Hell on Wheels- End of Daylight Savings Jam 2011

Mere hours before this years EODSJ, John Young dropped this gem from last years jam to remind you that DEATHBOWL IS COMING. Pigot, Gunn, Rusty, Joe Rich, Mat Muttock, Seaton Spratt, Xave Koen, Slim and many more feature in this. Watching this was the highlight of my day. If you can get to Five Dock before 3pm today, do it.

Fit Australia Trip

Fit Australia team riders Jack Elkins and Luke Vandenberg took a trip and met up with their Canberran counterpart Luke 'Fitty' Wainman in our nation's capital. Luke V has some solid clips, and Fitty is buttery at Weston, but Elkins steals the spotlight, and it's produced by John Young, so you know it's good.

Fit Australia Team Canberra Trip from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.


Mike Vockenson shows that he actually can ride skateparks in this new edit for LUXBMX.COM

Alex Hiam Sweet Tooth Promo

Despite breaking his leg whilst filming for this, Alex still comes through with the goods in this promo for his Sweet Tooth frame. The 540 on Fairfield spine was dope.

Alex Coumailleau 'We Are Orange Juice'

Though this video of Frenchie is for the Dutch website Orange Juice, it's definitely relevant because it was partially filmed in Australia, and because Alex is a resident of Australia. A ton of good peg moves in this, Crooks to 180 was my favourite though.

NZ- South Island Road Trip

Jack Birtles and his crew recently took a fortnight long trip over the Tasman to New Zeland's South Island. Looks like the dudes had a fuckin' good time!

Mackle March 2012

Some fresh Matt McCallumXCrispy heat. Dude is getting real good, and is way too dialled on the front wheel.

Matt McCallum: March 2012 from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Adelaide City Dirt

A minute of Ryan Lloyd following Cody Barker at Adelaide's City Dirt spot. This is one of the funnest most fun things I've seen in a while.

Ryan Lloyd following Cody Barker at Adelaide City Dirt from LittleBlackBike on Vimeo.

Liam Zingbergs in Cali

Liam Zingbergs spent some time in California earlier in the year, and collected these clips for Colony. 3 minutes of straight up progressive peg shit. I won't spoil the ender, but it's not to be missed.

Liam Zingbergs - Cali Video from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Edward Hill Start of 2012

Edward Hill sent over this edit of himself riding ramp attak. The song choice was questionable at best.

Logan Martin 2012 Melbourne Edit

Some absolutely wild contest-style park riding courtesy of Logan Martin. Produced by Kurt Teague.

Back Bone BMX: ACT Mixtape

Hot on the heels of their recent team mixtape, Back Bone come through with the second mixtape this month, this time from Canberra's creative mastermind Brendan 'B-Dog' Boeck! This features the entire extended Back Bone family, with enough variety so as to have something for everyone. Notable mentions include Tyson Jones-Peni, Zac Miner, Russel Brindley, Jack O'Reilly, Chris Harti and Will Gunn, but there is way too much goodness to talk about, but Will & Harti's last few clips are something else. Great production, awesome soundtrack and amazing riding; Just press play.

Macneil Australia Tour

Short little edit from Macneil's recent trip to Australia. Worth watching for Samson's epic crash alone. Filmed and edited by the notorious Michael Vockenson. Suprising he even stepped foot inside a park considering he hates them so much.

Tempered USA Shit Talk and Scraps.

Here's a bunch of shit talking and a few scrap riding clips from the Tempered Interbike trip last October. Fucking keen to see the full clip!

Tempered USA: Shit Talkers & Scraps from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Nathan Watts Early 2012

Nathan Watts riding parks and some street for his hook-up Mainly BMX

Tim Watson Park Mix

Tim Watson collected a bunch of clips over summer with Rhys Newling. Tim fucking kills it, so much front wheel control, and as with everything Rhys produces, the production is crisp.

The Commission BMX- 'The Pre-Hearing'

A new mixtape from the streets of Sydney by George Pretonski. You may have seen George's photo's in the last few issues of 2020, and he's taken his talent with the still camera and transferred it to filming. A real nice video featuring Lee Cruickshank, Tommy Lloyd and Matt King. Lee has some of the best street manual lines in the business, and I think I saw a cameo from Bypsy?

