Dishonour 'Clique' Drop.

Dishonour have just made their latest (slightly belated) drop, entitled 'Clique'. The latest drop features some real clean looking slim Chino's, in either chocolate or bone, and a tee with a photo of the team rollin' the streets from their east coast trip last year. As always, it's a limited run. Head over to the Dishonour blog for more info.

Dayvis Heyne DK

Dayvis Heyne is the most recent addition to the DK team here in Australia, and he got together with Chris Whyte to produce this video. Dayvis gets some real nice ledge stuff done at Cammeray plaza. Notable mention for the up ledge nose manual to no hander.

Brad Ferguson

Brad Freguson said he 'felt like a fag' for sending us through this video of himself, luckily he did though, because it's good. He goes fast, and has a nice smooth style. The toboggan transfer was sweet.

Josh Irvine Bike Check

Josh Irvine runs you through his Sunday Forecaster setup in a... unique method. I'm not even sure what to make of it.

Edward Hill and Jeremy McKay- Dayboro Session

Jack Paton sent over this video he put together of Jeremy McKay and Edward Hill shredding Dayboro park.

Corey Bohan 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 03

First off, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few days. I have been away for work, and haven't had access to a computer. However, I'm back home now, and diversity should be back in full swing henceforth. The newest episode of Corey Bohan's reality series dropped yesterday, and it is really, really good. Morgan's 360 and pocket air on the Ride & Seek trip are insane, but my personal favourite is the last four-ish minutes. Corey, Levi Jackonia and Callan Stibbards flow the Gorge Road trails in Queenstown, NZ, and it is an absolute treat. Bohan's 360 one footed euro is a thing of beauty.

Nambucca iPhone edit.

A portion of the Port Macquarie locals in Clint Lankester, Jeremy Lankester and Mitch Wilke took a day trip to Nambucca, and put together this little edit with an iPhone. Not badly put together considering it's an iPhone clip. There's nothing better than this, cruising cement parks with your homies. Shouts to Jeremy for doing a levitator on the hubba!

Jess Cini 2012 Video

Kurt Teague put together this video of Jess Cini shredding some parks in Victoria, as well as a few clips in Queensland. Apparently the majority of this was filmed in only a couple of days, too. Pretty astonishing.

Street Pete

This is Kyle Andrew's, affectionately known as Street Pete entry for the Newcastle BMX video contest from earlier in the year. Kyle rips, and is a rad dude.

Mixtape 3

A new mixtape courtesy of Seb Scott. A whole bunch of West Aus shredding, with a cameo from Billy Brooks. The ghetto spot looks so fun, and those trails are rad!

Colony in Shanghai

A portion of the Colony team, being Marnold, Brock Olive, Cooper Brownlee and Liam Zingbergs were in China for the Asian X Games. Whilst over there, they hit a bunch of local spots, and put together this really dope video. All of these dudes kill it; smooth, difficult, tech street moves.

Nathan Endean

I was just cleaning out our spam folder, when I came across this video from 13 year old Nathan Endean, which for some reason had ended up in there! It's a shame, because he kills it for someone so young.

Daniel Lochki- Served Industries

Nick Derrick sent through this video he produced of Daniel Lochki, which is really good! Big tricks, mixed in with high speed transfers, blasting and great style. Real good stuff.

Peta Shepherd

Peta Shepherd has been consistently one of the country's best female riders, and it shows in this new video by Tristan Montagu. Some good riding in here by anyone's standards, and the production was on par, too. Loving the Owl Eyes cover of pumped up kicks and the ice chinks.

Redcliffe Afternoon Edit

Zac Atkinson and Tom Ash getting some good riding done in an afternoon at Redcliffe park.

Greg Fry 2012

Greg Fry sent over this video he filmed in December and January.

Corey Bohan's "Wizard Of Aus" Episode 2

The second episode of Corey Bohan's new reality show just dropped, and it definitely lives up to expectation. This one features a bunch of footage from the first two stops of Red Bull's Ride and Seek tour, and a bunch of Corey riding clips too, which is always awesome. These things drop every second Wednesday, and if this episode, and the trailer for the next are anything to go by, then it's only going to get radder!

