Ride On's Halloween Jam

The dudes at Ride On are running their own incarnation of the Halloween Jam this Saturday, with prizes for a whole gaggle of events. All you have to do is dress up, and make your way down!

Jack Birtles - Welcome to United

This is so sick. Birtles got added to the United team via Stowaway a while ago, and I know this has been in the works for a bit. Jack knows how to have a good time, and kills it on a bike. It's rad to see a bunch of out of the box type stuff. Fuck yeah

Jack Birtles - Welcome to United 2012 from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Boyd Hilder

This video is entitled '3 Chilled Minutes with Boyd Hilder', but the riding is any but! Dude gets in some big tricks on both park and trails; taking some nasty spills in the process, as well as putting together some sweet cruisy lines and high speed stuff. The song had me feeling all nostalgic. I'm gonna go play Dave Mirra 2


Jaymin King, Mitch Hannigan, Josh Henke and Warren Bowers braved the heat of Gosnells last weekend to put together this raw, musicless Two Minute video. The lack of music gives it a cool feel, and there is a good variety of riding, all of which is awesome. These dudes are so good.

CookingInGosnells. from Max on Vimeo.

Albury Mixtape

Gary McIvor has been coming through with the goods of late, and this little Mixtape is no different. Riding is dope, and the conglomerate filming, editing and music choice result in a rad vibe.

Mixtape from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Tyler Knight

Jack Paton (Who is quickly becoming our most regular video submitter) sent through this video of Tyler Knight shredding Redcliffe at night. Unfortunately, the filming was cut short due to a knee injury which has put Tyler out til Early 2013. Shits rough.

Jake Anderson Chill Clips

FNQ homie Jake Anderson put together this cruisy little video for his threads hookup Spent Clothing. Kid is living the dream, with trails and a mini ramp in his yard, which he puts to good use, flowing through with some nice style. Would be really cool to see what he could come through with if he had a filmer!

Jake Anderson chill clips from jake anderson on Vimeo.

Nimbin RoadTrippin'

Jack Paton took a Nimbin trip recently with his homies Zac Atkinson, Dan Mcnamara, Edward Hill, Cody Smith and Jack Bennett, and it looks like they travelled in style, too! The dudes start off shredding some notable South East QLD parks, and getting some rad stuff done there, too! Nimbin park is always a treat, and it looks like these fellas had an awesome time!

Jason Watts

This new Jack Birtles produced Jason Watts video is fuckin' wild! Jason has a that rare ability of having massive tricks and making them look good. The video itself has everything from high-speed gaps, big park tricks, stylish 360 combos on trails, ledge lines and two rolling front wheel lines that have to be seen to be believed.

Josh De Reus Visit

Tempered's NZ Connection Josh De Reus paid a visit to W.A and spent some time with the Kalgoorlie dudes, and they put together this video. It features some real good riding from Sam Pearce, Cale Deeble, Corey Smithies and Josh De Reus. The altercation at the start was intense!

Josh De Rues Visit from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Minty- Talk Is Cheap

Minty caused quite a stir with his first Cult video, and this one is sure to get a similar reaction. Ben has one of the more buttery styles in Australian street, and puts together some real rad grind lines, as well as some opposite stuff, wallrides and more. Minty's riding combined with John Young's prowess behind the lens makes for a fucking amazing video.

Tom Stretton Colony 10 Clips V3

Tom Stretton has yet another rad 10 Clips via Colony. He has some real cool, creative moves, as well as legit stuff like that Unluc-e.

Myles Fletcher 10 Clips

A short 10 clip video of Myles Fletcher put together by Aidan Mair. That park looks good fun.

Jaiden Bombski

Jaiden Bombski sent through this video of himself, with a description of nothing more than 'a few clips at the local'. I was taken somewhat aback when the first clip was a flip over the concrete box. The rest of it is equally solid, with some nice, high airs, transfers and some good tricks.

