Coppin' It Sweet Premiere

The long awaited Coppin' It Sweet DVD is premiering tomorrow night at the Pineapple Hotel in Brisbane. Featuring a bunch of Australia's best BMX riders and produced by Stewart Munro. See you there!

Diversity Quick Six - Jason Watts

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian young gun Jason Watts, who has been absolutely killing it lately with some insane web videos, getting picked up by Haro and a few trips to the states. Hit read more to learn some more about Jason...

Help save Rampit

Just spotted this on Facebook. Apparently Rampit in VIC is in some trouble and needs some help from local riders. I'm not to sure on the exact details but if you're anywhere nearby be sure to get in there and show your support! Check out the Rampit website here or their Facebook here.

If anyone can fill us in on some more info, do so in the comments!

Beechy Keen

This edit of Beechy is absolutely insane! A fair bit of bro-cam footage but it adds to the rawness. Sit back and enjoy! Killin it for Fit BMX Bikes.

Ev's Tech Corner - A Beginner's Guide to Freecoasters

Another new feature we're running on DiversityBMX is Ev's Tech Corner. For those unfamiliar Evan is one half of LUXBMX Store in Brisbane and is regarded by many as the best BMX mechanic in the biz, so who better to run a tech section? With more and more people converting to freecoaster hubs by the day we though that shedding a bit of light on some of the more popular options would be a great place to start...

Alex Kennedy is one of the new wave of riders taking freecoasting to a whole new level.

To put it simply, a freecoaster hub allows the rider to roll backwards without the drive- train engaging and making the pedals spin backwards with the wheel. Evolved from traditional coaster brake hubs, early freecoaster designs were basically coaster brake hubs with the brake pads removed. However bearing load issues, inconsistent driver/clutch engagement and overall weight often deterred riders from experiencing the freedom of which a freecoaster hub can offer. Pigeon holing the freecoaster to the flatland market or those prepared to constantly service and maintain the hub... HIT READ MORE

Unscene: A history of Brisbane Freestyle

Unscene: A History of Brisbane Freestyle is coming up in Brisbane for all the older guys out there or young ones wanting to learn more about local BMX heritage. Ross Lavender has poured a ton of work into this and it's going to be amazing, be sure not to miss it! More info after the jump or on the website HERE.

Rowan and Friends Day Clips 2

Rowan Perkins sent this through on our Facebook page. Not much info on this but there's a good mix of park footage and some fun looking ledge and rail setups. Could be a little more creative with the title though! Thanks Rowan.

Diversity Quick Six - Dave Dillewaard

Next Diversity Quick Six is with Australian legend Dave Dillewaard, one of the first Aussie riders to make it big in America. Hit read more to learn some more about Dave...

Image from Demolition.

Dylan Lewis is crazy.

This edit of QLD rider Dylan Lewis is a few weeks old but I feel like it flew under the radar a little. Dylan shreds the absolute shit out of a bunch of parks around QLD with some airs that make Tom Dugan look like a pussy. If you haven't watched this make sure you do so. Right now.

Doin it for Nightfall Bike Co.

Diversity Quick Six - Jack Elkins

A new feature we're starting on the site is the Diversity Quick Six were we ask your favourite riders six questions. First up is the Brisbane street assassin with the the magic pop, Mr Jack Elkins. Hit read more...

Anton Ayres for Division

This would have to be my favourite Australian web video in a long time. Brisbane's sussest rail destroyer Anton Ayres holding it down for Division BMX Bikes with a bunch of NBD peg tricks. Definitely check this out!

Ryan Lloyd Raw Clips

Primary Threads posted a bunch of raw clips of Ryan Lloyd that are a little dated and didn't make the cut for any other projects. As you all know though, Ryan is an incredible rider so these are still great.


Jack Birtles and his crew spend a hell of a lot of time on the road, and a good percentage of that is spent getting loose. That's not to say they don't ride a heap, too. This new mixtape, aptly entitled Blackout captures that perfectly. Plenty of good riding, but gratuitous amounts of party funness. There's also a feature up over on Focalpoint regarding the project.

Melbourne Bowl Trip

A couple of ADL transition roasters took a trip to Melbourne to sample some of the newer delights. I can't get over how fun the St Kilda park looks.

melbourne bowl trip from Dempsey bmx on Vimeo.

Primary Threads: A Day in the Life of Ryan Knight

Ryan Lloyd hung out with his dude Ryan Knight for a day, and pieced together this sweet video, encapsulating a day in the life of Ryan Knight. If the video is anything to go by, Ryan is a dude who lives life with an emphasis on fun!

Questions and Answers: Kristopher Humphries

I've known Kristopher Humphries for a fair while now, and not only is he a brilliant photographer and a great rider, he's passionate about his scene, and BMX as a whole. He's had a bunch of work published recently, so I hit him up with a few questions; click through to see what he has to say.

Kieran Gould

Kieran Gould lays down some real sleek lines on some fun looking spots in this short video by Jayme Timms.

45 Seconds with Leeton Kleingeld

Damn, this took me by surprise. Young buck Leeton Kleingeld doing some serious technical riding in this 45 second clip for Colony. A few things set this apart from your regular tech park video; hit play and I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

Nicko Smithson 2013 Edit

Rockhampton homie Nicko Smithson has been killing forever, and this new video for Ride On shows that nothings changed. Dude is definitely big on the roast game, as well as mixing it up with a few smooth icepick combos. This is edited to Sabbath, as if you needed any more reason to watch it.

Nicko Smithson 2013 Edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Psycholovers USA

Trent Rowsell jetted off to the US recently, and traversed his way across the country with his lovely lady Noni. He tasted the delights that are Colorado concrete, which, with Trent being a roastmasta, makes for some absolutely majestic viewing. Enjoy.

USA from PSYCHO LOVERS on Vimeo.

Chris Armour

I actually met Chris a few weeks ago at Uni, not because he's a student, he was promoting a BMX program in conjunction with Monster Skatepark. He sent me the link for this video today, and he throws down some really solid supermega riding at Monster and Macquarie Fields. He has switch whips on lock, and the things he does over the Mac Fields box are unfathomable. That thing is tiny.