Josh Mete Forgotten Signature Frame Promo

Josh Mete has been killing it for quite some time now, and, in doing so, has earned himself a signature frame with Forgotten entitled the Delany Ave. Together with Rhys Newling on the production side of things, Josh was able to compose this sweet promo edit. 270 table at 0:54 was amazing, and Josh's whip game is right up there.


The Aquarium

Ammon Chesworth spent a weekend filming with his fisheye at North Richmond park. He, along with JP Chavez and Glen Furner knock out some good clips, along with some faux pas that are of no significance to them.

Jam For Jayden; 12 Months On

You may remember Jam for Jayden a year ago, that was ran by the Warragul locals to raise money for one of their boys Jayden Warn, who suffered a broken neck in a car accident. Anyway, it looks like he's made a great recovery, and is back riding, so they're throwing another jam to celebrate. Looks like it should be a rad day, all going down on the 2nd of June at Warragul. Get on it!

WAOJ: Jorn Tuijnman

Jorn Tuijnman out of Holland is currently spending some time in Australia riding, working and taking in the sights. He had a fairly lengthy stay in Sydney before travelling up the coast a few weeks ago to Brisbane, where he still is. Chris Whyte managed to film a few clips with Jorn while he was in Sydney, and put together this brief video for Orange Juice, which, incidentally, is awesome. I was fortunate enough to have a session with Jorn while he was travelling to Brisbane, he's a cool dude, so if you see him around, be sure to say g'day!


Gary + me best of 2012.

Editing to a Katy Perry song is the best thing ever.

Stolen Bike: Mikey Ross.

Mikey Ross had his bike stolen from Tuggeranong skatepark in Canberra just this afternoon, keep an eye out for it, and give them hell!

Weekend Clips

I was really surprised by the level of riding in this. Lars Brust, Harry Wood and Jonny Mackellar holding it down. all three kill it, and have different styles, which is rad. Of course, it wouldn't be a video featuring Jonny if it didn't have a wild 360.

Happy 7th Birthday Colony!

Wow. Colony is seven years old today. Quite the milestone, I think, congrats! Below are some words from owner Clint Millar- "Today marks the 7th birthday for Colony as a company. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years already. I would like to thank everyones support for us over the years. It’s been quite a ride to get to where we are now & we’re looking forward to many more years to come yet. So thanks again to all our distributors, all the shops, all of our team, all of our employees, all the magazines & all the websites that have supported us from day one. More importantly, I would like to personally thank any rider out there who has ever bought one of our products or simply been down with what we’re about. Without all you guys, we would be nothing, so thank you. We compiled a flipbook of photos pulled from the news posts over the past six years that the website has been live, enjoy…"

Along with the flipbook, they've also uploaded their 2007 roadtrip DVD 'A month in the life of...', both of which you can check out after the jump.

Harry Bartter | Welcome to Hyper/Impurity.

14 year old Harry Bartter has just been added to both the Hyper and Impurity teams. He gets some good stuff done in this, especially for such a small guy; and he's only gonna get better as he grows and is able to throw the bike around a little easier.

Ricky Ostojic One Clip

A raw clip of Ricky Ostojic and his goofy footed stylings from a floodlit session at Warragul, courtesy of Gippy Crew

Matthew McKay

Matthew McKay throwing down some heavy park moves at Rampfest. Filmed and Edited by Jacob Dimauro.


Pahau Milner put together this video from a bunch of unused clips featuring himself, Cody Pollard, Billy Biggam, Riwai Milner and Nicko Smithson. All the clips in this are real good, especially for leftovers. Good shit.

Daniel McNamara Progress Edit

14 year old Daniel McNamara sent through this video of himself riding Morayfield and Albany Creek. Daniel has some good tricks, and blasted airs, which is good to see. Hopefully we'll see him throwing down double trucks and 720s over a box soon!


I have no info on this one, other than the mastermind behind it is Seb Scott, it has appearances from Flagz, Jay Wilson and Jamie Mauri, is edited to a Beastie Boys song (possibly a tribute to MCA?), and is fucking good.

Kyle Baldock Gorge Road Session

Recently, the Unit BMX team consisting of Kyle Baldock, Andrew Ahumada, Cam Pianta and David Girsch took a trip to the Gorge Road jumps in Queenstown, NZ, and produced for this video. This spot is definitely at the top of my list of things I need to ride.

