Port Macquarie iPhone Edit

Spotted this cool little iPhone edit by Damien Edwards on Facebook. Definitely one of the better produced iPhone edit's I've seen. Featuring Clint Lankester, Damien Edwards, Jack Gibson, Jeremy Lankester and a cameo from Shane Bryans

Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher makes the most of a suburban neighbourhood, as well as clocking some clips at a couple of skateparks in this Blair Johnston produced edit

Josh Pukallus Web Edit

Here is a new web video Josh Pukallus has been filming for on and off for a about a month.  Mostly filmed at different parks and a few streets spots around the Gold Coast. I thought

Josh Irvine Welcome to Sunday

Josh Irvine was added to the Sunday team through BMX International, and this is his welcome edit. Love him or hate him, the dude can ride.

Ramp Attak Friday Night

Josh Robson, Jack Paton, Jeff Burns, Troy Murray, Tom Ash, Sam Evans and Jack Carter having a session at Ramp Attak on a Friday night. The dudes got some good tricks, however the song choice was pretty questionable, and I don't really agree with resi clips.

Sam Northedge-Wright Pre ACL

Sam Northedge-Wright aka Russ aka Lil' Slim fucking kills it in this Chris Whyte produced video. A lot of stuff you're not going to see all the time, plus a backrail fuf. The banger was huge! Unfortunately, Sam tore his ACL whilst filming for this, and told me that he's off the bike for something like 6-12 months; rough.

Dave Dillewaard Demoltion Parts Edit

This is Dave Dillewaards new edit for his parts sponsor Demolition. Dillsy rides everything so well and this video really shows this with a good mix of dirt, park and street. Dave spends half of his time in Australia and half of this time in California, where this edit was filmed.

In other news Dave's GT Bikes and Demoliton team mate Rob Wise is in Australia at the moment. Rob and Dave are doing a GT Bikes road trip, so watch out for the video of that to come out soon. Here are some photos of a spot they found on the trip at Dave's photo site Dillsyfoto.com.

The Set East Coast Trip

Almost six minutes of wild shit from The Set crew on their East Coast Trip. Featuring Brad Simms, Kym Grosser, (injured) Corey Bohan, Levi Jackonia, Calvin Kosovich, Chris ODonell, Callan Stibbards, and Troy Charlesworth, it's gotta be good. Check out Danger's three table on that little hump:

Weekend Clips

Zane Caldera recently got himself a good camera, and collected these clips over a weekend riding with his homies. There is a ton of good riding in this from David Girsch, Zach Turner, Jake Hensler, Darryl Willing and Zane himself. Once some of the kinks are worked out with production, I'm sure there'll be some top notch stuff coming out from this crew.

Colony Ten Clips: Alex Hiam and Clint Millar

A new Ten Clip featuring Clint Millar and Alex Hiam courtesy of Colony. This was really cool. Canadian Nosepicks will never get old.

Keelan Troy by Jack Birtles

This is one of the raddest edits I've seen so far this year. Keelan Troy shredding some southern QLD parks, tons of blast and style, as well as some wild shit that you don't really see. It's shot and cut by Jack Birtles so you already know the production side of things is on point.

King Brown LUXBMXxTriplesix Edit

King of steeze Mitch Brown cooked up this amazing edit for his sponsors LUXBMX Store and Triplesix Distribution. Loads of Browny's signature style with plenty of bangers to boot. Make sure you check it out!

DiversityBMX Feature: Stephen Griffiths Quickie

Ten clips with Brisbane based, Welsh expat Mr Stephen Griffiths. Enjoy.

Coast 2 Cams Jam Tour Full Video

This is the full video for the Coast 2 Cams Jam Tour featuring Andy Buckworth, Daniel Chiarelli, Loagn Martin, Thomas Glew, Josh Mathews, Harry Main and Jack Fahey. This is the complete video to the 2 smaller videos of the tour. They hit a lot of cool parks and some dirt jumps and obviosuly like the video is named ends at cams jam. It has some good footage from cams jam and one thing that stood out to me was the triple bar on Cambletowns small box jump at 6.18, its nuts.