Ryan Hurst for Kream Clothing

Young Ryan Hurst put together this video for his threads hookup Kream Clothing at the Cairns Esplanade park. Ryan has a bunch of good tricks, with some sweet lines in the plaza, and some serious shralpability in the bowl.

Young at Heart

Sticking with the Young trails theme, we have another Will Herrmann creation. This time, it's with the creators themselves; Will and Chris Kerr. These dudes are the engineers behind some of the finest trails in the country, and watching them shred on home turf is something to behold. There is also a dope overflow gallery on the 2020 site, and a full interview with them in the latest issue of 2020, which is out now.

Will H X Profile Racing: Young Trails

Will Herrmann has been a fixture in the Sydney and Melbourne scenes for a while now; and definitely knows his way around a bike. He spent some time out in Young, shredding the Kerr's trails and winning cash on karaoke. He cooked up this video for Profile. These trails look amazing, almost as rad as Will's jammin' Salmon at the end.

Profile Racing, Will in Young. from breakhouse on Vimeo.

Benn Pigot - Tora Sumi x Etnies

John Young just dropped Benn Pigot's Etnies/Tora Sumi welcome video, and it is absolutely ridiculous. This is the closest any video has come to showing just how fucking good Benn is. His token big airs mixed in with some high-speed bowl lines and some other goodness makes this the best video you'll watch this week. John's production is next-level, too. Filming at Five Dock is not an easy task, but John makes it look way too good. I'm stoked!
Benn Pigot - Tora Sumi x Etnies from John Young on Vimeo.

Polly Ten Clips

Polly definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, which is definitely a good thing in the current state of mandatory trick lists. Four pegs, a front brake and Polly's creativity make this Colony Ten Clip a very enjoyable watch.

Chris Finnigan X Fly Bikes

Chris is one of those dudes who doesn't put out reams and reams of stuff, but when he does you know it's gonna be good. This video put together by Lee Turner for Fly BMX Bikes is no exception. Doing proper clicked trails tricks out of grinds, all whilst oozing style is no easy feat, but you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.


Leen Beef crew put together a short mix riding the Wodonga park. A bunch of sweet lines in here, but the vibe is amazing, and that park looks so much fun.

Leen Beef Crew Dong Park Mix from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Jake Norris

Nicko Smithson sent over this video of his dude Jake Norris shredding Rockhampton's skatepark. Jake is more than capable on both the ledges and in the bowl, which is good to see. He also does a respectable underhanded nose wheelie, which is crazy.

Jake Norris 2013 Edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Chris Courtenay 2013

Chris Courtenay's new video is chock full of technical park riding; only about a foot higher than the average tech park rider. A bunch of really good clips in here, but the alley-oop down whip in the mini, and whip gap were highlights for me.

Team Trips: Colony's Follow the Lines Tour

A huge portion of the local Colony team, plus a small North American contingent are embarking on a pilgrimage down the east coast, kicking off on the 24th in Maryborough. Check the flyer below for all the details.

Aaran Selway Lands the Aussie Roll

To resi, but it's pretty crazy nonetheless, and it means it's only a matter of time before it is done on a legitimate box jump.

Cody Smith 2013 web video

Jack Paton submitted this video of Cody Smith, a young dude from Brisbane. Cody has a bunch of real solid technical park tricks, and some sweet opposite barspin combos.

Paul Gerlich

Paul Gerlich submitted this short video of himself riding some parks around Brisbane. His riding has a very mid-2000's mini ramp feel to it, which is cool.

Paul Gerlich Edit 2 from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Zac Miner - B-Roll

Zac goes in hard, no question, and as a result, takes a decent slam or two when filming for any project. This raw b-roll video, composed of clips left over from his recent Colony Web video is a perfect demonstration of that. The first tooth crash is no joke. The rest of the video is solid, too, even though they didn't make the cut. That tranny planter spot looks so much fun.


2020 Throwback: Park Etiquette

2020 dug through their archives and found this article on Park Etiquette from Issue 5which is really on point. A lot of the younger gen of riders could definitely benefit from reading and absorbing this, hell, even pass it on to your scooter riding enemies and maybe they'll be a little less annoying.
Don't be a clown, make sure you're not in the wrong place.

Jack Gruber Short

Jack Gruber had some of the best clips in the ACT Jam video, and has followed it right up with 62 seconds of goodness. Everything from roasted invert airs to bar height barspin rail hops.


Benn Pigot on Etnies

After quitting the Nike program earlier in the year, Benn Pigot has found a home on the ever-growing local Etnies program. There's a welcome video in the works, as well, which is sure to be sick.
Benn roasting at Elanora. Photo by Drew Raison


The Backbone dudes just dropped the video from the ACT Jam that was held over the weekend, which looked like an absolute ball! Plenty of roasting around CBR's amazing concrete parks, and two incredible tricks at Belco by Will Gunn and Jake Wallwork respectively make this a video not to be missed. It's awesome to see a jam on a scale as large as this can be such a raging succcess; shouts to everyone that got behind the Jam, be it by supporting or being there. Roll on next year!
Back Bone BMX ACT Jam 2013 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

Armeture Crew Mixtape Volume 3

Newcastle's Armeture Crew come through with this solid mixtape featuring Layne Gordon, Kris Humphries, Kane Drew, Dylan Ferguson and Kyle Andrew. Dylan Ferguson is the standout, but everyone else definitely delivers.

Armeture Crew Mixtape #3 from Armeture Productions on Vimeo.

Thomas Dunn- Proper/Ride On.

Thomas Dunn has been somewhat quiet of late; but has picked up a new hook up in Proper. Ride On just dropped this new clip of him ripping around their shop park. A few unique moves, and some sweet lines in here.

Save Hazelbrook Trails!

The infamous Hazelbrook trails are under fire once more, and the locals need your support! Due to a group of ne'er-do-wells, the council are planning to plow this legendary spot. A campaign to ensure the trails continue their 20-year legacy is fronted by Xave Koen, and a meeting has been organised with the local Councillor for sport and recreation at the trails; at 3:30 this Friday afternoon. The more faces the better, demonstrating a positive influence within the community. The trails are located on Oakland Road, in Hazelbrook. If you live in the greater Sydney area, please try and make it, and bring all your friends.