Focalpoint's 'The Package #7'

Focalpoint just dropped the latest edition of The Package, and it's basically a two and a half minute montage of dope street moves from the likes of Sam Illman, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Rory Matthews, Lachy Swanton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Bolton, Phil Del Tito, Troy Charlesworth and Jack Kelly. And as with all FP videos, the production is on point, as well.


Crispy 'Joot Lagged' Final Promo

Filming has wrapped up for the Crispy DVD, entitled Joot Lagged, and this is the final promo, featuring Dave Wood. Dave gets taken out by this rail quite a few times on two separate occasions. Glad he was wearing his helmet for the last one. The DVD features about 200 of Australia's best riders, and it sounds like it's gonna be sick!

Crispy: 'Joot Lagged' Final Promo from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Biloela Boys- Brisbane Trip

A bunch of Biloela riders headed to Brisbane for a few days, and together with Jack Paton, put together this rad little edit. It features Carl Bowen, Aswhley Horwath, Aaron Horwath, Maxwell Armstrong and Jayden Gallagher, and everyone gets some nice riding done at a few of Brisbanes better-known parks.

Brock Olive off Colony

Brock Olive has decided to part ways with Colony, after being on the pro team for a little while now. As is tradition, they've put together a little video as a farewell of sorts, Which is packed full of Brock's crazy peg-tech shit.

Plazapalooza 4

This has been online for a couple of weeks now, and somehow it slipped through the cracks. The fourth installment of John Young's Plazapalooza videos. This one features Jack Elkins, Nick Gascoine, Cody Ryan, Danger, JP Chavez and Ammon Chesworth and was filmed at plazas in Sydney and Canberra. Ammon's flatrail moves are groundbreaking!

Plazapalooza 4 from John Young on Vimeo.


The annual Halloween Jam is on again! This is one of Australia's greatest and longest running jams, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it'll be the raddest of times! You know you wanna make the trip down for this!

After Surgery Sydney Road Trip

Good friends and BMX Militia team mates Shane Conlon and Rahdi Frances-Cater spent a fair chunk of time off the bike due to injuries. Both had to have surgery, and as soon as they were healthy; packed up their goods and, along with Matt Dean, headed to Sydney to celebrate. These guys are some of the most fun people to ride with, and this video reflects that. Yewww!

After Surgery Sydney Road Trip from backwardsbmx films on Vimeo.

Logan Martin: 720 to Footjam

Damn. I remember when 720's were a crazy jumping trick.

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Dirt and Nothing Else

Back Bone are putting on a Memorial Jam for Dane Searls. Click on the picture for full info.

Jesse Goodwin

Curtis Winstanely put together this video of young Bendigo resident; Jesse Goodwin, which is filled with big tricks and tech combos, all of which seem to come way too easy to him.

Jesse Goodwin | 2011 2012 Edit from Curtis Winstanley on Vimeo.

Hayden Brown; Work Clips

Hayden Brown making moves at Monster for DVNT Clothing.

Three Afternoons With Pat Freyne

Jayden Warn spent three afternoons down at Warragul park with Pat Freyne. Gets some real good tranny stuff done, as well as some sweet lines in the street-ish section of the park, then heads to the streets. Good shit dudes!

Re Up: Octoberfest Trails Jam

Just a reminder that the Octoberfest Trails Jam will be going down this Sunday at the Adelaide City Trails from 1pm onward. Looks set to be a real fun afternoon, so if you're anywhere nearby, make the trip!

Josh Druce Welcome to Verde

A few months ago, Josh Druce was added to the Verde BMX BIKES team, as well as having an interview in the most recent 2020; and this 'welcome to the team' video is a very apt follow up. Packed full of big transition moves, as well as some sick ledge stuff, definitely kills it. The last two clips are insane. Probably the wildest thing to be done on that sort of set up.
Josh Druce welcome to Verde BMX from Benn Edwards on Vimeo.