The Commission BMX - The Pre Hearing from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

Focalpoint 'The Package Vol. #5'

Focalpoint dropped their newest package mixtape this morning; unfortunately, due to dodgy internet in the hospital, I haven't been able to watch it. However, if the previous editions and the massively stacked rider list is anything to go by, this will be nuts. Featuring Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Lachy Swanton, Cooper Brownlee, Kym Grosser, Jack Kelly, Jase Bannan, Luke Vandenberg, Mick Bayzand, Sam Illman, Phil Del Tito, Kevin Kiraly and Brock Olive.


Ryan Guettler Winter 2012 Edit

After a few years being slowed down by injuries it looks like Guettler is back in the swing of things and killing it! Tons of rad new tricks and a whole heap of trail footage. The one handed table flip at the end is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Make sure you check it out. Doing it for Monster.

Crispy Stream: The Yonny Wakefield Interview

Yep, my ego really is that big that I'm posting my own interview. I did this interview for Crispystream.com where I talk about BMX, big salad, girls and general nonsense. So if you want to read it head over to Crispystream: The Yonny Wakefield Interview or you can just tell me how gay I am in the comments for the shameless self promotion, but don't be to mean I'm a pretty emotional kinda guy k.

Keahnu Doyle- 'Afternoon at Pizzey Park'

Adam Cox of Vale BMX shot and cut this fucking dope edit of Vale team rider Keahnu Doyle in an afternoon at Pizzey Park on the Gold Coast. No filler in this at all, every clip is so good.

Jerry V Single clip.

Jerry V just uploaded this single clip, and it's straight butter. Spotted on Tempered

Round One

Sion Bourne sent through this video they'd been working on for a little while over in Perth. It features Jake Corless, Sion Bourne, Andy Fortini, Greg Lamond, and Luke Snelling. Everyone produces, and of course, it wouldn't be a WA video without a wild roof drop. I look forward to Round Two!

AFRAY Summer/Autumn Video Lookbook & Free Snapback giveaway.

Continuing their takeover of premium BMX apparel, AFRAY once again teamed up with John Young to produce this awesome video lookbook. It subtly showcases the goods, whilst the whole crew has a good time and kills it on the bikes. The AFRAY team is stacked, so you already know the clips are good. Also, if you head over to the AFRAY Store, buy something, and share the lookbook video, you go into the draw to win One of Ten unreleased East Coast Snapback samples. Sounds pretty gravy to me.

Primary Threads New Prod

Primary threads have just made their latest drop, and it's looking tight! Pictured here is the 'halfa' tee, but there is a whole new line includings snaps, tanks, denim and basketball shirts. Check all that out here

Marnold - Ringwood Lines

These were filmed at some stage last year, but had never been used til now. Not to take anything away from this, though, a bunch of casual yet super dialled lines from Marnold

Dishonour 'Finest' Drop

The newest Dishonour drop is here, and despite being well belated, it's fucking fresh! Some new snaps in the classic Charlotte Hornets and Oakland A's colourways, as well as a pair of tee shirts with the same design. For more info, head over to the site

Long Weekend Edit

Peyton Ellwood put together this clip of his homies Liam Davis and Luke Taylor riding Heywood park and Peyton's yard.

Mixtape Yeah

William Hickman's latest mixtape has some fucking dope riding from a bunch of the Gold Coast crew. Dudes having a good time.

Dave Dillewaard GT Australia Trip 2012 Edit

Dave Dillewaard In OZ from Sunsets & Sodas on Vimeo.

Dave recently had his GT Bikes team mate Rob Wise come over to Australia to visit and do a 2 week road trip. Last week we saw Rob Wises GT Edit and now this weeks its Dave's turn. This edit is really really good, the last clip is nuts, its so fast, but done with so much control. Other things to look out for is the manual to opposite 360 and a really sweet one handed flatty over the hip at Caloundra Skatepark. I ride with dillsy just about everyday while he is back home (sick brag), but every time I see an edit from him it never ceases to amaze me. This is a definite must watch!!!

Hell on Wheels 'End of Daylight Savings Jam'

Unfortunately, it's that time of year again. Where the days get shorter, and colder, where the shorts and t-shirts turn into jeans, gloves and a jacket. However, it's not all bad; there is the annual Hell on Wheels End of Daylight Savings Jam! Featuring all sorts of radness at Five Dock, it always goes off in the greatest of fashions. Keeping in mind, there is the infamous Xave Koen on the mic, and the 4th edition of Deathbowl!, a wild affair that has reached unprecedented levels of notoriety in the scene. Get there!

