Nathan 'Tinny' Matutinovich

More goodness from Tristan Montagu. Nathan 'Tinny' Matutinovich gets some really cool stuff done at parks around Brisbane; including some ambidextrous peg riding, manual threes and more.

Nathan "Tinny" Matutinovich from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Moe Russ Bit Cheeky

Fresh video from Moe Russ. Moe rips around a few concrete parks with a real nice style. The final line was awesome

Moe Russ Bit Cheeky from Matthew Feldman on Vimeo.

Jason Watts for Verve Footwear

Tristan Montagu just uploaded this sneaky little promo for Verve Footwear with Jason Watts.

Jason Watts for Verve Footwear from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Sponsor News: Dean Manson on S&M

Dean Manson is the newest addition to the S&M Team via Stowaway. Dean is a perfect fit for the team. I look forward to seeing his welcome edit, which is sure to drop soon!

Fit Australia Melbourne Trip

This premiered at Slay The Rails last night; so if you, like me, didn't make it down you can check it all out here. Featuring Jack Elkins, Dullah Djawas, Luke Vandenberg and Tenna, the riding level is obviously high, and with John Young covering the production side of things; you already know it's gonna be crisp.

Corey Bohan 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 7.

In this fortnights installment, Corey does some stunt driving indian givers with Jeremy Fry, then heads over to Prague in the Czech Republic; samples the nightlife and catches a few sessions at some really fun looking trails.

Wilto Day Edit

Wilton Hedley shot me the link for this video that he and Tristan Montagu cooked up at Fairfeld in a couple hours. Wilto is a Fairfield local, and it shows in this video; ruling every inch of the park roasting gaps, grinding ledges and everything in between. Every second clip had me saying 'fuuuck'. Yew!

Wilto Day Edit from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

#LUXTRIP2012 Video

As you may or may not be aware, the LUX crew jumped on the Roadtripz bus and tripped from their Fortitude Valley home, up the coast to Gladstone. They have one of the most stacked teams in the country, so it kinda goes without saying that some pretty wild shit went down; which is captured in the 17 minute video below. I know it sounds like a lot, but it doesn't seem that long. Featuring Keelan Troy, Mitch Brown, Mitch Wood, Tom Stretton, Troy Charlesworth, Mike Vockenson, Yonny Wakefield, Jack Elkins, Brock Olive, Dave Dillewaard, Evan Jaques, Dan Headon, Brock Olive, Justy Bumpstead, Nick Kajewski, Samson Ross and Nate Headon, with the production side taken care of by Troy Charlesworth and Mitch Wood, this one is not to be missed.

Dullah Djawas Welcome to Fit

Dullah has been on Fit for some time now, and this welcome edit just dropped. A few clips, but he puts his coaster and pegs to good use.

Harry Bartter in America

Harry Bartter recently went to the States, and managed to put together this solid little video.

Leeton Kleingeld Afternoon Clips

Leeton Kleingeld put together this video from clips he collected one afternoon, which is pretty impressive. The first hang five line was sweet.

Bustin Fat Chills 2

Garrett Honsa and his band of homies have put together a sequel to Bustin' Fat Chills. It's good! It has a flyout backie to rival Will Gunns in Steadfast 2 as well as a 720 that looks like it's over a rail.

bfc2 from garrett on Vimeo.

Dave Dillewaard GT Video

All terrain ripper Dave Dillewaard kills it all over the place in this. His 360 One Handed Tables and 360 Inverts are things of beauty.

GT BMX: Dave Dillewaard - More BMX Videos

Sumners Park Dirty Jumping Jam

Jonny Mackellar hit me up to let me know about the Sumners Park Dirty Jumping Jam, which he is running at the far end of Sumners Rd, Brisbane. It's all going down on August 11, Glory Hour til dark. Find out everything on the flyer below. Jonny takes a huge amount of pride in these jumps, so you know they'll be in top shape for the day. Get there, I know I will!

