Raphael Jeroma-Williams: Questions and Answers

Raph has been all over Diversity this week with his Subrosa Web Edit and the AFRAY iPhone Wallpapers. There is no point in slowing down with the hype, so here are a few questions we got him to answer.

Place to ride? Would have to be the local park Hibiscus.

Favorite trick to do? Either flattys or ice picks.

Favorite trick you cant do? 360 one foot flatty to look back.

Rider you like watching the most? Ty Morrow.

People to ride with? Bradie, Macca, Willie Manu, Stetton, Miner, Bayzand, Jerry fuck too many to list.

What bike do you ride? Subrosa DIABLOUS.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? its always been little devil criminal mischief and that cult dvd let em talk.

BMX could do without? Drama.

BMX could do with more? Chillers.

Did you ever race? Yeah sure did.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Barcelona.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Never hit a resi up and if i did it would'nt count.

Do you like contests? Not really my thing but i went in a couple last year and they were fun.

Magazine or websites? Magazine.

Favorite website? facebook???.

Plans for 2012? Travel, ride, get more of my apprenticeship done n party!.

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Raph!