UPDATE: There is a petition up at now; please take a moment of your time to show your support!

Xave Kown snapping a perfect table mid-line at Hazo.

Lucas Comino in "The Right Fluke"

Another day, another Grumets section. Today, we can present to you Drainkids founding member Lucas Comino. This section is really good; so many buttery coaster lines, as well as a table to fakie that is Butcher as fuck.


Chris Nicol- 2013

I'm always really impressed by dudes that can do all of this tech park riding brakeless, as it seems to be a pretty brake-intensive style of riding; and Chris does it really well. His bag of tricks is seriously deep, and that 360 tailwhip to table got me stoked.


Afray- Winter 2013

Afray just put out volume one of their winter product for 2013, and it is, as expected, on point. This first drop gives us two simple, clean, Raglan-style crewnecks to choose from. If the beanie Tom is wearing below is indicative of the coming releases, I am excited! Check out the lookbook here.


Click through to watch (or rewatch) their 2013 mixtape, too!

Grumets: Flagz

The next in the stream of Grumets parts to be uploaded is Chris Mathews'. Long manual lines, random transition and some unique stuff made for a really enjoyable watch.

DJ X Division 2013

Daniel Johnson's new clip for Division just dropped, and it's fire. The riding is solid throughout, but the last half dozen clips stood out to me, especially the second last one; he was on the rail so early, and went all the way to the end.

Hermtrails arvo

More and more people seem to be digging sets in their yard lately, and this one is Hermtrails crew. Two fun looking lines, and apparently more to come. Good shit.

Grumets DVD- Jack Elkins

The Grumets DVD had a stacked lineup, with a handful of Brisbane's finest, so it was always going to deliver. This section in particular had high expectations, especially with the web content that Jack has produced during the filming for this. Really tech lines, mixed with some big, solid moves as well as a few surprises, hit play and enjoy.


 You can also check out Gonz and Mitchell McDonald's sections after the jump...

Alex Hiam B-Roll

Colony put together this B-Roll video of their prodigal son, Alex Hiam, which didn't make the cut for his recent web video. He takes it pretty hard on a couple of those lip trick attempts, and there are some pretty dope clips, like that tailwhip to table air.

Jack Kelly: Going HAM

Here we have an edit that showcases the wide range of rail mastery that a one, Jack Kelly, possesses. The only thing that really got to me, struck me deep in my core, was that some of the tricks were cut so quick that you hardly noticed them. I think for Jack to spend so much time and effort going in, emphasising a few of the more ridiculous clips would have been deserved, such as the snaggle and dope over tooth on that Adelaide rail. Nollie 50s are hot at the moment.


A portion of the Psycho-Lovers crew, being Benn Pigot and Trent Rowsell blazed up the coast last week to partake in the transitional delights that the North Coast has to offer. As well as hitting up a Coffs Harbour full pipe, these two FDL Bowl burners put the Nimbin and Gold Coast bowls to sleep. So fucking rad, and a very fitting 2500th post.

FISE: Mini Ramp Finals

A bunch of crazy quarter tricks get thrown down in this, but everything is irrelevant apart from Lanky Nathan dancing and hyping a bunch of, lets assume, ignorant as shit French people. Thank the lord jesus. Oh and fuck Vital for their crappy embed code.

Dancing in the Street

When two of Sydney's finest and best looking men, Ammon Chesworth and Josh Druce team up for a video, you know it's gonna be bangin'. Just hit play

Grosser and Bayzand GoPro

Australia's most longevous pair of street riders; Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand have been cruising the Melbourne metropolis with a Go Pro for a minute and managed to produce this cool little video from their efforts. It has a real arvo session-y vibe to it, and Kym has a strange, innate ability to do jumping tricks out of grinds and manuals really, really well.

Focalpoint Issue 32

The dudes over at Focalpoint just dropped their 32nd instalment of the magazine. As usual, there are pieces from jams, interviews with riders and a bunch of other content from around the continent. The cover is pretty savage; Coffs Harbour native Rahdi Frances-Cater doing a 360 table down a set of stairs!

Crispy: Simply The Best 1080P HD SWAG MIX

It would appear that Crispy Stream is almost as prudent as Changa Banga. They also lied about the quality, I pressed play in the hope of seeing crisp, clear HD quality and instead I was left disgruntled, unsightly trapped in a nightmare of vignette and 720 pixels. Nonetheless, there is an unusual amount of riding, of course laced with cliche party times.

Aidan Chard| Welcome to Pure Bikes

Aidan Chard is welcomed to Pure Bikes in great fashion; a trails video! Rips through both Stromlo and a private set brakeless, with good tricks and rad style. That 270 berm looks so much fun, damn.


Ben Scott @ Torquay

I grew up with a dude named Ben Scott, but he ended up within the Juvenile Justice system. His Victorian namesake, here, cruises Torquay park with considerable ease for the camera of Dylan Godfrey. I dug the vibe of this one.

Ben Scott @ Torquay from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Chance Brejnakowski: Doing Hard Shit

WOW. Australia's most modest BMX athlete, Chance Brejnakowski, gets some serious tech quarter jibs slayed in here. 3 to nose to 3 was a favourite as well as the range of various footjam trickery, it's cool to see the footjam continue to be pushed, building on the foundation set by Justy Bumpstead.

Seen on Shmokaljoint.

Logan Cant: Self Filmed Clip

Whilst this dudes name is Logan Cant, from the consistent blasting, technical mastery and upside down manoeuvres, I would have to say that, Logan CAN.

The Grumets DVD: Premiere Flyer

Here we go, the Grumets dropped a flyer last night for their release 'The Right Fluke'. Do your very, very best to make it along to this and support Brisbane/Australian BMX. Hopefully Kev Keefs Neil is there to tell everyone how good he is.

Also, the above ice is ABD, but who cares right?

Nate Headon: Crispy Day In The Life

Here we have another non-riding (almost) masterpiece from the Crispy guys. This one runs you through a day in the life of Nate Headon, following him as he fishes, talks shit, dances/sings, rides Deagon skatepark and finishes the day off with some sweet, sweet green.

1 billion times better than this.