The Second Crispy DVD Trailer

"it wil proly cum out soon id reckoin" . Also, the greatest song to ever feature in anything BMX related.

Pat Freyne 10 Clips

Gippy Crew head honcho and all round shredder Pat Freyne had this 10 clipper put together by Kieran Payne, and apparently these are all scraps. Regardless, the clips in here are still real nice.

Afternoon at Clifton Hill

Marnold, DJ and Luke Vandenberg having an arvo roll at Clifton Hill plaza. All three of them come through with some real dope ledge lines, and Marnold's Feeble hard 180 down the hubba looked way too easy.


The Tasmanian scene as a whole is one of, if not the least heard from scene in the country, but by no means are they sleepin' in the apple isle. The video below is packed full of great riding and really fun looking parks and spots. Most of those parks actually look really awesome. You can check out more at thetrianglestate blog


Over the last few years, dirt has been scaled down, or in some cases, wiped completely off the bill of a few major contests, most notably X Games. Although shunned from the limelight a little, dirt is far from dead; with most riders crying for it to be brought back to contests. But I digress. Ryan Guettler is an avid fan of trails, and hit a bunch of SoCal dirt spots to produce this video together with Ethika. A heap of cool lines in this, but my personal favourite would have to be the seat bounce to whipout.

Michael Oakley

Michael Oakley gets some stuff done at a few concrete parks in Melbourne, as well as a couple of clips at Rampfest.

Dom Williams #2012

Dom Williams coming through with a solid follow-up to his last controversial web appearance. In this one, he makes waves with his riding rather than his opinions. Plenty of real good, smooth park moves.

Darwin Freestyle Now

Freestyle Now headed up to our Northern Capital, Darwin, to host a competition at Palmerston Skatepark. Palmy has always had a good scene, and you can see it in here, those kids are good! Also features some sweet clips of Billy Brooks and Shaun Jarvis.


Eat Children "Night Lights"

This is really sweet. The Eat Children troupe from South Australia get some shady ramps and lights for a night session on a basketball court. A whole heap of good shit gets done in here, and Zingbergs last clip is definitely awesome.

Jerry V Primo Video

Jerry V's new video for Primo/Triplesix just dropped, and he brings the heat as always. Bringing some cool lines with his notorious lanky, smooth style.

Mick Bayzand Teddy V2 Bar Promo

Mick Bayzand throws down a bunch of good street stuff in the style for which he's become renowned in this video for Colony.

Game of B.I.K.E at Melton Skatepark

Andy Swan put together this video of a game of B.I.K.E with a few of his homies at Melton Skatepark. I didn't get an overly competitive vibe from this, which is sweet.

Tim Watson The Hunt Trailer.

Rhys Newling and Tim Watson have been hard at work filming Tim's entry for The Hunt, and game up with this trailer, being a pretty rough lens hit.

Tim Watson THE HUNT TRAILER from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Focalpoint Issue 28

After recently making the call to switch from print to entirely online, Focalpoint have come through with some heat in the form of their first entirely online issue. Featuring coverage of the Colony USA tour, an interview with Chris Whyte, a disposable article with Will Horan and heaps more; check it out below.

Jacko Feddy Drop

All manner of Canberran video goodness is coming lately, courtesy of Brendan 'Bdog' Boeck, and this short clip of Jack O'reilly for Federal continues the trend. Jack gets his thing done, and B-dog has the filming side of things more than covered.

JACKO FEDDY DROP from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Raph X Subrosa 'Shreddin' Metal'

Damn dude. Raph has again produced some fucking amazing riding, further cementing himself in the upper echelons of Australia's street riders. A ton of awesome rail moves, and plenty of high speed gaps and wallrides. Kills it.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 6

Corey Bohan lives a lift that most would envy. Travels the world cruising jumps, and gets paid for the privilage. In this installment, we see some Empire of Dirt contest footage, as well as a bit of coverage from Stephen Murray's backyard trails jam. Plenty of Corey shredding, as well as a bunch of footage of some of the world's top Dirt riders.

