Vince Byron Wins Asian X Games Vert

For the second consecutive year, our own Vince Byron has claimed the gold medal at the Asian X Games in Shanghai, China. Vince killed it all day, with dialled runs, throwing big tricks, airing around the 10ft mark, and landing smoother than most, it was a well deserved win. Another Australian, Steve McCann also scored a podium position, finishing second. Below are the full vert finals. Both Steve and Vince are entered in the Mini Mega competition, which is still to come.

 Other notable Australian's at Asian X are Daniel Johnson, Marnold and Brock Olive. All of these dudes were entered in the street contest, but unfortunately, didn't manage to qualify for the final. That's not to say they weren't killing it, though. I managed to catch part of Marnold's heat on ESPN yesterday, and he was, at one stage, leading his heat while staying true to his smooth peg style.

Corey Vinci January-April 2012

15 year old Corey Vinci rips around some parks, pulling a bunch of good tricks whilst wearing imported beer singlets.

Kyle Baldock Double Flair Attempt

Kyle Baldock attempting a double Flair on the mini ramp at Newton's Nation over the weekend. The fact the he get's as close as he does on a 5ish foot quarter is insane.

Jesse Scott Start of 2012

Jesse Scott puts together some good lines, and throws some big tricks at a bunch of renowned Victorian parks. Some impressive stuff!

Renald McQueen BSD Video

Renald McQueen has been at the top of his game for so long now, and he just keeps getting better. His new edit for BSD/Triple Six is no different. A ton of really good, smooth street and plaza shredding, and that last clip is so sick.

Chance Brejnakowski Total BMX

Chance's new video has everything we've come to expect from him; a bunch of wild park moves and inexplainable tech tricks.

Round Two

Following the killer Round One video, Sion Bourne and his crew deliver once again with the Round Two sequel. Much like Round One, the production in this is on point, and the riding from Jake Corless, Sion Bourne, Greg Lamond, Luke Snelling and Kie Ashworth is top notch, as well. Pool riding, quality street, dialled production and Black Sabbath!

Afray Promo

Afray, as it would seem, have a new promo happening every month. At the moment, if you head on over to their online store, and spend $100 or more, you'll get a free snapback!

Dave Dillewaard Bike Check

Dave Dillewaard runs you through his GT/Demolition set up, as well as producin' in the parks and at the trails

The Hunt- Kyle Baldock Section

Kyle Baldock came in 5th in last years The Hunt video part contest, and with good reason. He throws down some of the biggest and most innovative park tricks around at the moment in this video. The 360 downwhip to superman seat grab is one of the coolest thing's I've seen in a while.

GC Compound Game of BIKE

The kind of stuff these guys throw down on the daily is pretty crazy. Check out Chance Brejnakowski & Josh Matthews VS Luke Parker & Jacob Coyne in a game of bike at GC Compound.

Blake Ind Elanora

One from the Shane Conlon phone archives; Blake Ind doing one of the biggest can jams I've ever seen.

The Nurries Life

West Oz crew The Nurries Life dropped this sweet little clip recently, featuring Kie Ashworth, Jake Corless, Sion Bourne, Greg Lamond, Luke Snelling and Jake Hitchman. Quality street, for sure. The last clip looks rough!

Brock Olive Crispy Edit

This edit is of Australia's best bar spinner and street rider Brock Olive. Brock has put an edit together for Australia's most hated blog on the world wide intrawebs. Brock has recently been put on the Colony pro team, which makes perfect sense, because he is so good and does everything so easy. This edit is just scrap clips, which is pretty redic. Also its been put together with no music, which might be coming a trend after the Tom Dugan Etnies web video, but I really like the raw kind of footage.

Brock is also headed to China for the Asian X-games with other Colony BMX team riders Liam Zingbergs, Marnold and Cooper Brownlee. So good luck to these guys over there.

Dishonour: Autumn 2012 Cali Drop

Dishonour have added a new addition to their Cali series. First off, a new drop of shades, this time tortoise shell with brown lenses, classy. They also have some sweet hoods, with the signature rasta hand scrawled logo. And finally, the part of the drop I'm most in to, the new acid dye Cali tees (below). These babies are a trip. For more photos, information and pricing, head on over to the Dishonour site.

