Ben Kent X Kidsons Cycles

Homie Ben Kent flows some concrete, as well as getting some good tricks done in this video for Kidsons Cycles.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard Of Aus' Episode 5

The latest installment of BMX's best reality web show just dropped, and it's just as good as the last. A little less riding than previous episodes, spending a bit more time showing life outside of BMX, thought there are still some awesome Empire of Dirt clips, as well as Corey cruising Alexandra Heads.

Tom Stretton

Jack Birtles has been on fire lately, producing a lot of really clean, quality videos; and this one of Tom Stretton is no different. Tom is always fun to watch, because he does some of the raddest from wheel shit, all the while smiling from ear to ear!

Tom Stretton - 2012 Prodcued by Jack Birtles from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

I'll Go Ya

My homie Tory Crisp hit me up with the link to this video he put together from the Grafton Jam and a session at Toormina over the weekend. It features Shane Conlon, Jack Sheeran, Blake Ind and Jett Andrews-Govett. All four of these dudes ride really differently, but kill it in their own right. Blake Ind is insane, and Flip is still untouchable at Toormina. This is also the first video Tory has ever done, which is pretty impressive.

Ill Go Ya from Tory Crisp on Vimeo.

Kyle Baldock Total BMX

Kyle Baldock's new TotalBMX video just dropped, and it is wild. Kyle does every big contest trick cleaner than most, plus a few new ones I haven't seen before. He is so far ahead of the curve.

Crispy DVD?

In their seemingly never-ending quest to be alternative, Crispy Stream are swimming against the current and, apparently, producing a DVD.

Matt Whyatt Session at the Shed

Matt Whyatt getting a good mix of tech footjam stuff, and big tricks in this iPhone edit of a session at The Shed.

Jack Mciver X Jamie Tung at Rampfest

Jack Mciver and Jamie Tung cruise rampfest while Kurt Teague get's it done behind the lens.

Jack Mciver X Jaime Tung @ Rampfest. from Kurt Teague Visual on Vimeo.

Winter Chills at Croydon

Daniel Johnson, Marnold, Luke Vandenberg and Sam Illman put together this video in a session under lights at the new Croydon park.

Winter Chills At Croydon from Daniel Johnson on Vimeo.

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler

Ryan Guettler shreds OG trails spot Sheep Hills in this power hour video. I will never tire of one handed tables.

Power Hour: Ryan Guettler at Sheep Hills - More BMX Videos

Jerry V Shop Clips

Jerry Vandervalk dodges completes to get a few little naughties on some ledges up stairs at Strictly.

Strictly BMX / Jerry Vandervalk / Shop Clips from Strictly BMX on Vimeo.

How To: Predator Grind with Cooper Brownlee

In this How to, Cooper Brownlee walks you through flat rail predator grinds. He's pretty thorough, and covers all bases with it.

Guettler and Dagger

Ryan Guettler discusses his tattoos depicting his dog; Dagger, who passed away recently, whilst ripping around the concrete park at Woodward West in this new clip for Alli Sports.

12 Mins to Closing

Rhys Dennis getting some shit done at Ramp Attak for his clothing hookup VC Clothing. The no hander one footer was rad. If the title is accurate, and he got a minute and change of useable footage, then that's pretty impressive.

Kyle Baldock 'Next Level Super Slow Mo'

In this new video for UNIT, Kyle Baldock reminisces about his past, and how losing his brother completely changed his perspective, which I can relate to, whilst throwing down some box jump hammers for the ludicrously expensive Phantom Flex.

Ride On Indoor Park

You saw the teaser a few days ago, and now the full promo has dropped. This thing looks awesome. Produced by Jack Birtles


DownLow Promo

DownLow Apparel are running this promo to win their new beanie. All you have to do is like their Facebook Page and share the photo below, and you'll go in to the draw. Simple.


Slay the Rail

Slay the Rail is on again! It will, as with previous years, be held at the Revolver nightclub. Going down on Monday July 30, I'm sure this'll go off. Hit the flyer for more info!