Adam Dyson: Skatepark Mix

Adam Dyson does a bunch of really awesome, creative freecoaster and grind shit in this, very Charlie Crumlish-esque. This is a very neutral edit for me, my tendencies to criticise aren't alerted and I haven't got much else to say about it. I don't really know anything about Impurity, but a local and BMX related venture can't be a bad thing.

AFRAY: Killing Shit

In this edit, and as has previously occurred, the production is as though jazz made love to nature and created a perfect, smooth and nothing less than exquisite piece of art to which each and every one of you can touch, feel, smell and look at. Just don't fap over it.

Josh Mannion: Giving No Fuqs

Well, well, well. Where do I begin with this atrocity. Josh Mannion, through this here edit, has now officially over taken Josh Irvine for the spot of most gammon rider in BMX. I'll throw a few words out to describe this edit, naive, ignorant, annoying, sacrilegious (for all you jesus junkies out there). I don't usually care about song jacking, but you don't ever, EVER song jack from one of the most legendary riders ever from one of the most classic DVD's of all time. You might as well have used 'Diary of a Madman'. Here is the part where I would usually write something nice in alternation, generally about the filming or the riding or the company supporting the rider, but in this instance, there is nothing else to say. Don't click play.

End of Daylight Savings Jam Video!

The End of Daylight Savings Jam almost didn't happen, but thankfully the clouds parted and and it went off. The attendance was down because of the weather, but that didn't take away from the fun times; it was one of the raddest riding days ever. Check out the video by 2020 head honcho Matt Holmes below!

Cam White: Dirt Session

Whilst not as crazy as this, the above edit does demonstrate how committed and moreso, ridiculous, dirt jumping has become. I think I got chills when whichever dude it was did that superman seatgrab flip, that is some trippy ass shit mane. Also, thank fuck at least one of them is wearing a full face. I predict that becomes standardised practice in the near future.

Anchor: A Weekend Away

The dudes from The Anchor loaded up their rigs and tripped around central Victoria for a weekend, hitting up an amazing looking bowl, an even better drain spot and that famous brick quarterpipe sculpture. These Flagz/Anchor videos are the best, always makes me wanna hit the road...


Battle of Belcompton!

Hot on the heels of the ragingly successful ACT Jam, and ringing in the school holidays is a Back Bone presented comp going down this Sunday at the Belconnen Skatepark. There's a whole swag of prizes for ass-kickers, but you need to be a registered member of Freestyle BMX (which is $33, and means you're completely insured at skateparks for the year). Get on down!

Downlow: Flat Ledge Nights

The Downlow crew have been cranking out the quality edits lately, and this skatepark session is no different. A good chunk of the team shred some lit up ledges at a skatepark.

Christians Masur

Christians hails from Germany, and spent a chunk of time down under in the past year. He has since gone back home, but filmed this up in QLD, shralpin' around some parks with rad style.


2020 V47

The new 2020 is out this week and features none other than West Australian rocker, alcoholic and SET rider, Calvin Kosovich sending a MASSIVE feeble (with a womans blouse on). Really stoked that the cover shot is something this badass, bit different to the last few. Looks like a bunch of other awesome articles in here as well so be sure to support the scene and pick one up when they're available! 

Jerard Vandervalk: BMX Resume

The wanna be alternative blog, Crispy Stream, dropped another rubbish, waste of net space edit this week. Whilst the filming is absolutely amazing, the editing leaves a lot to be desired, especially the end. I never realised Jerard could do shit like this.

Brock Horneman: Scooter Edit

FUCK MGP. If you ride BMX and if you love BMX, then supporting a scooter company wouldn't exist as an option, let alone a reality as seen above in this hideousness. Rollerblading > scootering.

Edit: Cooper Filmed Another One

Jack O'Reilly does a big ice, Macca is in this and Anton does an over crook 180. That is more than enough information for you to want to watch this.

Fit X Jared Carter

This has been coming for a while, and I've been holding by breath waiting for this since Scott Greentree instagrammed a picture of it exporting last week. Jared Carter has some of the best trails this side of the equator, and roasts the shit out of them in this video for Fit. With a style reminiscent of the Northwest, it's awesome to watch him on home turf.

Ashley Ballard

Ali Hassan upgraded to a DLSR recently, and has begun to get into filming. This is his first effort with the new goods; being a video of Ashley Ballard, who puts together some nice lines at some Brisbane parks and a couple of familiar spots.

Locky Bonica and Nathan Endean Doubles

This pair of excitable 14 year olds got together and produced this doubles edit in an afternoon. Not bad

A Day in the Life of Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam and a handful of other SEQ residents show blatant disregard for authority in this day in the life for Alli. They also ride Pizzey and GC, and perform a bunch of techincal manoevers.

Miner, Z: Riding His Bike Good

In this edit, Canberra resident and devoted Colony rider Zac Miner, sends himself down a bunch of big things as well as messing around on a few sissier set-ups, still rad. He does an absolutely marvellous job, terrific even, at being a man and hitting big rails. That is what I like to see, not this bullshit 1 foot ledge tech line shit. I think the masculine phrase in this context is to say that 'he tore it a new one', which I humbly assume translates to a comparison between Zac riding really good and a sexual performance in which the male also does quite good.

Tim Watson: HUNT Section

Tim Watson self proclaimed himself 'The Stingray'. He now goes under the name 'The Predator'. Giving yourself a nickname is badass. The Predator is awesome because he drinks heaps of beer, grinds big rails, talks down to sluts and generally doesn't give a fuck. I have a lot of respect for both Rhys Newling and Tim for putting so much effort and time into this project, good to see it getting some shine. When your done watching this, head over to Newlings Vimeo and watch the other clip of The Predator to get a practical perspective of what the man himself is really like. Australian BMX at it's finest.


These leen beef videos are always good value. This time it's Dylan Beazley on his grind at Bright.

bright from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

New Parks: Cronulla

Spotted this over on Focalpoint this morning. Construction is set to start on this new park at Cronulla's Greenhills Beach next month. The design looks real good with a couple of fun looking bowls, a nice plaza, and it's reasonably nearby, so I'm excited! More info here and here.

Kyle & Logan: Life is a Highway?

When I first heard the song and saw the title containing 'training for the olympics', I thought this would be a parody video. It isn't. I never even realised that BMX (aside from racing) was in the Olympics. However, this marvellously marvellous edit provides visual demonstrations of how Kyle and Logan will probably win.Cameo from a really small person he he lol.