Steve Van Ginnekin X Enough Threads

Steve Van Ginnekin is welcomed to Enough Threads via one minute of raw clips. Dude has some real nice boost, and some good tricks, as well.

Jam for Jayden: 12 Months On

I actually thought I'd posted it, but somehow it had slipped through the cracks. It's really rad to see a bunch of dudes getting together to celebrate their friends recovery. Good shit blokes!

Nick Kajewski 'Welcome to Dishonour'

Nick K has apparently been on the Dishonour team for a while now, but it hadn't been made 'official' yet. However, since the new 2020 beat them to the punch a little, this edit pretty much had to be released. The riding in this kinda reiterates something that most already know; Nick K is a G.

Tenna Welcome to Fit

Tenna has been on Fit for quite a while now, but due to a pretty severe crash, his welcome edit was postponed. He's still on the road to recovery, but that doesn't hold him back. He gets a whole heap of legit shit done in this, the whiplash at Belco is absolutely insane.

James Andrew Mini Edit

David Wood hit me up with this video he put together of his homie James Andrew. He described it as 'mostly park', but in this case it's definitely not a bad thing. James blasts around a couple of parks, and gets some rad cruisy stuff done on street, both with a whole heap of style. "Who the hell is Travis Barker?"

James Andrew Mini Edit 2012 from David Wood on Vimeo.

The Set- Barrel House Blues

Callan Stibbards and Calvin Kosovich shred this indoor rail setup whilst hiding from the rain for The Set. Both these dudes kill it.

The SET - Barrel House blues from The Set on Vimeo.

Psycho Lovers- Rhino Tour

This is what it's all about, cruisy roadtrips with your buds, and documenting it purely for the memories. Dave Cragg, Trent Rowsell and Mat Muttock tripped up the east coast early last year to ride some of the best concrete that Northern NSW, and South East Queensland have to offer, and managed to come up with this mellow video. This gets me stoked to get on the road again.


A Day with Colony BMX in the US

Alli just dropped a video of a day with the Colony team while they were in the states a few weeks ago. They all kill the mini at the Vans HQ, then hit the Chino bank to wall, and finish it up with a night session at a rad looking concrete park. Looks like a rad day!

Dshnr: Camo Drop Session Edit

The dudes at Dishonour filmed this rad little promo for their camo drop during a fun session last week. Despite the mellow vibe, there are some really good clips from Dullah, Mikey McMah, Mozzy and Rhys Gogel in here.


The Race

More goodness from West Oz, who have been delivering some of the most entertaining content of late. This time, from the lens of Jamie Mauri, featuring Dylan Mathews, Daniel Jamieson, Matthew Walkemeyer, Jay Wilson, Rex Cubic, Liam Thomas, Thomas Roddy, Glen Hamilton, Jamie Mauri, Dwayne Saul, Callan Stibbards, Gavin Collins. Quite a few different styles of riding are represented in this, and everyone kills it.

the race from sewerside bmx on Vimeo.

Gladstone Trip

Boyd Hilder and his homies Zac May and Caleb Denein took a trip to Gladstone, and managed to hit a bunch of parks along the way, collecting a bunch of footage and putting together a dialled video.

AFRAY Winter Release Part Two

Afray have just dropped Part Two of their winter release, being a beanie available in three different colourways; red, black and grey. As with everything, these are on point. Check out the lookbook here.

Chris Storey Arvo Ledges

Tim Storey filmed his brother Chris cruising those ledges that seem like they were made for lines.

arvo ledges from Chris Storey on Vimeo.

Mid Year Mess Ups 2.0

Kurt Teague has composed this fun little video of all the unlanded clips and mess ups from the first half of the year.

Mid Year Mess Ups 2.0 from Kurt Teague Visual on Vimeo.