Amerture Crew Mixtape

Newcastle's Armeture crew put together this little mixtape featuring Kris Humphries, Kyle Andrew, Dylan Ferguson and Jono Borham. I always love seeing feel-good scene mixtapes, and this is no different.

Valvo - Colony Ten Clips V2 Browns Plains Skatepark

Valvo - Ten Clips V2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Colony rider Valvo whose real name is Henrique Castro from Brazil spent a month in Australia late 2011. Valvo is awesome and fitted in really well with everyone over here. In this 2nd volume of Colony 10 clips he is riding Browns Plains Skatepark, which he is right at home at with big hips and cool lines all over the place. I really liked this one, so have a look.

Alex Nolan Perth Thundercloud Edit

THUNDERCLOUD EP 9: ALEX NOLAN from andy fortini on Vimeo.

I had never heard of this kid before, but I would say we will probably be seeing a lot more of him. Alex looks to be yet another aussie dew tour style rider with some really big tricks. One thing that is a bit annoying is the constant screeching of brakes in every clip. But that being said pretty much every clip in this is good filled with crazy tricks. I have only been to Perth once and didn't get to ride that much stuff while I was there, but all the parks in this look to be really fun.

FREE AFRAY Snapbacks Competition

AFRAY has a cool competition going on at the moment. All you have to do is go over to Afray.com and "Like" or "Tweet" any of the products in there online store. Each day for 10 days they will be giving away one of the monogram snapbacks. There is 8 days still left, so if you defiantly go do it because ARAY is a rad company and make really cool shit. While you are at it go like AFRAY on Facebook.

Mikey Ross 'Welcome to Wethepeople'

Mikey Ross has been added to the Australian Wethepeople team through BMX International, and this is his welcome edit. Plenty of stylish Canberran-style shredding, as well as some big tricks. That last clip was nuts!

Update: 'Roadtripz to the Future' Youth Program

You might remember a few months ago, I posted a little bit of info about the Roadtripz to the Future program that Jason Cousins/Roadtripz were running. Well, since then, it has come to a close, with a week-long camping trip, and each of the kids receiving an Academy complete bike! Personally, I think it's a really rad initiative, getting kids involved in something positive, and keeping them stoked on it. Hats off to Roadtripz and Academy! For more information or to buy Academy BMX click here.

Triplesix Selftitled DVD Online

Damn! I was just telling someone the other day that it would be great to see this online as I had long since misplaced my original copy. Mainly to see Kenny Raggett fuf the back rail of the sub at Beenleigh (32:17).

Feautures Pete Radivo, Zack Musarsa, Kenny Raggett, David Manconi, Nick Richardson, Brendan Jones, Kym Grosser, Clint Millar, Haimona Hgata, Ryan Guettler, Nick Cooper, Scott Greentree, Mike Lawrence plus friends. Props to Triplesix for finally putting it online!

Jack Elkins Welcome to Fit Australia

Fit Australia and LUXBMX Store team rider Jack Elkins goes ham in this. So much ridicolous stuff in here I don't know where to begin. Don't talk, just watch.


A new sub one minute video excreted by the Bullmix dudes. Those drains are so good.

Hell on Wheels 'Inner West Side Gran Prix'

Hell on Wheels are running a really cool event next Thursday (The 23rd). To kick the night off, there'll be a screening of the new Federal Gold Album DVD at the store (463 King St, Newtown, Sydney)at 7:30pm, followed by a carpark race at an undisclosed location, then, a street ride in the city well into the night. Sounds like a good time to me. Get there!

Levi Jackonia: Questions and Answers

Levi is one of those kids that is just stoked on life. Everything about him is positive he is always smiling, happy and down to talk to anyone. His riding is the same, you can tell he is just having a good time and it seems to work really well for him because he is really good. Levi is from Cairns but being so far away from everyone doesn't stop him from getting out there, as he is traveling every chance he gets. Levi is still young but you wouldn't know when you hang around him as he gets along with everyone so easy like he has been around for twice the time he has. Keep on reading and find out a little more about this Cairns shredder.