A Day Out With Riding Way

The crew from Riding Way made the most of a perfect Melbourne Spring day, and hit up a few of Melbourne's favourite spots. Highlights include Adam Stone's own brand of creativity, some big box jump tricks, some rad style and seeing bossman Gorak shredding the shed bowl! Riders featured are Kai Moody, Dylan Pell, Chris Nicol, Adam Stone, Alex Mamo, Liam Krumiel, Gorak and Trent Bucknell.

A Day Out With Riding Way from Riding Way. on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 12

In the most recent episode of Wizard of Aus, we follow Corey to the NORA cup and subsequent after parties, hear a bit of whiskey-influenced exchange between the only two people to get 5 NORA cup's on the trot; Garrett Reynolds and Corey himself. Then we are treated to a few sneaks from a commercial for his new sponsor. It's also sweet to hear Corey's opinion on the current state of contests.

Zac Woods

This Jack Birtles-produced video of Zac Woods is sick. Has some real cool manual and nose manual lines, as well as a sweet little collection of non-riding good times. Good shit

ZAC WOODS from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Corey Vinci & Jake Bertollo

15/16 year olds Corey Vinci and Jake Bertollo put together this video from the riding they collected over the holidays. These kids have some big tricks, and this is only part one. I'm definitely interested to see what they come through with for part 4

Ryan Cranage Spring Edit

Ryan Cranage has been working on this one for a while, and came through with this decent little video.

Ryan Cranage Spring Edit. from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

China Trip

Brothers Tim & Chris Storey went on a family vacation to Beijing for 10 days. They both took their bikes, and managed to get some cool little riding clips and put together this video documenting their experience. Looks like an interesting time, definitely.

china trip from Chris Storey on Vimeo.

Geelong Clips

Dylan Godfrey put together this video of himself, Ben Scott, Floyd Westlake, Nathan Watts, Michael Hennessey and Paul Lemercier shredding the Geelong Park. The production is real dope, and there are some nice clips, too.

Geelong Clips from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Albury Halloween Jam

Rhys Newling has taken some initiative, and decided to put on his very own Halloween Jam down in Albury. These dudes know how to have a good time, so I'm sure the jam will be sick!

Alex Coumailleau We Are Orange Juice

Our favourite Frenchman, Alex Coumailleau has freshly squeezed a sweet new video for Dutch blog/thread brand Orange Juice. Frenchie has the goofy footed peg tech on lock, and does some real cool combo's in this.

Alex "Frenchie" Coumailleau WAOJ 2012 from Orange Juice on Vimeo.

Harry Bartter & Hayden Brown in Griffith

Young dudes Harry Bartter and Hayden Brown were in Griffith for a few days, and put together this cool little video with their Go Pro.

Tim "STINGRAY" Watson VB-Roll.

Rhys Newling worked with the veritable icon of boganism; Tim 'Stingray' Watson on his part (Which is available now on iTunes if I'm not mistaken) for The Hunt. This is the (V)B-roll from the aforementioned part; which is filled with Stingray doing sick trix on his pushy and quite a few tokens of Australiana. I forgot the first song existed, but it's amazing.

Tim "STINGRAY" Watson VB roll from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Armeture Crew Mixtape 2

Kris Humphries hit me up with a link to the second Armeture Mixtape. Though composed of predominately b-roll footage, there is still plenty of great riding from the likes of Jono Borham, Kris Humphries, Kaddi O'shea, Dylan T-D and Dylan Ferguson. Good to see these young Novacastrians producing some good quality shit.

Armeture Crew Mixtape 2 from Armeture Productions on Vimeo.

Spring Trails

Sion Bourne decided to switch things up and cruise some trails after a year of bombing stairs and rails. And, along with Jake Corless, Kie Ashworth, Warren Bowers, Luke Snelling, Carl Cotrell and Brandon Lee managed to produce this rad little edit. Looks like a good time!

Spring Trails from Sion Bourne on Vimeo.