Tempered Products Page

Mat at Tempered hit me up about the new hardgoods page, which has finally dropped on the Tempered website, which is really good. It has a really clean aesthetic, and has every bit of information about all the goods. Check it out here.

Back BoneXUnited Tire Giveaway

Back Bone BMX, in conjunction with United and Stowaway are running a contest to win yourself a set of the new United tires. To enter, you just have to post a picture of your clapped out, thrashed tires on the Back Bone Facebook wall and get all your friends to like it. Simple!

2020 v44

The new 2020 has just dropped, and they continue in their previous fashion of top-notch Australian BMX coverage. Kyle Baldock takes the cover, and inside, you'll find an in-depth look into the Unit/Kyle Baldock video filmed with the Phantom Flexx, as well as heaps more. Check out the preview below.

LUXBMX 2nd Birthday and Video Premiere

LUXBMX turns two on Monday July 9, and to celebrate, they're throwing a party at the shop this Saturday night, which includes the premiere of their Brisbane to Gladstone roadtrip video. Once it's all done at the shop, everyone will be heading out to enjoy all the decadence that Saturday night in the Valley has to offer!

Winter Warmer Bicycle Stuntfest

Yesterday was the Winter Warmer Bicycle Stuntfest at Port Macquarie. There ended up being a pretty decent turnout, with everyone shredding and getting stoked on bikes. Features Jon Mackellar, Jack Gibson, Clint Lankester, Jeremy Lankester, Ben Richardson, John Condie, Kristopher Humphries, Mitch Wilke and Linden Evans. The day wouldn't have been possible without our generous supporters in Back Bone BMX, Dishonour Brand, Hell on Wheels, Triplesix Distribution, Stowaway Distribution and Graham Seers Cyclery.

Winter Warmer Bicycle Stuntfest from brodie butterfield on Vimeo.

Ryan Lloyd Winter 2012

Wow. Ryan Lloyd's much anticipated video just dropped, and it is some next level shit. Rumours had been flying for a while about it, but this goes above and beyond my expectations. Two and a half minutes of bangers, no filler, all with a huge smile on his face. Nothing I say will do it justice, but Stowaway have pretty much composed a masterpiece.

Ryan Lloyd winter 2012 United edit from StowMedia on Vimeo.

'Still Bleeding Black & Blue' Trailer

I was real excited to hear that The Deprae Films crew are working on a new DVD. I assume this is a sequel to their amazing 2010 release Let it Bleed, which is a tough act to follow, but if the level of riding in the trailer is anything to go by, then it'll be something else. It features Jordan Dentamaro, Liam Thomas, Tim Cawthorne, Callan Stibbards, Luke Cridland, Calvin Kosovich, Daniel Jameson, Tom Rodman, Jamie Mauri, Jay Wilson and more!

"Still Bleeding Black & Blue" The Trailer. from Deprae Films on Vimeo.

Dishonour: Camo 'Up in Smoke' drop

Camo is the new black, it would seem, and both of which feature in this fresh Dishonour drop. Their windbreakers from last year have been re-released, with a camo lining. These things are wind and waterproof, but feel like you're wearing a regular hoody, which is sick! You can also cop their 'Up in smoke' tees, with a camo-print hand fused logo. For more info, go here.

Crooked Vision: Pat Freyne

Homie Pat Freyne gets some good shit done on the hubba and rail at Sale skatepark whilst on a filming trip for his new project Crkd Visn.

Alex, Chance and Chris: Two Clips

Alex Hiam, Chance Brejnakowski and Chris Courtenay each get two real solid clips on the same setup at GC Compound.

Bustin' Fat Chills

Garrett Honsa shot over this video of himself, Slade Caisley, Kurt Bankroft, Dom Williams and Zac Robertson. The dudes shred hard, and look like they have a good time doing it!

bustin fat chills from garrett on Vimeo.