Place to ride? Redbull dirtpipe is defs a fun place too ride.

Favorite trick to do? Tabos an lipslides are 2 things i love doin.

Favorite trick you cant do? Nose wheelies im not too good on the front wheel haha.

Rider you like watching the most? Tom Dugan dudes got blaaast.

People to ride with? David Girsch, Kym Grosser, Danza, Ryan Hurst ride with a lot of plp ride with anyone.

What bike do you ride? a bmx one set parts an frame.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Love the old T-1 dvd.

BMX could do without? With less haters bmx is about having fun.

BMX could do with more? plp keen to dig 1 thing i hate is getting the trails goin then everyone riding an not digging well in cairns anyways.

Did you ever race? had a few mates that raced i would go watch but i never did cut a few laps on the track but that's about it

Favorite place you have traveled too? Probably Portugal or Finland both awesome places

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Has too be done to a legit jump for me too count it haha...

Do you like contests? hmmm contests i like hanging at them to catch up with plp but not too much of a fan of riding them...

Magazine or websites? 2020 thesetbmx.com

 Favorite website? diversitybmx for shiiz.

Sponnos? Ride for the set.

Plans for 2012? Plans for me 2012 work save up ride my bike beers mates fun getting over to euro too travel wanna see the usa to.

Probably Doesn't Count...

Adam Stone does, amongst some other crazy things, a decade to opposite smith in this edit. Pretty wild looking.

The whole "Probably doesn't count" title kinda seems like that moderately attractive chick that calls herself fat all the time just so people will tell her otherwise though...


This is the best video of Cams Jam 6 I have seen so far, it goes for 7 minutes so you get to see a lot of footage in this one. It is a bit annoying how they are cutting all the clips short to fit more in or something. But worth a watch if you are looking for Cam Jam 2012 footage.

Jordan James

Spotted this on Facebook. Another park rider coming out of the Helensvale scene with some wild moves. The second last clip was unexpected and nuts.

Jams: Mainly BMX Competition

Mainly BMX in Geelong is running a Jam/Competition this weekend at the Waurn Pondsskatepark. If you live anywhere nearby, get out there for a rad day at an awesome park!

Troy Charlesworth ft Mundine - Dog Shot

This is an edit of Troy Charlesworth featuring Anthony Mudine. Looks like Biggie b copped a bit of a dog shot at Deagon Skatepark and his mate Anthony went on TV to talk about it.

Alex Hiam - Bro Cam Scrap Edit

This is some left over footage from Alex Hiam Bro Cam web video. This may be a scrap edit but there are so many good clips in here and its easy to see why he is so popular in the BMX world these days. Alex is doing it for ColonyBMX, Crossley Cycles, Dishonour Brand and Lusty Industries. Defiantly give this video a watch, he is very good.

Ash Murphy Aussie Roll Attempts?

I wasn't going to post this because A. it isn't pulled and B. it's on a resi. But I have seen it all over facebook tonight and seems to be getting a fair bit of discussion. I'm not afraid to jump on the bandwagon as soon as something turns cool so here it is. I'm not to sure what exactly is going on in this trick, some people are saying corked double backie, flip to three flip, but I guess the video claims it is a flair to flail and calling it an Aussie Roll. You judge for yourself.

Crispy Exlusive: Dre Regli DITL

WARNING: There is no riding in this video K. This is just a regular day in the life for Australian Fit Bikes TM Dre Regli. You will get to see him whack it to Vocko, Shower to Vocko and have an emotional breakdown due to Vocko. Mike "The Vocko" Vockenson has really become quite the celebrity as of late partly because of Crispystream.com and partly because his modeling career is really starting to take off.

