Warren Bowers: Goonshowers

Wazza is a fuckin' badass. He once got a dick fake-tanned into his chest for the $100 Zoo mag challenge. Outside of that, he also fucking kills it on a bike. So much goodness in this; and it's only a promo. Courtesy of Eat Children.

Jack Kelly X Kink

Damn, this is sick. Jack Kelly has some wild rail variations, particularly tooths and crankslides. The hedge gap to hangover was awesome, and I don't think I've seen anything do the last trick down a rail before. Produced by Cooper Brownlee

News: Christopher Whyte on Division

Sydney's Chris Whyte has just been added to the Division team, which is awesome news. Chris absolutely kills it, and is a super rad dude, as well. I'm sure tons of goodness will come from this.

Marnold/Colony 10 Clips

Marnold comes through in the latest installment of Colony's 10 Clips; killing the picnic bench/ledge and rail setups at Melbourne's Rampit. Marnold has some pretty wild lines, and doesn't neglect any of his pegs.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 9

I really dug this episode of Corey Bohan's webshow 'Wizard of Aus'. He starts it off with a day trip to Woodward West to hang with the campers and get a session in on everything that place has to offer, then heads to some trails for a warm up session before Luke Parslow's 'It is What it is' jam; which was to raise money for Stephen Murray. The one footed seat grab table at Woodward, and the one handed tables on the trails were pure bmsex.

Canberra Trip

Doug Underhill put together this fucking awesome video from a recent trip to Canberra. Dean Manson, Chris Harti, Raine Turnbull and French T-1er Mike Molineri set to Judas Priest. A rad start to Wednesday for sure!

Welcome to Ride On/United- Jack Birtles

Stowaway and Ride On just announced their latest recruit; in Brisbane video wizard and bike killer Jack Birtles. Congratulations dude! Look forward to see what kinda goodness comes from this.

Dylan Ferguson Wallsend Section

Shane Pike puts together this rad video of Dylan Ferguson shredding Newcastle's Wallsend Park. It looks like he has a real good grasp of this park, and puts together some awesome lines.

Dylan White for Total BMX

Tristan Montagu has been behind some really good videos lately, and this one with Dylan White is no different. A bunch of real technical park moves, mixed in with some nice big tricks and gaps. The last clip is fucking wild!

Dylan White for Total BMX from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Kevin Keifs Neil Bio- Hindsight 2

This popped up on Facebook yesterday, and it's about time it went online. Australian BMX Legend Kevin Keifs Neil's groundbreaking bio from Hindsight 2. A lot of the younger generation probably don't realise that BMX is the way it is now because of this man. Press play and educate yourselves.

Dishonour 'Ride More' Drop

The new Dishonour drop was self-described as belated, but that doesn't mean it's any less dope. The 'hand-scrawl' ride more tees and crewnecks are real nice; and my personal favourite, the beanies. Maroon and Dark Grey in the knit variety, and black and grey in the pom-poms. Yew! For full info and prices head here!

Forgotten BMX: Will Gunn After Hours

The Bruce Springsteen of BMX braves the harsh Canberran winter to produce this fucking rad video for Forgotten BMX. Will has Belco on lockdown; with gaps and high speed shit in the plaza, to stylish motowhips and massive airs in the snake run/bowl. Dude is way too good!

Ronny Clip

Rhys Newling sent me this video, put together by Gary McIvor, who apparently bought Rhys' old camera and has just started getting in to filming. The video is real cool, with some sweet riding, good filming and a cool vibe. Good shit!

Ronny Clip. from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

'Still Bleeding Black and Blue'- Premiere

The upcoming Deprae Films release 'Still Bleeding Black and Blue' is complete, and will be premiering next Saturday, August 25th at the Old Swan Barracks in Perth. For full info, check out the flyer below. And just incase you've forgotten how awesome this video is going to be; re-watch the trailer after the jump.

Mike Vockenson ~ Happy Times 2012

Damn this is sick! Mike Vockenson managed to get these clips in between filming for the next 2020 dvd, and they're rad! Not enough people do x-ups and fastplants. Doing it for Tempered.

Mike Vockenson ~ Happy Times 2012 from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

LUXBMX Ekka Day Sale

LUXBMX are having 10% off storewide tomorrow; for one day only, in celebration of Ekka Day. They're also selling showbags, which have over $100 value for $25. Sounds pretty good to me! Get down there.

Kalgoorlie 60D Skatepark Clips

Corey Smithies put together this rad little video of himself, Cale Deeble, Sam Pearce and Bradley McKay shredding Kalgoorlie Skatepark. There are a ton of really impressive lines in here, dudes are killing it!

