Jayden Fuller at Beenleigh

Paul Gerlich got together with young Kiwi Jayden Fuller to film this video at Beenleigh over a couple of sessions. There are some pretty impressive clips in here, especially for a few sessions.

Jayden Fuller, Beenleigh Edit from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Forster Day Trip

PMQ homies Clint Lankester, Jeremy Lankester and Mitch Wilke made the most of the warm weather by taking a day trip to Forster via the new Laurieton park. The brothers Lankester have polar opposite styles, with Jeremy killing the peg game, and Clint coming through with the fast, stylish simplicity, which is really interesting.


Myles and Kurtly Weekend Clips

Kurtly Jamieson sent through this video of him and his boy Myles putting together some sweet doubles lines at their local park.


November Mix

This is a mix video from some South Australian crew ripping some parks and backyard setups. Featuring Ryan Cranage, Brad Ferguson, Shaun Withers and Marcus Wanganeen.

November 2012 Mix Edit. from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

Octoberfest Trail Jam

This is Stowaway's video from their Trails Jam from mid-October. These dudes have public, council approved jumps, which looks to be paying off, as so many of these guys are so good.

Focalpoint Issue 30

Issue 30 of Focalpoint just came online, and it is full of all the content it's become synonymous with. A bunch of really nice photos, interviews with some lesser known riders, some scanned throwbacks and a few other cool pieces. Good shit!

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Season Finale

Corey Bohan winds up his youtube reality show; 'The Wizard of Aus' at the Texas Toast Jam in Austin. There is a ton of riding footage, as well as a few words from Taj about the thesis of Toast. It's a really good way to wrap up the first season.

30 Minutes with Chris Nicol

Pat Freyne put his new camera to good use by producing this short session video with Chris Nicol shredding Warragul. Chris is a park killer, with a barrage of tricks on the hip and spine. James Curnock also gets a cameo.

Zacahrya Dangerfield/Impurity

Tristan Montagu joined up with Zacahrya Dangerfield to put together this video for Impurity. Zac has a whole swag of wild front wheel tech, as well as some big air tricks. I think the 360 to Hang Five is a first, as well?

Zacahrya Dangerfield for Impurity Bike Co. from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Justin Bumpstead

This is rad! Our very own Justy Bumpstead ripping around Browns Plains park in Brisbane. Has a sweet mix of fast, boosted moves and tech lip and manual tricks; all with more style than Vince Noir. The Hall and Oates track gave the video an awesome vibe, too. Hell yeah Justy!

Dan McNamara

Dan McNamara is only 14 years old, and has a deeper bag of tricks than most people many years his senior. I think Brisbane has a production line of stupidly good park kids, or something. Video by Jack Paton

Dan Mcnamara | 2012 Web Edit from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Dishonour 'Nomad' Drop

Dishonour have churned out some fresh goods in time for summer. The ever popular Raglans, and the very appropriate singlets. Both of which are a rad fit, and the Nomad print is awesome. Find out more here.

Jack O'Reilly at Our House

Federal's Australia conncection, Jack O'Reilly managed to catch a few sessions at Seventies' Our House park. There are some sweet lines in here, but the no footer to table, and the ice to nose on the curved ledge were my favourites.

#mmm Nerang Nights

Gold Coasters John Falconer, Adam Cox, Eddie Shawcross, Sam Nikora, Shane Conlon, Will Hickman, Jason Peterson, Keahnu Doyle and Jye Stuart, along with Port Macquarie ring-in Jack Gibson shred the night session at Nerang. Some sweet bowl burning, and plenty of real cool lines on the plaza section, but Jye's last line was too good.

Mmm #Nerang Nights from Adam on Vimeo.


Paul Gerlich compiled a bunch of footage leftover from other projects, and put them to good use in this Scraps quickie. A bunch of good riding in this from some lesser-known Brisbane riders. It's really cool to see how people who ride together all the time develop completely different styles.

Scraps from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

An Afternoon with Jonny Mackellar

Jayme Timms headed down to the Sumners Road trails in Brisbane for an arvo session with Brisbane's resident trails hessian; Jon Mackellar. Jonny kills it, especially on home turf, with a few solid combos, and a fuckload of style. My favourite part about this, though, is that this is exactly how he rides every arvo.

Colony Guettler/Miner Split

During our Winter, Zac Miner left our shores for the warmer climate of So Cal, catching up with fellow Colony dude Ryan Guettler. In that time, they churned out this video, which is sweet. We catch Guettler doing some stuff that he's not so well known for, and Miner cruises a couple parks as well as getting some rad things done on street.

Kym Grosser Plaza Video

I'd heard rumours about this, and that it was supposed to be real crazy. It not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectations. Plenty of solid, and somewhat out of the ordinary lines in here, but that one three to smith was insane.

