Hammers, and the recent Dirt and Nothing Else Memorial Jam, along with a Fit Bondi trip. This looks the goods, and will be available at bike shops and newsagents this week!

The Fourth Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Once again, I am organising a jam in memory of my younger brother, going down at the Kempsey skatepark on January 27th. Each year, we have raised money for the Westmead Childrens hospital, and this is no different. We wish to add onto the $2000 we've already raised over the years. Last year's was the most fun I've ever had on my bike, and hopefully this year will be another repeat. Supported by Lux, Hell on Wheels, Back Bone, Stowaway, Triple Six, Dishonour, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. Get on down if you're up for an Australia Day long weekend trip and an awesome day of riding!

Day Edit by Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam used a bit of injury-induced downtime to put together this day edit featuring Chris Courtenay, Dean Anderson, Clint Millar, Brock Olive, Mathias Dandois and more. They juiced the fuck out of that Brown's Plains hip. Chris Coutrenay's Table onto the back of the Varsity capsule was my personal highlight.

Backyard Mix

Peyton Ellwoood sent through this video of himself, Liam Davis, Luke Taylor, Jake Croxford and Ben O'Connell shredding Peyton's new backyard setup. Looks like a good time for sure!

Bevan Cowan: Christmas Eve at Morayfield

Bevan Cowan knocked out a bunch of lines at Morayfiled for Jack Paton's camera on Christmas Eve. Apparently he did most of this stuff in the first few tries, which is pretty impressive. I particularly liked the gap, the over back pedal and turndown fakie, but the rest of it was sweet.

Bevan Cowan | Christmas Eve at Morayfield Skatepark from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Elkins X Waterloo

Jack Elkins and Chris Whyte met up at Waterloo in Sydney the other day, and churned out this dope day clip. The first clip and the last two clips were fucking rad, and the rest is hardly filler. I dig his smooth yet powerful style.

Jack Elkins X Waterloo from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

Wilton Hedley ~ Lux | Wethepeople

Damn, there is some fucking serious radness coming out of South East Queensland right now; and there is no better example of it than this Wilton Hedley video by the Storey Brothers. There is so much good stuff in this, from flowy bowl lines, tech ledge nibs to straight deadman shit; and edited to Black fucking Sabbath no less. Fuck yeah Wilto!

Product: Primary Threads

Somehow this slipped through the cracks in my internet sleuth recently, but Primary Threads have an updated website, as well as a dope new product range including five panels, snapbacks, tees, singlets and more which you can check out here.

Shane Conlon | Demolition Parts

OG Dirt and Park meistro Shane Conlon comes through with some heat in this Adam Cox produced video for Demolition/BMX Militia. Some awesome park lines, tricks and transfers, with respectable dirt and plaza moves, this is awesome! I loved the box line at GC, as well as the transfers at Vale and Nerang.Shouts to Jack Gibson's rock and roll band for the track, too!

Shane Conlon | Demolition Parts from Adam on Vimeo.

Anchor BMX- Victorian Bowl Trip

Toward the end of last year, the Anchor crew jumped in a bus and spent 6 days shralpin' bowls all around Victoria. This looks like the best fucking time ever. A weeks worth of camping out and transition riding with the boys. Fuck yeah!

ANCHOR BMX - VIC BOWL TRIP from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

Happy New Year from Back Bone!

It was a good year for Canberran BMX, and to celebrate they put together this tight little slideshow with a bunch of photos featured on their blog from the year. So many good shots, take a look!

Jams: Flem Banks Jam

The crew at FP are putting on a Jam this Saturday at the infamous Flemington Banks in Melbourne. All the previous jams down here look like an absolute blast

Myles Fletcher End of Year

Aidan Mair put together this video with student of the new school of technical park riding; Myles Fletcher. Myles churns out a bunch of more than respectable tricks at some Victorian parks.

Leeton Kleingeld

Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much out of this Leeton Kleingeld 'Quick Clips' video, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tricks he was throwing on these five foot quarters. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seen either of the last two tricks at concrete public park.