Crispy POI Interview with Will Horan

Will Horan from the Gold Coast who you may remember from 2020s Everyday is a Saturday DVD, has an interview over on Crispystream talking about what it is like being in university while riding BMX. It seems like it is pretty rare for BMX riders to go to uni, so I always find it interesting to here about what they are doing and what they plan to do. He also talks about Gold Coast live and one ups biggies 40% claim on a bad day. To read the interview click here POI: Will Horan – University.

Summer arvo trail sesh

Summer arvo trail sesh from James Taylor on Vimeo.

If you are into dirt jumping and trails then you defiantly want to watch this one. Dirt is my all time favorite thing, so I was really stoked on this. The jumps look amazing and these guys know how to ride them. There is nothing better for me then seeing crazy jumps that have been looked after and this is just that. Wish there was more dirt edits that came out.

Chance Brejnakowski TotalBmx Teaser

Here is one crazy clip of Chance Brenjnakowski. I dont know if anyone has done this trick before? but whether someone has or not it is crazy and worth a look.

Alex Hiam 2 Clips at GC Compound

Alex has been in the wars lately with injuries, but still has so many high quality clips he hasn't used to keep putting out while he is down. Here is 2 quick clips of him at GC Compound.

Chris Courtenay & Matt Whyatt GoPro Edit

Matt Whyatt and Chris Courtenay are 2 of the best new school guys to come out of Australia. Here is an edit they put together from around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You know this edit is going to be filled with redic tricks so have a look.

Minute with Jeremy Lankester

Another edit fresh from the new Port Macquarie park, this time featuring Jeremy Lankester. Jeremy has a really smooth peg style, and has crooks on lock! Video by John Ossedryver.

Connections BMX Birthday Jam

Connections BMX recently held a jam, with quite a notable list of riders. Everyone kills it. Dean Manson has some of the best No Foot Cans in the business. Featuring Jake Deering, Andrew Ahumada, Michael Measures, Dean Manson, Zac Balnaves, Chris Barnes, Jess Goodwin, Jai Bradley, Shanon Farrugia, Jess Cini, Dean Anderson, Tom Vadala, Julez Harris, Nick Harris, Matt Whyatt, Bret Trigg And More

Macquarie Mixtape

Hot on the heels of the Sam Northedge-Wright video, Chris Whyte comes through with some new heat; a mixtape from the Macquarie Fields park in Western Sydney. It features (in order of appearance) Dayvis Heyne, Tommy Lloyd, Corey Hahn, Lee Cruickshank, Danger and Nick Weir, all of whom definitely produce, and Chris delivers on the production side, too.

DiversityBMX Feature: The Shadow Conspiracy Captive Fork Review

As you may have noticed Diversity has been getting a bit of a facelift as of late. Updated layout, new contributor Yonny Wakefield and a bit more original content. Another new feature I want to introduce are product reviews of some of our favourite new and classic products.

The Shadow Conspiracy Captive Fork Review

I recently decided it was time to upgrade my old forks. I've been breaking a few parts lately and I was starting to feel a bit uneasy about my 3 year old, chopstick thin, original Macneil Blazer forks. After a bit of research I settled on the new Shadow Captive forks. I'm running the Shadow Vultus bars so I liked the idea of a Shadow Conspiracy front end and I wash super intrigued by some of the Captive forks features…

Hell on Wheels: Killjoy Screening & Ghetto Long Jump

This coming Thursday, Hell on Wheels are running another rad event; this time premiering the new Killjoy DVD at about 8pm, followed by a ghetto long jump contest at an undisclosed location. The buy in is $5, and winner takes all! Get there!

Back Bone DVX Mixtape

Back Bone just dropped their new feel good mixtape, featuring a good chunk of their team, plus a cameo from Cooper Brownlee. Other notable appearances from Zac Miner, Will Gunn, Chris Harti, Boss man Rhysty, Rusty, Raine Turnbull, Kelvin Pentland and Tyson Jones-Peni, who was also behind the lens on this. Riding is fucking gooooood!

Rob Wise GT Australia Trip Edit

Rob Wise In OZ from Sunsets & Sodas on Vimeo.

Rob Wise was recently in Australia for 2 weeks where he met up with his GT Bikes team mate Dave Dillewaard for a trip. It was Robs first time to Australia and as you can see in this video he did not waste anytime while he was here. It was filmed at spots at the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and everywhere in between. This edit was filmed and edited by Chuck Falon who is the GT team manager and Sunsets & Sodas website owner. I also filmed a couple of clips in this edit so props to me for that. The last clip is redic as well as the rest of the video! you defiantly want to check this video out.

