Levi Jackonia: Questions and Answers

Levi is one of those kids that is just stoked on life. Everything about him is positive he is always smiling, happy and down to talk to anyone. His riding is the same, you can tell he is just having a good time and it seems to work really well for him because he is really good. Levi is from Cairns but being so far away from everyone doesn't stop him from getting out there, as he is traveling every chance he gets. Levi is still young but you wouldn't know when you hang around him as he gets along with everyone so easy like he has been around for twice the time he has. Keep on reading and find out a little more about this Cairns shredder.

Place to ride? Redbull dirtpipe is defs a fun place too ride.

Favorite trick to do? Tabos an lipslides are 2 things i love doin.

Favorite trick you cant do? Nose wheelies im not too good on the front wheel haha.

Rider you like watching the most? Tom Dugan dudes got blaaast.

People to ride with? David Girsch, Kym Grosser, Danza, Ryan Hurst ride with a lot of plp ride with anyone.

What bike do you ride? a bmx one set parts an frame.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Love the old T-1 dvd.

BMX could do without? With less haters bmx is about having fun.

BMX could do with more? plp keen to dig 1 thing i hate is getting the trails goin then everyone riding an not digging well in cairns anyways.

Did you ever race? had a few mates that raced i would go watch but i never did cut a few laps on the track but that's about it

Favorite place you have traveled too? Probably Portugal or Finland both awesome places

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Has too be done to a legit jump for me too count it haha...

Do you like contests? hmmm contests i like hanging at them to catch up with plp but not too much of a fan of riding them...

Magazine or websites? 2020 thesetbmx.com

 Favorite website? diversitybmx for shiiz.

Sponnos? Ride for the set.

Plans for 2012? Plans for me 2012 work save up ride my bike beers mates fun getting over to euro too travel wanna see the usa to.

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