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane is a new film in the works by Aliphant and OICNT, coming out of Western Australia. If the trailer here is anything to go off, the finished product is going to be fucking rad!

HAWKER HURRICANE TRAILER from andy fortini on Vimeo.

Jack O'Reilly X Primary

Jack O'Reilly puts together some rad lines on the Back Bone rails and ledges in front of B-Dog's camera for Primary Threads.

Karuah Session

Dominic Foley, Kris Humphries, Dylan Ferguson, and Jono Borham hit up Karuah skatepark while Ryan Humphries captured all the action in this video for Armeture BMX.

Karuah Session from Armeture Productions on Vimeo.

Sam Waters X Animal

Sam Waters fucking kills it in this new edit for Animal/Stowaway put together by Ben McPherson. The last few clips are legit!

Stay True Jam

Stay True and BMX 2480 are putting on a jam at the Lismore skatepark on July 14. Damon and the crew always put on a rad day up there, and with the addition of the ghetto ramps, it'll be rad. If you're anywhere nearby, or are in the mood for a pilgrimage, get there. I know I will be!

Wizard of Aus: Episode 4

In the latest episode of Corey Bohan's reality show, he's back in Brisbane, cruising KP; his old local, as well as catching up with old mate Robbo, and Mark 'Wolfman' Schneider who was Corey's role model growing up. Tons of good riding and non-riding entertainment, and a bunch of stuff in this is relatable to most people.


The whole LUXBMX team is packing in a bus and heading up to Gladstone from Sunday the 17th of June to Thursday the 21st of June. If you live up that way be on the lookout for the likes of Big Salad, Brock Olive, Jack Elkins, Justy Bumpstead, Keelan Troy, Mike Vockenson, Mitch Brown, Nick Kajewski, Samson Ross and Tom Stretton!

Check the flyer for confirmed stops and also the 10% off storewide sale on the LUX online store while they're shut! Use the promo code ROADTRIP at checkout.

Down under with Marnold

Marnold is one of the new additions to the Australian Quintin team and it looks like he got straight to work with this dope welcome edit.

Ryan Hurst

Ryan Hurst is another young shredder incubated by the concrete womb of Cairns' Esplanade park. He gets some tidy tricks done, as well as blasting the quarters with a nice goofy footed style.

Anchor BMX- Night at Fitzy

A bunch of the extended Anchor crew got together, and set up some lights at the Fiztroy Bowl so they could shred the night session. The results are rad to say the least. A ton of good, different bowl riding, as well as some sweet tranny skating too. Yew!

ANCHOR BMX - Night At Fitzy from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

Scrappy Dappy Doo

I've had these clips sitting on my mac for around 10 months, so I thought I'd put them to use. Features Nate Himsley, Clint Lankester, Jett Andrews-Govett, Zac Wilson, Jonny Mackellar, Jack Gibson, Shane Conlon and more.

Scrappy Dappy Doo from brodie butterfield on Vimeo.

New Indoor Park in Brisbane

Jack Birtles sent through this promo he made for a new indoor park set to open up in Brisbane. I don't have any more info, but from what is visible in the promo, shit looks real good.

BRISBANE INDOOR PARK TEASER from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Dishonour- Six Deep.

A few weeks ago, Dishonour turned six, and to celebrate, they've put together a sweet prize package worth $600! Check out the flyer below for all the info.

Hayden Reid

Novacastrian Hayden Reid throwing down some big tricks at parks around Newcastle and Sydney. Hayden has progressed a lot since I last saw him.

Winter Warmer Bicycle Stuntfest

Here's the flyer for a jam I've organised, going down on July 1st at the Port Macquarie skatepark. There'll be rail and bowl contests, as well as giveaways and other impromptu events on the day. It should be rad! Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the support of Back Bone BMX, Stowaway Distribution, Triple Six Distribution, Hell on Wheels, Dishonour and Graham Seers Cyclery. For any further enquiries, contact me at


Brock Olive Dishonour Edit.