DC Shoes: Matt Whyatt

This new Matt Whyatt video produced by Bret Trigg is pretty wild. Shredding rampfest with speed and height, then riding The Office with some big moves. That superman seat grab to barspin was rad.

Benn Pigot Off Nike.

Benn posted on Facebook earlier today that he is no longer riding for Nike 6.0. No word of any new hookups as of yet.

Photo by Billy Brooks

Kyle Baldock House Check.

Kyle Baldock walks you through his new house in Pittswater. No riding in this, but interesting if you want to see how Australia's #1 Dew Tour contender lives.

Core Series 2012 Round 1 Morayfield Skatepark

The core series is back again for 2012, and the first round is at Morayfield skatepark on Sunday the 22ng of April 2012. Sponsored by Colony BMX, Ride On BMX Store, 2020 BMX Magazie, Skuff TV, Freestyle BMX Australia and Moreton Bay Regional Council. For more information on this go to

Save KP Skatepark

I have seen this picture floating around on facebook for the last day or so. It looks like they plan on knocking down the legendary KP skatepark in Shailer Park, QLD. KP has so much history, with some of my best riding memory's from the crazy sessions coming from there. At one point in time you could go down there and it would be like a whose who of Australian BMX everyday. I have no more details on this, but if anyone knows anything else, or of any petitions to stop this, write it in the comments so we can let people know.

Corey Bohan: Wizard of Aus

This looks sweet. More BMX in the mainstream media can only be a good thing. The show will follow Corey Bohan's comeback after wrist surgery and I believe it will be on Redbull TV as well as their Youtube channel as well.

Vortex: We in di$

Vortex is back!

2012 Joondalup Huckfest

Recently, Bullmixians Billy Brooks and Paul Chamberlain travelled to Western Australia to help out with the Joondalup Huckfest put on every year by Shaun Jarvis & Freestyle Now. The level of riding from these West Oz shredders is really high, and there is more than enough variety to keep everyone happy. Stay tuned for the comedy stylings of ODP


Mareeba Clips

Zane Caldera, Jacob Jolly and Zach Turner collected these clips over a weekend at Mareeba. Dudes are good, that 450 to pedal feebs was rad! I enjoyed it more on mute, though.


2012 Farm Jam BMX Highlights

Here are the highlights from the 2012 Farm Jam at the Frew Farm. Despite being heavily affected by the weather, it still looks like it was a bloody good time! Featuring Kyle Baldock, TJ Ellis, Mike 'Hucker' Clark, Paul Langlands, David Girsch, Andrew Ahumada and more.


Damien Walker Pizzey Session

Stuck inside on a rainy day, I spotted this new clip of Damien Walker riding Pizzey's plaza. Dudes got a heap of technical street-inspired moves, as well as some quick hands.

Cooper Brownlee Colony Video

Colony just dropped this fresh clip of resident video guy and freecoasting guru Cooper Brownlee. Packed full of Cooper's buttery freecoaster street lines, super enjoyable. You can check out the accompanying interview here.

Sneak Peek

Been a while since we've seen anything from the Kalgoorlie crew, so this 40 second clip of Sam Pearce that Corey Smithies sent us was good to see. I look forward to seeing the full clip!

Point Lonsdale/Mainly BMX Contest

Aidan Mair sent over this video of the Point Lonsdale contest that Mainly BMX put on recently. Looks like a good day!

Newcastle BMX: 'World's End Jam'

This coming Saturday, Newcastle BMX are throwing the second annual World's End Jam at the new Wallsend park in Newcastle. Last years jam, by all accounts, went off, so if you're anywhere near by, or feel like a weekend pilgrimage, hit it up!

Rahdi Raw Clips

Shane Conlon facebooked me this raw phone video he made of his homie Rahdi Frances-Cater. Rahdi kills it, and it shows in this.