Tahiti Time

Jye Stuart sent through this edit of him and his dudes' trip to Tahiti. Video was a treat to watch, and made the trip look super fun! HD from Jye is awesome, too!

The Dowleys

Flagz put together this really cool short film on the Dowley Family; Charlie, Sam and Lex. There isn't a huge amount of riding in it, but it seems like the clan leads an amazing existence, so it's definitely worth checking out regardless. Spotted of Focalpoint

Focalpoint 'Good Times' Promo

Focalpoint have just dropped their Goodtimes tee, and Marnold, Coops and DJ put together this little promo in a session at a flat rail spot. Definitely some good clips for a chill session

West Coast

It's kinda rare we hear from out brothers across the Nullarbor, so it's always rad when something pops up like this gem I spotted over on Tempered. It features Kie Ashworth, Jake Corless, Luke Snelling and Greg Lamon on the streets of Bunbury. Kie is good.

Colony 10 Clips: Henrique Castro and Ryan Guettler

This mellow 10 clipper from Colony is their latest, and probably my favourite so far, featuring Ryan Guettler and Henrique 'Valvo' Castro cruising the Adelaide City trails. Valvo's One Handed Table 360 is bullshit!

Crossley Cycles New Online Store

Crossley Cycles specializes in BMX has been operating for 31 years and have just recently opened there business to customers online with there new online shop.

Now with most of the BMX shops in Australia having an online presence it is easier than ever to shop within Australia and keep the money in our economy. I have never bought from an overseas online bike shop, and really have no reason to do so when we have so many amazing BMX shops right here on our shore. When you have all these great BMX stores like LUX, RideOn, Crossleys, BackBone etc helping out with comps/jams/events there is so much upside to shopping in Australia. Not to mention if you ever go into any of these stores they are always down to help you out. At the end of the day if you are a BMX rider in Australia, shopping in Australia for BMX products will only help Bmx in Aus because all these stores are putting so much back into it.

Henrique Castro - Australia trip November 2011

Henrique Castro - Australia trip November 2011 from Chris Lembo on Vimeo.

Valvo is the man, he shreds and is a rad dude. Here is a video of him from when he was in Aus a few months ago. Its filmed by my good mate Chris Lembo and here is what he said about it:  

"Valvo came over to Australia recently to ride and hangout. I hadnt seen valvo for over a year, so it was good times! We showed valvo around most of eastern Queensland and even made a sneaky trip to Toowoomba!"

Defiantly check this one out!

Slim and James

Stumbled across this on Vimeo, and I thought it was rad! Slim and James killing Penrith park. How did they get an empty session at Penrith? Shot and cut by Paul Kim

Events: Newcastle BMX- Wooden Waves of Surfest.

Newcastle BMX is running a beachside mini-ramp contest in conjunction with Surfest on March 17&18. Sounds like it's going to be a rad event, for more info, check out the Newcastle BMX Facebook.

Raphael Jeroma-Williams and Crew Hibz Vibz Edit

Hibz Vibz from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

This is a chill edit that Raph put together of him and his friends riding and skating there local skatepark at Hibiscus in Brisbane.

Catching Up With Kyle Baldock at Farm Jam 2012

Kyle Baldock tells a few stories from his travels, what he has been up too and his plans in 2012 for UNIT on the way to Farm Jam 2012 with the David Girsch.

Adelaide Jib Clips Edit

Jib Clips from Tim Towie on Vimeo.

I really liked this video, good riding and good feel to it. Zingbergs first clip (first clip of the video) is cray / funny, but really just shows how good he is to be able to do something like that just messin around. This video features Adelaide riders Sam Waters, Rhys Gogel, Robbie Blizzard, Tim Towie and Liam Zingbergs. 

Samson Ross Crash

good crash from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

This is a pretty gnarly crash from Macneil Bikes team rider Samson Ross. There is another angle of this where you see the whole thing, but I believe it is being used in his web edit which is soon to drop. Its amazing he got up ok from this. It is basically a night mare situation to have happen when doing any rail hop.

Zoo York- Daniel Johnson and Cooper Brownlee

New heat from the Australian Zoo York crew of Daniel Johnson and Cooper Brownlee. These two dudes kill it, so you already know this is good.