Josh Stead: Blackflip Crash on Dane Searls Giant Jumps

This crash is pretty gnarly. Josh Stead riding the Giants of Dirt, the same jumps that Dane Searls owned. This was his 2nd run threw and had only jumped the first 2 jumps in his first run and then tries to flip the last and biggest set without even jumping it straight yet. The result was Josh casing front wheel. Josh Stead is one of the best and most stylish dirt jumpers in the world and is not scared.

Reigan Degney

The Storey Brothers shot and cut this video of Reigan Degney at Capalaba. Well put together video with some good riding. Those rails look really legit for park rails.

Colin Mackay: Questions and Answers

Colin Mackay has got to be the most legendary BMX rider to come out of Australia. He was the first Australian BMXer to "make it" in America, which at the time seemed like a far fetched dream for anyone else, but he showed what was possible and paved the way for some of the biggest names in BMX to follow in his foot steps. Colin now works as the Team Manager for Haro Bikes, but don't think for a second he isn't killing it on a bike. He has always been able to move with the times and has kept a unique style that you just don't see from anyone else. As he spends most of his time in America now days you don't see as much coverage of him in Australian BMX magazines and websites, so I was excited to get his views on a few things here.

Favourite place to ride? Trails or a park with some good 1/4's.

Favourite trick to do? Tables, Turndowns and Can's...

Favourite trick you can't do? As cheesy as they are probably flairs! Never tried. I'm not going to try a coping height either, I picture doing it like 6ft out so I'm scared of what might happen! I like seeing Harry Main do it.

Rider you like watching the most? Dennis Enarson

People to ride with? Jordan Hughson, Balls and Chris. Virginia Beach locals. We have fun.

What bike do you ride? Haro SD (San Diego) Dennis Enarson Sig. 21tt

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Ned Kelly

BMX could do without? Flats, injuries and sweaty stinkin pads.

BMX could do with more? flow, air outs, tables...

Did you ever race? No , but I support it.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Last year I went to Iraq and Israel, that was pretty fuckin cool.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Nope. Wouldn't upload it to youtube either.

Do you like contests? Used too, these days if you have fun, you're watching the finals...

Magazine or websites? Both, I love a good mag still...

Favorite website? B and H?

Sponnos? Haro, Vans, Kenda tires, Strictly.

Plans for 2012? Spend the first 2 months healing this broken foot I got Jan 10th! Then, air it out, travel the world, look after the Haro and Premium teams, and have a coldy on Friday night. Thanks all.

Quick Clips: Brett Coleman Kawana Skatepark

Here is a short edit of Brett Coleman at Kawana Skatepark at the Sunshine Coast in QLD. Last trick is nuts and I don't know if anyone has done it before? Regardless if they have or not its crazy.

Whitney and I

Paul Chamberlain aka ODP put together this video of himself, Shaun Jarvis, Mick Bayzand and Billy Brooks, and used a Whitney Houston song to honour her passing. Paul does his own thing for sure, and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Featuring a cameo by Paul's Wife

Brock Horneman & Brandon Loupos Edit

This edit has some pretty crazy super mega riding from Brock Horneman and Brandon Loupos. Its all filmed at GC Compound at the Gold Coast. My Favorite clip, which was maybe the least crazy in it, but I thought was cool was the bar to bar back to manual to whip in. This video was done for Aussie Freestlers clothing. The GC Compound is known for its crazy dew tour style riding, so if you are into that this will not disappoint.

Dillsy Foto Exclusive - Deagon Session

This is a dillsyfoto.com exclusive lusive lusive. In this one it features Tom Stretton, Troy Charlesworth, Dave Dillewaard and me having a fun little session on our BMX bikes at deagon skatepark. This is just a fun little edit, so don't get all mad about the song, editing, riding, intro, jokes etc. Because this is us don't like it you can fuck off we don't change for fucking anyone.

Rhys Dennis for VC Clothing

Rhys Dennis shreds some park and street in this video for his clothing hookup VC. Dude does some pretty wild stuff in here.

