Dave Dillewaard: Questions and Answers

Dave Dillewaard was one of the first Australians to go over to America and do well. He has been able to keep this going for over 10 years now which is no easy task. Being one of the only non foam pit style riders in the Dew Tour now days he has been able to keep his popularity going strong as people from both sides of BMX can relate. He kills dirt, park and street with a unique style. Dillsy spends half of this time in the USA and the other half in Australia. To find out a little more about Dave keep on reading.

Place to ride? Redcliffe Skatepark.

Favorite trick to do? flatty/table/inverts.

Favorite trick you cant do? oppo whips.

Rider you like watching the most? Corey Bohan.

People to ride with? Yonny, Biz, Enns, Heath Pinter, Brett Walker, K-Town, Dano, All da boyz.

What bike do you ride? GT/Demolition.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Its actually a VHS called Thunder.

BMX could do without? Wip to crank arm catch, crank arm clamp barspins, One uppers.

BMX could do with more? Just HFWI.

Did you ever race? Yeah for a few years, got to competitive though and lost its fun.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Hawaii and China.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? You can count it, just dont claim it till u do it on something real.

Do you like contests? Yeah i enjoy some contests. I dont really like the competitiveness in the big contests but prize money is good.

Magazine or websites? I enjoy mags but with the internet being so accessible its where you look first for updates news and info.

Favorite website? the come up, crispy stream, world star hip hop, facebook, twitter.

Sponnos? Gt Bikes, Demolition parts, Famous Stars and Straps and s-one helmets.

Plans for 2012? ride as much as i can in bris before i head back to the states, then got a bunch of sweet stuff planned with gt. couple of trips, couple of contest, and try film for some shit.

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