Event: End of Daylight Savings Jam

For the last five years, the end of summer has marked an exciting occasion; the Hell on Wheels End of Daylight Savings Jam! Five Dock jams are always an absolute treat, and despite not being directly referenced on the flyer, you can assume that DEATHBOWL IS COMING!

Billy Hietenen 2013.

Been a while since we've seen something from Billy, and I know that he and Raine Turnbull have been working on this for a while. The fact that he switched his feet between those two boxes at Belco is pretty wild, does he have a natural direction? Either way, dude is good.

Kyle Baldcock: Woodward West Edit

Gotta get a few posts in around Butterlegs the greedy little Diversity hog. Here is an edit of Kyle Baldcock riding around Woodward West for a website. It hit me whilst watching this that the dude is insanely versatile, clocking a few dope tech runs in here around the more mundane flair & whip stuff. Wouldn't it be a cool concept to see an all street edit from someone like Kyle? Also, I REALLY enjoyed the track accompanying this edit, in quintessential style to this website, the music was repetitive, boring and made me want to do this.

Downlow Apparel: Lookbook Shoot

Do you like fashion? Do you like cool guys hanging out in an alley in the dark? If you answered yes to the two Q's I just asked, then you just GOTTA press play and watch this. Humour aside, Downlow is producing some dope shit and have the talent to back it. Look out for the riding edit to follow soon.

Forgotten: CBR to Coast

This is wild. Jason Watts and Will Gunn tripped from Canberra to Central Coast, with B-Dog tagging along to document it all. Fast, crazy lines while both put together some cool tech moves, mixed to a good metal soundtrack tops it off. If you've been to five dock, you know how crazy all of Jason's clips are.

Clips and Snaps promo

Corey Smithies sent me the link for an upcoming web series coming out of the Kalgoorlie scene. These dudes kill it, so I'm sure they'll deliver.

clips n snaps promo from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Rockhampton Mash Mix

Nicko Smithson had a bunch of clips of himself and the rest of the Rockhampton crew doing nothing, so he threw together this sweet little mix. A bit more tech than what we usually see from those dudes, but rad nonetheless.

NZ Trip 2013

Some more Farm Jam/Roast it related footage popped up this morning, but it's not from either contest; rather, a few sessions at the Frew Farm and Gorge Rd. Ryan Lloyd's 360's over the last set at Frew's are absolutely ridiculous.

nz trip 2013 from The hermitage trails on Vimeo.

More W.A Trails Goodness

Another video has popped up from the Hidden Valley jam, this one from the brain of Jamie Mauri. Pure, undiluted fun.

Chris Kerr

The amount of trails action this week has got me stoked. This one's of Chris Kerr spending an arvo on his backyard setup.

Luke Gorecki // Back to School

Gorecki has sort of been off the radar since his banger final section in the BMX Militia DVD, but obviously still kills it. Rad to see something new from him.

Jack Kelly: 10 Clips

Whilst some people are useless at being anything more then good looking, Jack Kelly is out there being one of the nicest most genuine dudes, a killer on the bike AND looks good whilst doing it (very similarly to Josh Druce if I do say so myself). Highlight for me from this edit was definitely the sick fucking flair yewwwww.

Hopefully he gets the attention he deserves, something that Kink obviously floundered at. FOOLS.

Simple Session - Finals Edit

This is your Captain speaking.

If your parents were rich enough, you have an energy drink sponsor or you simply are well refined in 'YOLOing', you might have been lucky enough to make it to Simple Session this year. A number of Australian riders assumed those criteria and put down good enough runs to make it to the finals. This video is somewhat of a highlight reel of the finals, showcasing a whole heap of supermega gnarliness, a lack of Drew Bezanson, who would have undoubtedly won had he been there as well as the pinnacle of BMX trend setting, Alex Kennedy reppin' camo pants. Press play and wish you were getting CA$H from Monster energy.

Brenton Gutter Ledge Session

Ballina homie Brenton Gutter filmed this little joint during an afternoon of sessioning the ledge at his local. I could definitely go with seeing feeble 180 footplants a lot more, and if you know that ledge, you know the last clip is proper.

Brenton Ledge Edit from Dane Hodkinson on Vimeo.

The ACT JAM is back!

Those of you old enough will remember a series of jams in Canberra, many moons ago, held over the Easter long weekend. Well, the crafty dudes at Back Bone; with help of a whole swag of generous supporters have revived it! Being held on the 28-31 March, at Weston Creek, Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Back Bone respectively, there'll be money and prizes up for grabs at all three. It's guaranteed to attract Australia's best crew of shredders, and after hearing nothing but good stories about the old jams, there's no way I'll be missing this!

Chris Best // Outdated Footage

Jack Paton just dropped this video comprising a bunch of old footage of his dude Chris Best, who's been out with glandular fever for a while. Kid has a big suey for such a small ledge, and gotta love the odd bowl mole appearance.

Chris Best // Outdated footage from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

West Aus Trails Jam!

Some West Oz crew opened up their amazing trails set up to hold a jam over the weekend. With lines galore, a wallride, a steel halfpipe and a line up of fucking rad dudes, it was bound of produce a good time. A ton of classic trails riding coming from Rhysty, Mikey Ross, Angus Samson, Seb Scott and the rest of crew. It looks like the fucking raddest day!

Trails Jam! from Ben Chambers on Vimeo.

Tobias Kahlert

This video of Tobias Kahlert ripping around a couple of Brisbane parks has been sitting in our inbox for ages, and I've just now gotten to it. I dug that t-bog gap at Ramp Attak.


V@L3 M1X

Jason Petersen put together this mix of a whole heap of crew shredding Vale park, which is one of the more frequented Gold Coast parks; you can always catch a good arvo sesh down there. Looks like a fun scene.
V@L3 M1X from Jason petersen on Vimeo.
Since we've been out of commission for a few weeks, you can catch a bunch of my favourites from the past month after the jump.

Josh Irvine: Welcome to Ride On BMX Store

Good morning and your glad to meet me. I am the newest member of the Diversity BMX blogging team. I will be spraying my love all over the greatest and worst Australia BMX videos the world will never see.

