Brendan Jones: Questions and Answers

Brendan is known mostly for his style, huge fufanus and massive turndowns. He can also throw down some super mega tricks when needs be. He is another guy who has had a bad run with injuries in particular his knees. Now days Brendan isn't out there trying to kill himself but is still killing it. He has been around the scene for quite a while now so I thought it would be cool to share his view on a few things and got him to answer some questions.
Place to ride? ManlyVale is my local.  

Favorite trick to do? Probably a manual or t-bog.  

Favorite trick you cant do? I'd really like to properly learn hang 5s.  

Rider you like watching the most? So many good riders out there Dennis Enarson would be a safe bet on any terrain.  

People to ride with? I ride with local riders mostly (Ben,Matt, mark,Dennis).  

What bike do you ride? I ride a volume drifter with demolition parts.  

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Anthem 2.  

BMX could do without? I try not to think about the things I don't like, probably less hatters.  

BMX could do with more? People that can organize events and stuff like that, that the general Bmxer would make an effort to go to. (in Australia).
Did you ever race? I raced for years, loved it. But hated waiting around all day to do 5 laps. Favorite place you have traveled too? China or NZ are where some of my best memories come from.  

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? I wouldn't say that you could do it until you can do it on a normal jump.  

Do you like contests? I like contests when you surprise yourself with what you can do, but hate it when you can't do the shit you normally do. That fucking sucks.
Magazine or websites? It awesome to see print, but it's so much easier and more up to date online.  

Favorite website? Instagram and thecomeupbmx.  

Sponnos? Volume bikes, demoliton and vans aust.  

Plans for 2012? Getting married this year and saving up to travel next year. Also try Finish a edit I've been doing with a mate, it's so hard with work and being hung over.

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