Focalpoint issue 27 to be the last print issue.

Just read the sad, sad news over on Focalpoint that the latest issue, number 27, will be the last printed issue with future versions to be released online. Read some words from Cooper after the jump.

Product: Nightfall Bike Co.

Cairns' Nightfall Bike Co. has been around for a minute now, and have a fresh batch of goods out. They currently have a sprocket, two stems and a seat, as well as a frame on the way. It all looks clean, simple and no nonsense. Good to see. Head over here for more info.

Keahnu Doyle

Gold Coaster Keahnu Doyle getting it done in the streets for Vale BMX. Keahnu produces throughout, and the ender is fucking dope. Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox

Matt McCallum- Terrier Heat

Well hot dog, a new Mackle edit already. Death spots and front wheel skills.

Justy & Mitch - Browns Plains Quicky

LUX compatriots Justy Bumpstead & Mitch Wood put together this fun little video from an afternoon down at Browns Plains. Also featuring a cameo appearance from Ash Bumpstead

Nathan Watts Rampfest Edit

Nathan Watts' new video for Mainly BMX and Macbeth. He does some cool, interesting stuff in here.


Sneaky Sunday - Rhys Dennis

Cool little edit of Rhys Dennis cruising the streets and a bit of skatepark on Sunday afternoon.

Dom Williams on Scooter Kids

Dom Williams Discusses one of our bigger issues

Same Old

Another amazing edit from Jye Stuart and his clan of Gold Coastian friends. Everything in this is top notch especially the clips of Jye himself, who is like a better, more attractive less hated Mike Vockenson.

Tom Stretton X LUX BMX

Tom Stretton has been on the LUX team for a little while now, and his obligatory 'Welcome to the Team' video just dropped. Tom definitely fills his crazy front wheel trick quota in this, along with getting a bunch of other cool, smooth stuff done as well. The last one, I think, is a new one.

Charlie Gumley May 2012 Edit

Charlie Gumley "aka MR Twix" shuts down Beenleigh with Wayne Cant on video duties. Some crazy stuff in here including a wild looking eject at 1:32. Good to see a mix of box jump wildness and burly peg stuff. Onya Charlie!

Edit: If you want to see the full clip of the crash at 1:32, click here.

Ryan Guettler and Friends: On The Road to Woodward

Ryan Guettler and his homies recently took a trip down to Woodward West. This is some of the best Guettler footage I've seen in a while, and it looks like they had a real good time, too.

Corey Bohan - Redbulls Wizard Of Aus Episode 1

This is the first episode of Corey Bohan's new Youtube TV show by Rebull called Wizards of Aus. In this one it has Coreys 30th birthday party in California, then another 30th party at the Gold Coast, 2 big birthday parties big time I know! This episode also shows a good amount of footage from the SET trip in Australia. It also shows Robo (who is one of my favorite people alive) being crazy being a ball boy at tennis and dancing like he does to the ACDC cover band at Coreys party. It looks like this whole Wizards of Aus series are gonna be pretty cool. I believe they are doing 10 episodes and have quite a budget so it isn't going to be some bad youtube reality show.

Eat Children Riverland Weekend

This new Eat Children video is great. 8 dudes took a trip to the Riverland region basically to see what they could find, and this is the fruits of their labour.

Blogs- Gippy Crew

Pat Freyne sent me the link for his new blog, Gippy Crew, run by himself, Jayden Warn, Brent DeLaHaye and Michael Leyton. Basically, it's purpose is to document the scene in the Gippsland, Victoria area. It has a bunch of quality photography and videos from a good crew of dudes.

Enough Threads | Bret Trigg

More often than not, we see stuff from Bret Trigg behind the lens, but in this edit for his clothing sponsor Enough Threads, we see that he is more than capable in front of it, too. EDIT: So, I dicked up and accidentally copied the wrong embed code. Sorry Bret

Adam Dyson- Welcome to Impurity

Adam Dyson is a recent addition to the Impurity Bike Co, and this is his obligatory welcome edit. This actually has some really cool stuff in it, but the ender takes the cake, and is one of the coolest, most original things I've ever seen.

CBD Steez

Mark Wilkinson and Andrew O'Malley cruising the Sydney CBD and a small park. Filming's pretty shaky but it's a fun video.