I am very excited to have this as my first post. It is Joshua Irvine ABSOLUTELY destroying some ramps in a BMX super session. I am not aware what a super session is, but if it involves Irvine, I'm sure there is going to be a whole heap of super around. Dying to see the next edit from Joshua

Action Sports Survey

I have been asked by a friend, who is doing some market research relative to 'action sports' to post this survey. It's really simple, and only takes a couple of minutes, and you go in the draw to win a new Go Pro, which is pretty cool! You can do that over here.

This photo is irrelevant, I just don't like a plain text post.

Darryl Kelly

Darryl is a little toward the older end of the rider spectrum, but that doesn't stop him from shralpin' around some Northern Queensland parks. It's always rad to see older dudes having a good time.

BWSL BMX Competition Torquay Highlights

Aidan Mair headed down to the BWSL Competition at Torquay, and put together this sweet little highlights reel. The park looks really fun, and some big tricks got thrown down.

Nathan Watts 'Welcome to Mankind'

Dylan Godfrey sent Nathan Watts' Welcome to the Team video. He kills Geelong plaza in this, with some real cool tech combos, was a good watch for sure! Though, I thought he'd been on Mankind for a while now.

Nathan Watts | Mankind Bmx from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Gippy Crew Presents: Ryan Delost

Real stoked on this. Pat Freyne continues to make moves with his Gippy Crew scene. This is the first of many installments, featuring younger, lesser known dudes around Gippsland. Pat's doing this to try and keep kids motivated, and put a bit of fire in their belly. This one features young style cat Ryan Delost. Blasting lookbacks, one footed tables, some tidy barspins and more, dude has a lot of potential.

News: Gippy Crew DVD in the works.

Gippy Crew dude Pat Freyne hit me up to let me know that himself and the rest of the crew have just commenced filming on a DVD. This news coming fresh off two solid Sunday mixes, I'm expecting straight fire with some production time behind them.

Website: 2020 BMX Online

I've sorta slept on this over the last week or so, but the 2020 site has had some on point online content of late. First of was the piece with Australian Fit TM Dre Regli, and his take on sponsorship, shops, attitudes and Aus BMX as a whole. Hot on the heels of that, James caught up with Liam Fahy-Hampton who was one of the most influential riders in the mind 00's, as well as re-upping his Run at me Slut section, which is absolutely incredible if you haven't seen it. Check out Dre's interview here, and Liam's here.

LEEN BEEF Bright Day Trip

A couple of the Leen Beef dudes in Gary McIvor, Rhys Newling and Tim Watson went on a day trip to Beautiful Bright, and hit up the park there, as well as a dope looking swim spot. These dudes know how to have a good time.

LEEN BEEF Bright Day Trip from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Sunday Mix Up V2

It's been two consecutive Sundays now, that the Gippsland clique of Pat Freyne, Josh Skeen and Micky Leighton have produced a mix, and both have been really solid, packed full of legit park and street clips. Good shit.

"Tabes for the Babes Tour" Episode One

Ryan Guettler packed up an eclectic mix of riders for a very loosely planned tour. They hit up Woodward West, Mosqueda Park, UC Berkley campus as well as the AMA Supercross in Oakland. Despite all these dudes riding entirely different, it looks like they had an awesome time. The Mosqueda park looks like a dream!

Welcome to Primary Frenchie!

Our favourite goofy footed Frenchman, Alex Coumailleau recently got bumped onto the Primary team, and this is his obligatory welcome video. Teaming up with his homie Tristan Montagu, they lit up a sweet ledge spot, and Frenchie churned out some of his buttery peg styles.

Alex ”Frenchie” Coumailleau – Welcome to Primary Threads! from Primary Threads on Vimeo.

Sunday Mixed Up

Gippy Crew coming through with some heat in their most dialled video yet. This day mix features Pat Freyne, Michael Leightom and Josh Skeen riding Warragul Park and some street. It has everything from blasted table airs to toothy hangs, they are a diverse crew. Pats ender is fucking legit.

Ryan Delost Day Edit

Jayden Rusden sent through this video of his friend Ryan Delost riding their local park. All clips were collected over the course of a day.

Mick Bayzand Colony Video

Mick Bayzand is a beast. Just shy of 3 minutes worth of his powerful, fast street style in this video for Colony

Afray Summer Second Release

In typical Afray 'less is more' approach, they just released their second drop for the summer, and it is as on point as ever. With a few raglans, a couple of dope tees, and a flow team with a few notable additions, shit's looking good. Check out the full lookbook here

Hey, Yer Good Thanks

Recently, I've seen a bunch of James Fox photos showing up on Facebook via some mutual friends, which were impressive. Then, the other day, this rad video featuring a bunch of somewhat unknown Gold Coast crew and some bigger names, including Tyrone Edwards, Clint Jackman, Blake Ind, Shane Conlon, Vince Byron, Ryan Hogarth, Josh Pukallus, Dylan Lewis and James Voller. At nine minutes, I only just got around to watching it, but it was well worth it. Apparently it's from a bigger project in the works that has been put on hold due to injuries, work commitments and the like.

Ryan Guettler X Vans

Ryan Guettler rips some So Cal trails with a few really unique backflip combinations, trails tricks and a couple of bigger contest tricks. No matter how often you see it done, the ender is no joke. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Jay Wilson Bone Deth Bike Report

This is definitely the weirdest, grindhouse-y bike check video I've ever seen. Outside of that, there is also some awesome riding clips in here; the fastplant curved wall to 180 is one of the coolest things I've seen.

The Fourth Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

In the face of much adversity, the 4th Annual Blake Jam went down here in Kempsey yesterday. Despite already having been postponed once, and having some shady weather in the days leading up, we still had a real good turnout; and of course, radness ensued. We also managed to raise over $300 for the Westmead Children's hospital in Sydney. John Ossedryver was on hand to capture all the action, and put together this dope little video from the day. Also check out a short one from me after the jump. Thanks to Hell on Wheels, Back Bone BMX, Lux BMX, Pure Bikes, Dishonour, Stowaway, Triplesix, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. You guys are the best.

