Triplesix Selftitled DVD Online

Damn! I was just telling someone the other day that it would be great to see this online as I had long since misplaced my original copy. Mainly to see Kenny Raggett fuf the back rail of the sub at Beenleigh (32:17).

Feautures Pete Radivo, Zack Musarsa, Kenny Raggett, David Manconi, Nick Richardson, Brendan Jones, Kym Grosser, Clint Millar, Haimona Hgata, Ryan Guettler, Nick Cooper, Scott Greentree, Mike Lawrence plus friends. Props to Triplesix for finally putting it online!


Clint Millar said...

So good to see online... it took 3 years to film for this & 9 months for me to edit. So many good memories. The last I knew, Bums on Bikes at Strathpine had about a hundred copies of it still. Going cheap too. Check the link below, says they still have them

Nicko Smithson said...

This edit is such a classic!!! I've lost count on how many times my mates and i would watch this before going for a ride!! So many awesome riders!!

tritto said...

best dvd!