United Voyage Ryan Lloyd Edition Promo

In the wake of Ryan Lloyd's recent Stowaway epic, and receiving a signature colourway of the United Voyage frame, we have this awesome video promoting the latter. Ryan rips around some better known Canberran parks, as well as doing some wild shit on one nasty-looking quarter pipe. Dude has way too much style.

United The Voyage Ryan Lloyd Edition from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Shannon Farrugia

Thomas Glew put together this edit of Shannon Farrugia killing Jaycee park and Dave Mirra's old Warehouse. Some big tricks on big stuff in here.

Shanon Farrugia - Greenville 2012 from Thomas Glew on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan: Cali Trails Session

Unit just dropped this new video, I imagine as something of a welcome to the team for Corey Bohan, and it's a real treat. Something really awesome about Bohan cruising trails with a very California song laid over the top.

'Wizard of Aus' Episode 11

In this episode, we catch Corey having a night session at the trails with Dave Dillewaard and Heath Pinter; paying homage to some dirt jumping legends. The BF tribute is amazing. Then, he has an arvo sesh at a few concrete parks with Brian Hunt, Drew Bezanson and Anthony Napolitan. A lot more riding in this episode than others, check it out!


Pahau Milner and Chase Handford kill their local park in this video put together by Jacob Hosking.

pah - chase from Jacob hosking on Vimeo.

Nathan Skopelitis

Nathan Skopelitis has a real sweet, cruisy style; and he puts it to good use at Melbourne's City Park and the streets.

Colony Ten Clips- Nuke

New addition to the Colony team, Nuke kills it in this Ten Clipper. Some nice lines in here with a dialled, smooth style. Pretty crazy that he's only 15.

Ten Clips - Nuke from Colony BMX on Vimeo.


A rad little video coming out of the Gold Coast featuring Adam Cox, Jye Stuart, Keahnu Doyle and more. Some different stuff in here, for sure.

Mmm#1 from Adam on Vimeo.

Octoberfest Trail Jam

On October 14th, there will be a rad jam happening down at the Adelaide City Trails. The general concept behind the jam is to get more people stoked on riding jumps, which I think is an awesome idea. The whole day will be entirely non-competitive, with fun being the main focus. Sounds like it's gonna be a real awesome day!

Dishonour: Frontier Button Downs

Dishonour have just dropped a very handsome pair of button down flannels. These things look real nice. There's not much more you can say about flannels, but hit their site for full details.

Angus Samson X LBB

This Doug Underhill produced clip of Angus Samson is fucking awesome! Goofy footed style for miles, a very Inman-esque 360 X-Up and a whole bunch of other radness. Yeeew!

Matt Whyatt Facebook 10 Tricks

It seems Matt Whyatt had a little thing running on Facebook, where people would call out tricks, he'd select ten and throw them down in this short video. The trick that Shane Conlon called out was pretty wild.

Rewai and Cavs Quickie

Nicko Smithson hit me up with the link to this video of his boys Rewai Milner, Chris Kavanagh and Jeremy Beddow ripping at Rockhampton park. Unfortunately, filming was cut short because all three of these dudes had their bikes stolen from their house, on the same day no less. There is some absolute scum out there, for sure. Fucking sucks.

Rewai and Cavs 2012 quickie edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Benn Pigot's Datura Bars Promo

Two fucking rad John Young produced videos in two days; this time in the form of a promo for Benn's signature Tempered Datura bar. It's been a while, but it was definitely worth the wait. The first clip is probably the most brutal thing I've ever seen in person.

Benn Pigot's Datura Bars by Tempered Goods from John Young on Vimeo.

Fear of Missing Out

This new Jack Birtles production entitled 'Fear of Missing Out' is, in his words 'A selection of the finer moments of 2012', and I'd say it's pretty fitting. There is very little riding in this, but still very relatable and a good watch nonetheless.

Fear Of Missing Out - By Jack Birtles from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Shaun Withers 2012

Ryan Cranage put together this video of his friend Shaun Withers. Shaun doesn't get to ride too often, but you wouldn't think so from this video.

Shaun Withers 2012 Edit from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

Sumner's Dirt Jam

You might recall the Sumner's Road Dirt Jam that Jonny Mackellar put on last month. I had been wondering when I was going to see footage from the day; and tonight I stumbled upon this video of it. Looks like it was a real rad day, I wish I could've made it.

Slay the Rail 2012

Sydney video extraordinaire John Young put together this awesome video from this years Slay the Rail contest in Melbourne. You already know this is bullshit good on all fronts.

Slay the Rail 2012 from John Young on Vimeo.

Focalpoint Issue 29

The new Focalpoint has just gone online, and it's packed with some really cool content. Photo articles and opinion pieces, as well as all the usual jam coverage and interviews. Is it just me, or has the word count increased since going online? Either way, that's a positive!