White Rhino 2our

The North Coast pilgrimage to ride the biggest and best bowls on offer has become something of an annual even for Dave C and Trent Rowsell, who love nothing more than a good bowl. Watching them in their element is an absolute treat. Hit up Psycho Lovers for more radness!

White Rhino 2our from John Young on Vimeo.

Zane Caldera 2012

FNQ's Zane Caldera has been bullshit good forever, and has matured into one of local BMX's best kept secrets. Zane is someone with the rare combination of having big tricks, as well as a good style and the ability to blast. This video has everything from technical footjam combos, big bowl lines, transfers and a pair of the best table airs you're ever likely to see.

Zane Caldera 2012 / 2013 from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

Freestyle Now January 2013

Shaun Jarvis sent through this video featuring himself and the rest of the Freestyle Now Stunt Squad. The riding is really diverse, with everything from multiple willy-whippers to blasted tables to wild flatland combos, as well as some rad skateboarding! These dudes are doing a good thing.

Freestyle Now January 2013 web play from freestyle now on Vimeo.

Focalpoint's Flem Banks Jam

Focalpoint just dropped the video from their recent jam at the Flem Banks. There is a bunch of amazing riding in this, as well as a real good time!


Mario & Luigi

In something of a sequel to the Garreth Hadfield Mario video from a little while ago, Mario teams up with his younger brother Luigi (Steve Lyons) for a shred at Ride On. Their escapades, the costume, props, and the Jack Toadles cameo make for a really enjoyable watch. This is rad! Production by Jack Birtles.

MARIO & LUIGI - RIDEONBMX from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

"Summer 2012-13" by Peyton Ellwood

Peyton Ellwood collected these clips of his crew over the summer, riding a few parks and dirt spots down south. These kids are all getting real good.

Nick Maligec 2012

Corey Vinci put together this video of his boy Nick Maligec shredding some Victorian parks. Nick has quite an array of technical park tricks, and some great tailwhip moves.

Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam Postponed

Due the the wild weather that QLD and the North Coast of NSW has been having for the last week or so, I have been forced to postpone the Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam. It will be going ahead this Saturday February 2, weather permitting. Don't forget to get behind our generous supporters who jump on board every year; Lux, Hell on Wheels, Back Bone, Stowaway, Triple Six, Dishonour, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. I hope to see you all down here, and getting rad!

Marnold Ten Clips

In Marnold's third ten clipper for Colony, we see him kill the street section that the New Knox park has to offer.


Gary McIvor jumped aboard the HD train recently, and tested it all out on a cruisy trip to Melbourne with his boys.

Trippin from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Round Three

Following up on the solid impression made by Rounds 1 & 2 comes the third and final instalment in the trilogy, which lives up to the buzz created by the first two. Featuring a solid crew including Greg Lamond, Jake Corless, Sion Bourne, Matt Bell, Jake Hitchman, Kie Ashworth, Dwayne Saul and Luke Snelling who all come through with some great riding, and Sion's skills behind the lens make for an awesome watch, check this out for sure!

Round Three from Sion Bourne on Vimeo.

One Afternoon with Peter Chang.

It seems every week Jack Paton sends through a new video, and with each one, his filming and editing improves, which is awesome. His most recent submission is of Peter Chang riding Albany Creek one afternoon. That ET to Hang Five was cool!

One Afternoon With Peter Chang from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Mackle "Welcome to Cult"

Matt McCallum got bumped to Cult recently through Selekt, and has been working on his obligatory welcome edit for a while now. Mackle's nose manual game is crazy, so you know there will be plenty of good shit from that aspect, but there is plenty of dope peg moves and a few tricks that surprised me.

Clique & Cali Drop

Our friends over at Dishonour have just dropped some new goods, in their new Clique chino shorts and Cali sunnies. The shorts are similar to their slim chinos of last year, except shorts! The sunnies, are just a variation of their previous version of cali shades which, by the way, are awesome.

Canberra Lost Edit

The Defero crew took a trip to Canberra in early 2012 and filmed a bunch of stuff, which has never seen the light of day until now. Plenty of dope riding in this, however, Flagz's crash is cringeworthy.

Mike Vockenson Shadow Down Under

Vocko always brings the heat, and this short video for Shadow is no different. Big, deadman shit, weird tech combos and general pisstakes have become staples of this superstar. These are all leftovers for the upcoming 2020 DVD, which makes it that much crazier!

Aidan Torr || Redcliffe Session

Aidan Torr comes through with the goods in this Jack Paton produced video. Kids are getting so good so quickly; Aidan's 16 and is doing flairwhips on a five foot quarter. Wild!

Aidan Torr || Redcliffe Session from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Daniel Watson: Clips from the Deep Depths

This is rad! Jack Birtles put together a bunch of old clips of Daniel Watson and came up with this video, which has a really fun vibe. Some weird one limbed stall variations, a cameo from Spiderman, awesome soundtrack and some pool shralpin' make this a video you don't wanna miss. Last clip looked so much fun

Daniel Watson Clips from the Deep Depths from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Ben Kent Quick Edit

Homie Ben Kent sent over this video of himself ripping around his local, at which he has some rad lines. Park looks like a lot of fun!

Harry Bartter Summer Video

Harry Bartter put together this video over the summer, riding a bunch of parks and a backyard kicker set up. He's gotten real good at whips.

The Commission- Taking it Easy

Sydney duo George Prentoski and Lee Cruickshank come through with just under five minutes of buttery street riding and fun times. George is killing the four peg game lately, and Lee is smooth as silk, and running to film the Lambo just topped it off.

The Commission BMX - Taking It Easy from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

Jack Kelly Welcome to Dishonour

This very succinct, concise video is Jack Kelly's obligatory 'welcome to the team' for Dishonour. Dude is a very good fit for their team, and I look forward to the full video that is in the works.

Alex Hiam & Tim Storey Doubles

After a brief stint on the bench with injury, Alex Hiam is back on the bike. To celebrate the occasion, he self-filmed a doubles video with his boy Tim Storey at their local park in Cleveland. This is one of the better-done doubles videos I've seen, synchronized flairing and all!

Throwback: Steadfast 2 Bonus- Cams Jam 2

John Young just uploaded this portion of the bonus section from his Steadfast 2 DVD and it's a cracker! Featuring some of Australia's most esteemed dirt riders in Shane Conlon, Jaie Toohey, Jared Carter, Chris Harti, Cam White and of course the Late, Great Dane Searls and much more ripping shit up!

