Focalpoint issue 27 to be the last print issue.

Just read the sad, sad news over on Focalpoint that the latest issue, number 27, will be the last printed issue with future versions to be released online. Read some words from Cooper after the jump.

I never thought I would be typing a post like this, but then again I never expected Focalpoint to ever be printed in full colour. It goes to show that you never know what the future holds. I say this because the time has come for Focalpoint to change again.
Due to the rising costs of printing and postage, I am moving the magazine from print to the web. It will be similar to how we release the online version of each issue now, continuing the tradition of the same high quality and page count however producing issues more frequently.
It has been an amazing nine years of print, and trust me this decision didn’t happen overnight. But this is something I need to do to secure the future of Focalpoint. Not only does it help keep the magazine free, but it helps the advertisers reduce their own costs. Times are tough out there, so helping out the shops, distros and brands we have in Australia is as important as ever.
We are working towards releasing printed photo annuals each year, keeping the dream of print alive in even a small way, as well as organising some cool giveaways to coincide with the release of each digital issue.
So with that being said Issue 27 of the mag landed last night and I think it is very suiting that the last print issue is a photo issue. I would like to thank all the contributors to this and previous issues, and we already have a lot of articles in the works for the future online issues. Current contributors have stayed on board and we welcome a few new guys to the team.
Even though I am upset about having to do this, I am excited for what the future of Focalpoint will bring. Make sure you get your hands on this issue: it’s likely that you probably won’t see another one like it from us.
Thanks guys. I hope you understand why we have to do this…Cooper

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