Colin Mackay: Questions and Answers

Colin Mackay has got to be the most legendary BMX rider to come out of Australia. He was the first Australian BMXer to "make it" in America, which at the time seemed like a far fetched dream for anyone else, but he showed what was possible and paved the way for some of the biggest names in BMX to follow in his foot steps. Colin now works as the Team Manager for Haro Bikes, but don't think for a second he isn't killing it on a bike. He has always been able to move with the times and has kept a unique style that you just don't see from anyone else. As he spends most of his time in America now days you don't see as much coverage of him in Australian BMX magazines and websites, so I was excited to get his views on a few things here.

Favourite place to ride? Trails or a park with some good 1/4's.

Favourite trick to do? Tables, Turndowns and Can's...

Favourite trick you can't do? As cheesy as they are probably flairs! Never tried. I'm not going to try a coping height either, I picture doing it like 6ft out so I'm scared of what might happen! I like seeing Harry Main do it.

Rider you like watching the most? Dennis Enarson

People to ride with? Jordan Hughson, Balls and Chris. Virginia Beach locals. We have fun.

What bike do you ride? Haro SD (San Diego) Dennis Enarson Sig. 21tt

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Ned Kelly

BMX could do without? Flats, injuries and sweaty stinkin pads.

BMX could do with more? flow, air outs, tables...

Did you ever race? No , but I support it.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Last year I went to Iraq and Israel, that was pretty fuckin cool.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Nope. Wouldn't upload it to youtube either.

Do you like contests? Used too, these days if you have fun, you're watching the finals...

Magazine or websites? Both, I love a good mag still...

Favorite website? B and H?

Sponnos? Haro, Vans, Kenda tires, Strictly.

Plans for 2012? Spend the first 2 months healing this broken foot I got Jan 10th! Then, air it out, travel the world, look after the Haro and Premium teams, and have a coldy on Friday night. Thanks all.

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