Crispy X Frenchie

Frenchie is awesome. Kicks the video off with some French freestyling, then packs it with some real nice rail and ledge moves. Ice to smith would have to be one of my favourite ledge combos at the moment.

New York Minute

As you may have read in his recent Q&A, George Prentoski is stateside at the moment, and after a stay in Cali and Vegas, he is currently taking in the sights, sounds and spots of NYC. He managed to put together this little clip from an evening out with some locals. Looks so awesome over there.

New York Minute from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

House of Hammers

There have been whispers about this for a while now, but finally it's official! The Factory Theatre in Sydney will be hosting House of Hammers, a new 'Slay the Rails' type event on October 6. It sounds like it's going to be fucking amazing. For all the info, check the flyer below, or click here.

Out and About with Nick Harris

Nick Harris cruises some rad spots in this video for Quintin

Brock Olive- Ten Clips V3

In his third Colony Ten Clip, Brock Olive shreds the Ride On park. A bunch of dope grinds in here.

Rhys Dennis- Propaganda

Rhys Dennis getting some good shit done at some parks and spots around Brisbane. I really liked the feeble to whip on the out ledge at Ride On.

Jack Gruber Pure Bikes/Back Bone

Damn, this is sick. Young Canberran royal rat absolutely kills it in this video for Pure Bikes and Back Bone. Holds it down in the park for sure, but he stands out on street. Big drops and nice lines. That can can off the roof was amazing.

Chris Harti Bike Check

Fit's resident stylecat/Judas Priest fan Chris Harti has a little bikecheck look-book via Fit. It runs you through his TD-350 set up, and features a couple of cheeky trails photos.

Afternoon at Albury

Gary McIvor and his boys managed to come through with this during a chill arvo sesh down at Albury park

Afternoon at Albury from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Park Mix

Josh Anderson put together this park mixtape featuring himself, Jax Anderson, Mitch Hollins, Ben Mallard, Adrian Barling, Alex Marshall, Conor Harkin, Ryan Dawson, Michael Fletcher, Luke Ward, Josh Kent, Adam Hine, Brendan Robbins, Luke Dalrymple, Daniel Daraxaglough, Lloyd Gwillym, James Lumiscisi and Jeremy Findlay. It's always cool to see scene mixtapes.

Park Mix from josh anderson on Vimeo.

'Wizard of Aus' Episode 10

In this instalment of Corey Bohan's webshow, we see a lot less riding, and get a bit more of an insight into the luxurious lifestyle that he is fortunate enough to lead.

Todd and Brad- Queensland Clips

Brad Ferguson and Todd Williams flew up to Queensland for a shredcation, and managed to collect a few clips. Looks like they had a rad time up there for sure!

queensland clips Todd and Brad from brad ferg on Vimeo.

Vote for Dane!

The late, great Dane Searls is a nominee for the Action Sports hall of fame, and you know he deserves this honour. To do so, all you have to do is head over here. You can vote 10 times an hour. Get it done! Below is a reminder of why he was such a champ.

Ryan Knight

This rad video of Ryan Knight just popped up, and it's rad! Bowl burning around Adelaide and in Hawaii. Bring on summer!

Questions and Answers: George Prentoski

It has been a little while since we've done one of these, so I hit up Sydney photographer George Prentoski to get one sorted. You might have seen some of his work in a few recent issues of 2020, or elsewhere on the web. Not only does he kill it behind the lens, but is more than capable on a bike, as well. Read on after the jump.

Mat Kirk and Kurtly Jamieson

Aidan Mair put together this video of Mat Kirk and Kurtly Jamieson. It's titled 'Chill Clips', but they do some pretty reasonable tricks in here.

Dayvis Heyne- Simple Man Clothing

Simple Man Clothing recently picked up young shredder Dayvis Heyne, and this is his welcome edit.

2020 'That's What's Up' DVD Trailer

2020's new DVD 'That's What's Up' has been in the works for a while now, and isn't too far off being released. If this trailer is anything to go by, it should be awesome! Featuring full parts from Jerry V, Nick K, Mike Vockenson and Liam Zingbergs, as well as mix sections. In other 2020 news, their new website is live now, and is a massive improvement on their old one. Yew!

Dishonour Welcomes Rhys Gogel

Dishonour Brand welcomes Rhys Gogel to the team with this rad edit. Anything with crankflips, sprocket barspins and Tame Impala jives great with me.

Matt Whyatt at Rampfest

In this new video, Matt Whyatt shows his local knowledge at Rampfest, ripping around with some real cool lines, as well as sharing some thoughts about the place. It's always interesting to hear what dudes like to ride, and why.

Home Turf: Matt Whyatt / Rampfest Skatepark - More BMX Videos

Jaie Toohey/Unit 'Dirt's Not Dead'

Unit just released this new Jaie Toohey video, compromised entirely of dirt, which is pretty awesome to see. Jaie blasts the shit out of all the contest jumps and trails, and there is some FMX influence in there, for sure.