Vince Byron Wins Asian X Games Vert

For the second consecutive year, our own Vince Byron has claimed the gold medal at the Asian X Games in Shanghai, China. Vince killed it all day, with dialled runs, throwing big tricks, airing around the 10ft mark, and landing smoother than most, it was a well deserved win. Another Australian, Steve McCann also scored a podium position, finishing second. Below are the full vert finals. Both Steve and Vince are entered in the Mini Mega competition, which is still to come.

 Other notable Australian's at Asian X are Daniel Johnson, Marnold and Brock Olive. All of these dudes were entered in the street contest, but unfortunately, didn't manage to qualify for the final. That's not to say they weren't killing it, though. I managed to catch part of Marnold's heat on ESPN yesterday, and he was, at one stage, leading his heat while staying true to his smooth peg style.

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