60D SkatePark Clips from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Sk8 Park For Coffs

Coffs Harbour is one of the biggest cities in the country that doesn't have a decent skatepark. The Coffs locals have been looking to change that for a long time now, and have been making steady progress. Matt Dean sent me this link, a poll for Coffs residents to vote on the important issues in the community, with skateparks being an option. He has asked if you all would vote, to help get their voices heard with the local council. You can do that here.

Coffs Harbour OG Shane Conlon

Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay has produced some wild videos over the past few years, and this new one by Troy Charlesworth for Colony does not disappoint. Plenty of real technical coping combinations, along with some real good air tricks, all blasted as fuck. The opening clips at Varsity Lakes bowl are bullshit.

Chris Courtenay from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Bar Beach Bowl Bash

This looks like it's gonna be awesome! The dudes at Newcastle BMX are throwing a jam at the Bar Beach Golden Bowl next Sunday, the 19th. This bowl is an absolute monster, so it should be real good to see what gets thrown down. There are prizes for best style, the Deft Family Big Air and the S&M Rail Jam. On top of that, this event is for a great cause; CanTeen, which is a charity organisation run to help teenagers living with cancer. For more information, check the flyer below.

Spills & Thrills

Curtis Winstanley put together this video featuring Jesse Goodwin, Kurt Teague, Tom Vadala, Ned Bailey, Billy O'Toole, Boedan Nelson, Zac Balnaves, Josh Turner and himself from all the scrap clips so far this year.

Spills & Thrills from Curtis Winstanley on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode Eight.

Episode eight picks up right where episode seven left off; at the Vans Dirt and Roll contest in the Czech Republic. There is a whole heap of riding in this one. I could watch Corey do his 360 One Footed Flattys all day.

Raphael Jeroma-Williams- Ride On X Fallen Footwear

Damn. Raph is on some next level shit right now. This video for Ride On and Fallen is a perfect example of that. There are a bunch of real cool tech lines, as well as all his usual burly shit. And Jack Birtles handles the production, so you know it's on point. This is easily the best video you'll watch today.


Diversity Premiere: Pat Freyne | Afternoon Clips.

Pat Freyne and his homie Dylan Arldt cruised down to Warragul one afternoon and put together this rad little session video for us. It has a cruisy, arvo session vibe to it, but that's not to say there aren't some goodies in here. Thanks dudes!

Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski ~ Quickfire

Jerry V and Nick K kill it in this little split for Tempered. These dudes are killing it on the peg game at the moment, and Jerry's Nollie 270 to X-ride is awesome

Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski ~ Quickfire from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Colony's California Vacation

Colony recently took a majority of their team over to the States for a sweet riding trip. They collected enough footage to produce these two videos featuring Ryan Guettler Jourdan Barba, Clint Millar, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd, and Bobbie Altiser. Check out the first one below, and the second one after the jump.
Colony's California Vacation Part 1 - More BMX Videos

Brenton Gutter - Ghetto Edit

Ballina's Brenton Gutter has been getting on his peg game for a while now, and is currently putting in work on a longer edit. In the meantime, he has this little clipper up. Some nice street and park lines; as well as one of my favourite Nerang gaps.

Brenton Gutter - ghetto edit. from Dane Hodkinson on Vimeo.

Stay Tripz

Myself and a bunch of friends recently jumped on the Roadtripz bus, and headed up the coast to Lismore for the Stay True Jam in Lismore; and we managed to collect enough clips to put together a 2 minute video. Whenever we go on these trips, we always say we're gonna film more, but we always end up having way too much fun riding, to get anything. Enjoy.

Stay Tripz from brodie butterfield on Vimeo.


The dudes from DARWINBMSCENE collected a bunch of clips from the winter, at Palmerston and their dirt setup, and put together this mix video. It looks like these dudes have fuckloads of fun.

Levi Jackonia Cairns Park

Levi Jackonia's new video is fucking dope! He is one of the few riders who has the ability to make everything he does look like a cruisy afternoon session, even though the shit he does is legit. A ton of really sweet lines in here. He's also one of the nicest dudes in BMX.

Pat Freyne 5 Clips

Pat Freyne filmed this 5 clipper at Warragul today. He puts together some nice peg lines, as well as a nice cruisy bowl line. Expect more from Pat in the coming weeks.

Zane Caldera; 4 clips.

Mossman homie Zane Caldera has always had a really cool mix of style and tricks; and he demonstrates both in this real short video for Leaf Cycles. That 360 was pretty damn bombed considering the box it was on. Hope to see another full length edit from Zane real soon.

4clips. from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

The Commission BMX- Cammeray Poppin' Off

Lee Cruickshank and George Pretonski cruised out to Cammeray, and put together this rad video on the many ledges. They both get a bunch of nice clips, but Lee's final icepick is awesome!

The Commission BMX - Cammeray Poppin' Off from George Prentoski on Vimeo.