Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay- To Byron and Back

Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay were part of a trip promoting the Sony Xperia phone from Sydney to Byron and Back. Both of these dudes are absolute ramp monsters, so as you'd expect, it's full of wild quaterpipe tricks.

Jack Whitehead End of Year.

13 year old Jack Whitehead submitted this video of himself riding some parks around Brisbane. He has a pretty reasonable selection of tricks for a kid who has been only riding eight months. I look forward to seeing his progression once he gets bigger and little more bike control. Keep at it dude!

Merry Christmas from Stowaway

To ring in the silly season, our good friends at Stowaway Distribution put together this really awesome video filmed during what looks to be a rad session at Chris & Will Kerr's trails during their trips for the D.A.N.E Jam. Featuring The Kerr Brothers, Jamie Moore and Ryan Lloyd, as well as two of my favourite Englishmen Toby Forte and Chaz Mann. These dudes have style for miles, collaborated with these trails, it's simply amazing.

Newcastle Jam

The annual Andrew Legget memorial jam is going to be poppin' off this weekend at the South Newcastle beach skatepark this Saturday, the 22nd of December. These always look like a bloody good time, so if that's what you're after, get there!

Keahnu Doyle- Division

Young Gold Coast destroyer Keahnu Doyle comes through with the heat in this new edit for Division. Dude is ridiculously good.


Pat Freyne X Stay Local Co.

Regular submitter Pat Freyne just got hooked up by new Gippsland-based clothing label Stay Local, with this being his obligatory introduction video. It's been cool watching Pat progress over the last few months, and this video is no different, particularly the ender.

Diversity Q&A: Tom Boorman/Hell On Wheels

This is the first, of what I hope will be many Diversity Q&A's. To kick things off, I hit up Hell On Wheels' Tom Boorman to find out a little bit more about the shop. Tom is a rad dude, and, despite starting from humble beginnings, the shop has a solid team behind it, and a bright future. Read on after the jump.

Dishonour Collab Drop

Dishonour have just dropped two new collaborations with Stay Deadly and Crispy Stream respectively. First up, is the Stay Deadly snapback, which is something of a five panel and starter hybrid, with a shallower fit but a more traditional shape. With a simple aesthetic featuring nothing more than a woven SD tag up front, and embroided 'Stay Deadly X Dishonour' in the back.

Following, is the Crispy tee. The only real way to describe this, is that it is Crispy embodied in a tee shirt, with bikes, dogs, attractive mugshots and partying. For more info head over here.

Dane Searls Memorial Jam Video

This is the video from the D.A.N.E jam that went down at the Stromlo jumps in Canberra recently. A veritable list of Australia's best trails riders shredding in memory of the legend that was Dane Searls. 9 minutes of pure awesomeness. Shot and cut by John Young.

Frenchie Orange Juice Collection Promo

Alex Coumailleau squeezed this fresh promo for Orange Juice. Frenchie has a rad ledge style, and makes the goofy four peg game look good. Yew!

Orange Juice collection promo video: Frenchie from Orange Juice on Vimeo.


Bullmix are back online and kicking it off with a quickie of Dave C and Billy B riding their DIY spot. Shits rad.

Gippstape #1

Pat Freyne has been making moves with his scene blog Gippy Crew for a little while now, and this is their first full mixtape. Based around the scene at the Warragul skatepark, a wide variety of riding is showcased, from what appears to be a rather large crew. Whilst the level of riding from all is pretty high, Pat and Chris Nicol definitely steal the show. Their second mix is currently in the works, so I look forward to seeing what comes from these dudes!

Rhys Dennis

Jayme Timms got behind the lens for Rhys Dennis to put together this video on behalf of his clothing hookup, VC CLothing. Rhys shreds a few SEQ parks as well as the Southbank ledges.

Clint Millar 10 Clips

For this instalment of Colony's 10 Clips, boss man Clint Millar takes care of business; cruising some Brisbane concrete, then the Ride On park. So much front brake tech, it's ridiculous.

Josh Kathigitis X LBB: Skids and Jibs

I've always jived with Josh Kathigitis' riding, but unfortunately we haven't seen much from him since that rad 2020 cover way back in 2010, so I was stoked when I saw this pop up in my feed today. There are a lot of unique tire slide/ghost feeble type tricks in here, but the one that stood out the most to me was the pole jam, and the ender.

Dayvis Heyne/Simple Man Clothing

Dayvis Heyne gets it done in a three hour session at Monster for his threads hookup; Simple Man Clothing. The dope street influenced lines are abundant, but he is more than capable with more traditional park riding, as well. He also Nollies into a few things that you don't normally see nollied into.

Darryl Willing

Darryl Willing is another park shredder from Mossman; which has produced the likes of Zane Caldera and more over the years. There are a bunch of cool footjam variations in here, like the vader push up on the extension

Mixtape #2

Gary McIvor has churned out yet another mix featuring his Albury crew; this time from a trip to Melbourne. Tame Impala and cruising some concrete works so well.

Mixtape2 from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Levi Jackonia X The Set

Levi Jackonia comin' through hot with this dope video for The Set, filled with sweet manual lines, gaps at high velocity and one of the best tables in the game. Dude is good!

Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher put in three months worth of work for Blair Johnston's camera, and came through with the goods at some Queensland parks and street. Filled with some impressive nose manuals, crankslides and more!

Travis Bond

I apologise for the lack of activity over the last week or so. I was on holidsy on the Gold Coast. Travis Bond sent through this short video of himself with some street-influenced park riding. He locks in a really good Ice, and a really good nose manual amongst other lines.

clips from travis bond on Vimeo.