Josh Fountain Ten Clips

Josh Fountain's new video is a raw, 10-clip style edit. He has a fairly deep bag of tricks, and some unique lines in here.

Josh Fountain 10 clips from josh fountain on Vimeo.

Hawker Hurricane Premiere Party

To celebrate the release of their new video; Hawker Hurricane, Aliphant and Oicnt are putting on a premiere party on the 16th November at the Bar Orient in Freemantle. Get there!

Dirty Hessians Park Sessions

Another rad clip from West Oz dudes Jaymin King, Josh Henke, Jamie Harrold and Warren Bowers. These dudes seem to be really versatile, capable of shredding anything.

Colony/Woodward West Shootout

Woodward West are running a video competition, comprising of six teams and their footage from the camp; one of which being Colony. The video features Alex Hiam, Bobby Altiser, Chris Courtenay, Brandon Van Dulken, Clint Millar, Peta Shepherd, Ryan Guettler, Jourdan Barba, Tom Stretton and Paddy Gross, and it's awesome! Head over here and cast your vote!

30 Minutes at Ramp Attak with Victor Torres

Jack Paton teamed up with Chilean shredder Victor Torres for about half an hour at Ramp Attak skatepark in Brisbane. Victor has some big tricks up his sleeve, but the wallride to flair thing was awesome.

Levi Jackonia Fitzroy Session

Levi Jackonia put together this video from a cruisy session today down at Fitzroy's bowl. Despite it being a chill arvo session, he gets some good shit done; and also has one of the best tables around.

News: Liam Zingbergs on AFRAY

AFRAY have just announced a new addition to their already stacked team; being Liam Zingbergs. To celebrate, they've dropped this new video; Andtroducing; Liam Zingbergs. Liam brings the heat, as does the rest of the team in their respective clips. John Young's behind the lens, so you know the production is on point. Afray are doing it right

AFRAY ANDTRODUCING Liam Zingbergs from AFRAY Denim Co. on Vimeo.

Brock Olive on Premium

After leaving longtime sponsor, Colony recently, Brock Olive has been added to the Premium team. Dude kills it, should be good.

Halloween Jam 2012!

The bicycle party that is the Annual Halloween Jam went down this past weekend, and Pete Conway was on hand to capture the action. Featuring Ammon Chesworth, Tom Stretton, Tom Boorman, Billy Brooks, Paul C, Josh Druce and many more. It looks like the typical awesome day. Did I spot a Holmes cameo?

Halloween Jam 2012 from Pete4130 on Vimeo.

Stephen Griffiths Farewell Video

UK Native Stephen Griffiths spent a few years on our shores, and has since departed for his homeland. In wake, Jack Birtles put together this sweet little video.

Stephen Griffiths Farewell Edit from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Jason Petersen "Still Sproutin'"

Damn, this is so awesome. So cool to see a 16 year old doing something other than cookie-cutter genericism, and still killing it.

Kris Faulkner 2012

Kris Faulkner spends his days out in Tamworth, working as a qualified Bicycle Mechanic, going to B&S's and kicking it with Lee Kernaghan. Occasionally, he rides BMX, and does a pretty good job of it.

Jeremy Lankester

Jeremy Lankester is a Port Macquarie local, who runs four pegs and a freecoaster, and makes the most of them both in here. It's been rad watching Jeremy progress lately, both tricks, and a nice, fluid style.

Ride On Halloween Jam

This was awesome. Hulk doing nosemanuals and whips and Satan doing euro tables to Rob Zombie. Good shit!

RideOn Halloween Jam 2012 from RideOn Bmx on Vimeo.

2012 Albury Halloween Jam

The Albury Halloween Jam popped off a couple of weeks ago, and Rhys Newling not only ran it, but managed to document the day, as well. Definitely has a rad vibe about it, dudes know how to have a good time!

2012 Albury Halloween jam from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

A Couple Dope Weekends

Ali Hassan sent me this video featuring his crew; Jordan Meaghan, Ashley Ballard, and Ty Tsartoglou shredding some parks and a couple Brisbane spots over the course of a few weekends. These kids go in hard, and there are actually some real good clips in here, like that Hang 5 to 180.

Crispy: Jootlagged World Premiere

The highly anticipated Crispy DVD is premiering at Lux BMX on the 24th November. Being an 18+ event, it should be a fucking good time!

Elkins X 2020

Chris Whyte teamed up with Jack Elkins to produce this dope video to promo the new 2020 site. Jack destroys everything in his typical, real tech style.

Colony in the UK

I've been hearing about this video from the Colony UK trip for a while now, and they've definitely come through with the goods. Cooper has it covered in Chris Courtenay really steals the show in this, for sure.