Big Salad

Notorious B.I.G (Salad) just dropped his first solo video, jam packed with signature Salad moves. The fastplant 3 into the green bank is nuts.

Dyllan Leahy

Andy Swann cooked up this video of Dyllan Leahy riding some parks around Melbourne. Dylan comes through with a barrage of technical lip tricks.

Leen Beef

Gary McIvor and his boys Jake, Burry, Garfield and Rhys Newling put in a solid session at the new Wodonga park and pumped out this rad video. This park looks like so much fun!

leen beef. from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Pat Freyne January

Gippsland native Pat Freyne has been super productive lately, pumping out some quality shit in reasonably quick succession; and this is no different. Some solid street lines, a couple park clips, and a dope ender. Killing it dude!

Chris Courtenay 10 Clips

Chris Courtenay kills Beenleigh in his second Colony 10 Clips. He seems to do all this crazy park riding completely nonchalant, which is awesome.

Nick Cooper- Stay Strong

Jayme Timms has been filming with Nick Cooper for his Stay Strong video, and they dropped this 15 second clip as a tease.

One Minute with Tim Storey

Alex Hiam shot us the link for this video he and Tim Storey produced from a session at Cleveland. Tim kills it, especially the last clip, and that song is awesome.

One Minute with Tim Storey from alex hiam on Vimeo.

Triple SIx 'House of Hammers' Roadtrip

After a brief hiatus due to a trip to Sydney, we're back! To kick things off, we've got the Triple Six House of Hammers roadtrip from October. Team riders Mike V, Jerry V and Raph Jeroma-Williams tripped down to ride the contest, along with our own Mitch Wood and TM Sam Cummins. They kill a bunch of mid north coast parks, with some contest footage spliced in there for good measure. That bowl at Bellingen is ridiculously hard to ride, which makes everything done in there that much crazier.

2020 V46

2020 are ringing in the new year by dropping this freshly squeezed magazine. Packed full of rad features including interviews from DJ, Sam Waters and Jono Hopping, Coverage of House of Hammers, and the recent Dirt and Nothing Else Memorial Jam, along with a Fit Bondi trip. This looks the goods, and will be available at bike shops and newsagents this week!

The Fourth Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Once again, I am organising a jam in memory of my younger brother, going down at the Kempsey skatepark on January 27th. Each year, we have raised money for the Westmead Childrens hospital, and this is no different. We wish to add onto the $2000 we've already raised over the years. Last year's was the most fun I've ever had on my bike, and hopefully this year will be another repeat. Supported by Lux, Hell on Wheels, Back Bone, Stowaway, Triple Six, Dishonour, Colony, Division and Focalpoint. Get on down if you're up for an Australia Day long weekend trip and an awesome day of riding!

Day Edit by Alex Hiam

Alex Hiam used a bit of injury-induced downtime to put together this day edit featuring Chris Courtenay, Dean Anderson, Clint Millar, Brock Olive, Mathias Dandois and more. They juiced the fuck out of that Brown's Plains hip. Chris Coutrenay's Table onto the back of the Varsity capsule was my personal highlight.

Backyard Mix

Peyton Ellwoood sent through this video of himself, Liam Davis, Luke Taylor, Jake Croxford and Ben O'Connell shredding Peyton's new backyard setup. Looks like a good time for sure!

Bevan Cowan: Christmas Eve at Morayfield

Bevan Cowan knocked out a bunch of lines at Morayfiled for Jack Paton's camera on Christmas Eve. Apparently he did most of this stuff in the first few tries, which is pretty impressive. I particularly liked the gap, the over back pedal and turndown fakie, but the rest of it was sweet.

Bevan Cowan | Christmas Eve at Morayfield Skatepark from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Elkins X Waterloo

Jack Elkins and Chris Whyte met up at Waterloo in Sydney the other day, and churned out this dope day clip. The first clip and the last two clips were fucking rad, and the rest is hardly filler. I dig his smooth yet powerful style.

Jack Elkins X Waterloo from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

Wilton Hedley ~ Lux | Wethepeople

Damn, there is some fucking serious radness coming out of South East Queensland right now; and there is no better example of it than this Wilton Hedley video by the Storey Brothers. There is so much good stuff in this, from flowy bowl lines, tech ledge nibs to straight deadman shit; and edited to Black fucking Sabbath no less. Fuck yeah Wilto!

Product: Primary Threads

Somehow this slipped through the cracks in my internet sleuth recently, but Primary Threads have an updated website, as well as a dope new product range including five panels, snapbacks, tees, singlets and more which you can check out here.

Shane Conlon | Demolition Parts

OG Dirt and Park meistro Shane Conlon comes through with some heat in this Adam Cox produced video for Demolition/BMX Militia. Some awesome park lines, tricks and transfers, with respectable dirt and plaza moves, this is awesome! I loved the box line at GC, as well as the transfers at Vale and Nerang.Shouts to Jack Gibson's rock and roll band for the track, too!

Shane Conlon | Demolition Parts from Adam on Vimeo.

Anchor BMX- Victorian Bowl Trip

Toward the end of last year, the Anchor crew jumped in a bus and spent 6 days shralpin' bowls all around Victoria. This looks like the best fucking time ever. A weeks worth of camping out and transition riding with the boys. Fuck yeah!

ANCHOR BMX - VIC BOWL TRIP from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

Happy New Year from Back Bone!

It was a good year for Canberran BMX, and to celebrate they put together this tight little slideshow with a bunch of photos featured on their blog from the year. So many good shots, take a look!

Jams: Flem Banks Jam

The crew at FP are putting on a Jam this Saturday at the infamous Flemington Banks in Melbourne. All the previous jams down here look like an absolute blast

Myles Fletcher End of Year

Aidan Mair put together this video with student of the new school of technical park riding; Myles Fletcher. Myles churns out a bunch of more than respectable tricks at some Victorian parks.

Leeton Kleingeld

Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much out of this Leeton Kleingeld 'Quick Clips' video, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tricks he was throwing on these five foot quarters. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seen either of the last two tricks at concrete public park.