Damn. So many extremely technical, yet nonchalant peg moves in Brock's new video for Dishonour

Holy Scrap

More West Aus heat from Sion Bourne and Co, in the guise of scraps from the Round One and Round Two videos. Despite being scraps, the clips are still really good, and has a nice fun vibe, as well. Good shit

Brad Woodward

A short video from Chris Storey of Brad Woodward shredding the new Underwood park, which looks real good.

Nick Harris Welcome to Wethepeople

Nick Harris is the newest addition to the WTP Australia team and just dropped this killer we edit. An Ultimate Spinach song and 4:3 SD footage might seem a bit familiar but I'm not complaining. Make sure you check it out!

Kalgoorlie 5D Trailer

Looks like the crew over in Kalgoorlie have been putting in some work for a new video. The level of riding in this is high, and it's only the trailer. Definitely keen to see the final product!

Grafton Space Jam

Grafton Cycles is running an event at the Grafton Skatepark entitled the Space Jam. It's got a long list of good supporters, a large prize package, and an afterparty at the Cheapskate indoor mini ramp. Looks like it's gonna be a rad day, and Grafton is a real fun park, definitely worth the pilgrimage.


AFRAY Winter 2012 Part 1 - Lookbook

AFRAY have definitely chosen a quality over quantity philosophy toward all their product, and the first portion of their winter range definitely follows suit. There are a choice of two tidy crewneck styles, in either black or grey. Check out the lookbook with all the specs, stockists and info here.

Callans Cray'

I haven't really seen a huge amount of Callan Stibbards before, but what I had seen had always been dope, and this video from Seb Scott is no different. A bunch of difficult stuff done nonchalantly in an afternoon riding a couple of local parks. That alley oop 540 is fucking wild. What the fuck is with these West Australians?

DiversityBMX Feature: The Lotek 'Fader' Shoe Review

After going through two pairs of vans and a busted heel since the new year, I thought it might be a good time to switch up my shoe of choice. The new Lotek's all look fresh, and after a little deliberation, I decided upon the Fader, Craig Passero's signature model.

The Photobook Project- June 2012

It's been a long time between proverbial drinks regarding James Wade's photobook project, but after a year or so, he has finally dropped a new one. It features a ton of really good riding photos, as well as some nice lifestyle snaps, too. The one below is easily my favourite, though. Check the whole thing out here.

Jack McIver Impurity Bike Co.

Kurt Teague produced this fresh video of Jack McIver for Impurity Bike Co. There are some really impressive things in this. The footjam on the box, and the 720 fakie really stood out to me, that's not to say the rest of the riding isn't on a high level either. Big tricks and a fair bit of height.

Tom Stretton Bike Check

A huge chunk of the Colony team are in Southern California at the moment, and Tom Stretton managed to knock out this bike check. That hang five across the double coping spine is insane.

Tom Stretton Bike Check - More BMX Videos

Dave McComb

Bret Trigg put together this video of park shredder Dave McComb, and it's chock full of wild tricks. It blows me away that people are able to do tricks like fastplant flairs and the ender on 5-6 foot concrete quarters.

Vortex: Patty Adam

A new video from the non-Compound side of Gold Coast BMX, put together by Will Hickman. Patty Fallico rides a pink frame, does a hang five grind and is really good. Adam Cox is a Sergio Layos Doppelganger, real stylish, and does some real nice, interesting peg stuff. Then, the last couple minutes is a mix of the whole crew including Jye Stuart, Keahnu Doyle and more, so you can expect high quality riding.

Jamie Mauri Sewerside

Jamie Mauri's new edit is pretty crazy. A little bit slower than usual, but still wild as fuck. The fakie wallride to halfcab off the roof was badass as fuck.

Oliver Frank Kuraby & Home Ramp clips.

15 year old Oliver Frank put together this video of himself riding Kuraby and his little DIY ramp. All the switch bar stuff was impressive for sure!