Alex Bolton Winter/Spring 2011

Though it's a little old, Alex Bolton sent us through this collection of clips from the Winter and Spring last year. Dudes got some moves, but unfortunately broke his foot on that icepick. Hopefully he's back shredding by now.

Tempered: USA West Coast Trip

Tempered just uploaded this real good edit of their trip to US last September. It features riding from Nick Kajewski, Jerry Vandervalk, Mat Lawton, Jeff Cadger and Brian Histand as they shred their way through Cali and then onto Vegas for Interbike. I really enjoyed watching this, had a sweet fun vibe. Filmed by the crew, shot by Mike Vockenson.

Colin Mackay- Kenda Tire Check

Colin Mackay shows off some tires for his sponsor, Kenda, as well as some all-round shredding with tons of his signature style. The manual to fastplant at The Unit was cool as fuck.

Tim Storey: Welcome to WeThePeople

Tim Storey is the most recent addition to the Wethepeople flow team; and with riding like this, it's easy to see why.


Brock Olive Colony Video.

Hot on the heels of Zingbergs wild California video, Colony have dropped a new video with resident peg killer Brock Olive to welcome him to the Pro team. This is wild as fuck; some next level street tech. Damn

Samson RossXCrispy- Beloved Beerwah

Samson Ross is a beast, as demonstrated in this video of an afternoon session at Beerwah. Super solid riding, mixed with some quirky peg shit.

Liam Zingbergs Added to Colony Pro Team

Liam Zingbergs has been killing it for quite some time, and has quite deservedly been bumped up to the Colony Pro Team. Congrats dude!

Boyd Hilder- Twenty Twelve

Boyd Hilder sent over his new clip by Josh McLeod. Dudes got moves, for sure. He's the only person other than Tom Stretton I've seen do a hang five to barspin.

Jerry Vandervalk Surefire Promo

Jerry absolutely kills it in this promo for his signature frame and bars from Tempered. Available from all good local bike stores or your favourite mailorder.

In other Jerry V news he has a web edit for Primo in the works which is meant to be banging!

BMX in Monster Children.

Sydney's Trent Rowsell and his bike feature in skate/surf/photography/music magazine Monster Children's promo for their new issue. I think it's pretty rad.

Monster Children Black Rider Issue 34 Fashion Shoot from Monster Children Magazine on Vimeo.

Raine Turnbull- The Other Side of the Lens

Raine Turnbull is best known for his abilities behind the lens, but as this video courtesy of Back Bone demonstrates, he's more than capable in front of the camera, too. Dude fucking kills it.

Crispy: Raw as Shit

Flairs, dubstep and puppies. What more to life is there?

2020 Issue 43

Issue 43 of 2020 BMX Magazine is about to drop, and as usual, it's packed with goodness; like an interview with Australia's contest golden child Kyle Baldock, catching up with the Australian branch of the Fit team, a photo retrospective of Summer from Mitch Morrison, giveaways, and a whole lot more. It also has one of the coolest covers ever; featuring Josh K and Mikey McMah going over-under with some hot pool carve action. Available at newsagents and all good bike shops real soon.

Dishonour- Mikey Vs Dullah Game of B.I.K.E

Two of Dishonour's resident peg killers; Mikey McMah and Dullah Djawas take on each other in this Game of B.I.K.E. Despite this being for a laugh more than anything, the dudes still get some good shit done.

Primary X Focalpoint Giveaway

Focalpoint and Primary Threads have teamed up for a giveaway in celebration of their new drop. Head over to Facebook, like both the Primary and Focalpoint pages, and share the below image to go into the draw. Winners will be announced April 13th.

Rampit Chills

Josh Anderson headed out to Rampit skatepark with his homies Ben Mallard, Jax Anderson and Mitch Hollins and came out with this sweet little edit filled with street influenced lines.

Josh De Reus- Welcome to Tempered

Josh De Reus was added to the Tempered/TriplesixNZ team back in January, and managed to produce some wild moves for this welcome video. Some real good stuff in here, and aside from being edited to 360, it was a great watch. Filmed and edited by Josiah at Snodge Films