DiversityBMX Feature: The Lotek 'Fader' Shoe Review

After going through two pairs of vans and a busted heel since the new year, I thought it might be a good time to switch up my shoe of choice. The new Lotek's all look fresh, and after a little deliberation, I decided upon the Fader, Craig Passero's signature model.

The first thing I noticed as I pulled these out of the box is how good they look. The simple Black upper, white outsole and red trim looks a treat. The upper is a waxed suede/canvas mix, which, in essence, means that it'll be tear and rip resistant, so they'll stand up to a good amount of abuse. Once I laced them up, I immediately noticed how much thicker the sole was, but there still wasn't a great deal of difference in pedal feel from my old schools.  One point of note, though, is the break-in time. They did take a little bit longer to break in than what I'm used to, but it's still not a long time. They were pretty much perfect after a full day of riding.

My Vans Old Schools (left) and Lotek Fader's (right). Both of which have endured the same amount of riding.
I've found them to be really durable, too. So far, they've been in my possession for about 6 weeks, and the sole is still in really good shape. It hasn't worn a great deal, but broken in perfectly. Conversely, a pair of vans I had for the same time are quite dilapidated. I actually tried to ride in them yesterday, and I couldn't stand it for any extended time, the pedals themselves were killing my feet, and dabbing feet was worse. The Loteks have been surprisingly cushy on bails. Becoming accustomed to bruised heels after years of thin, vulcanised soles, it was a welcome change. From bailing air to fakies, to putting my foot out on hips, to full-blown ejects on trails; I haven't experienced any heel problems since changing to Loteks.

 If you're after a good looking capsule shoe that'll take care of your feet, then these will suit you to a tee. The only foreseeable obstacle is the relatively long break-in time, but outside of that, these kicks are awesome. You can pick them up wherever quality bicycle paraphernalia is available.

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