Brendan Jones: Questions and Answers

Brendan is known mostly for his style, huge fufanus and massive turndowns. He can also throw down some super mega tricks when needs be. He is another guy who has had a bad run with injuries in particular his knees. Now days Brendan isn't out there trying to kill himself but is still killing it. He has been around the scene for quite a while now so I thought it would be cool to share his view on a few things and got him to answer some questions.
Place to ride? ManlyVale is my local.  

Favorite trick to do? Probably a manual or t-bog.  

Favorite trick you cant do? I'd really like to properly learn hang 5s.  

Rider you like watching the most? So many good riders out there Dennis Enarson would be a safe bet on any terrain.  

People to ride with? I ride with local riders mostly (Ben,Matt, mark,Dennis).  

What bike do you ride? I ride a volume drifter with demolition parts.  

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Anthem 2.  

BMX could do without? I try not to think about the things I don't like, probably less hatters.  

BMX could do with more? People that can organize events and stuff like that, that the general Bmxer would make an effort to go to. (in Australia).
Did you ever race? I raced for years, loved it. But hated waiting around all day to do 5 laps. Favorite place you have traveled too? China or NZ are where some of my best memories come from.  

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? I wouldn't say that you could do it until you can do it on a normal jump.  

Do you like contests? I like contests when you surprise yourself with what you can do, but hate it when you can't do the shit you normally do. That fucking sucks.
Magazine or websites? It awesome to see print, but it's so much easier and more up to date online.  

Favorite website? Instagram and thecomeupbmx.  

Sponnos? Volume bikes, demoliton and vans aust.  

Plans for 2012? Getting married this year and saving up to travel next year. Also try Finish a edit I've been doing with a mate, it's so hard with work and being hung over.

Brad Ferguson Summer Edit

Ryan Cranage produced this clip of his boy Brad Ferguson riding some parks and street. Dudes got some skills for sure.

Mike Vockenson - Shadow Conspiracy Web Video

Mike Vockenson - On The Loose from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Wow now this is crazy. Mike Vockenson the CEO of Crispystream.com has put together a really really crazy edit here for his sponsor Shadow Conspiracy. Crazy gaps, originality, cool lines, good song and everything else that makes a good video. The last gap he does is insane, pause it and see how high it is, nuts!

Marnold X Colony

Colony just dropped Marnold's new edit, and it is straight fire! According to his relevant Q&A, he put over 6 months work into this, and it shows. Wild rail moves both ways. Damn.

Hell on Wheels on Prolly is not Probably

John Prolly is in Australia at the moment, and recently stopped by Hell on Wheels. Subsequently, he did a little feature about the shop on Prolly is not Probably. Check that out here.

Tom Boorman Racing

Most of you are probably aware that Tom Boorman is the owner/operator of Hell on Wheels, and one of Australia's more stylish riders, but what you probably don't know is that he has a soft spot for the race track, and fits in the odd race here and there. This past weekend, he competed in Liverpool, and managed to take the win, which is marvellous. Crank up the volume and listen to the announcer, too.

Chris Nicol

New clip of Chris Nicol riding Warragul bowl. This was cool, a bunch of stuff you won't see in every edit like the bars to vader slide, bar to tap to no hander in and bars to table.

Dave Dillewaard: Day In The Life in Australia

FSAS Dave Dillewaard DAY in the Life from troy Charlesworth on Vimeo.

This is a day in the life of Dave Dillewaard for while he is back home in Australia. It is for his clothing and shoe sponsor Famous Stars and Straps, filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth. It shows Dave playing golf, eating pies (which I still think is an act to look more Australian), chillin and of course riding. I also have some clips in it so that makes it a 100% must watch like all the videos from my friends that I shamelessly promote.

Crispy: Billion Dollar Edit

Crispy: Billion Dollar Edit from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.
Another new Cripsy Stream edit is out. Crispy does not slow down at all, I think this is number 3 for the week. This edit is actually all riding, buttt dont think it is all serious business, Crispy are not going to let that happen. Even though the video is messing around the riding in it is still really good. This one features Jack Elkins, Wilton Hedley, Jerry Vandervalk, Gwincey, Dave Dillewaard, Matthew McCallum and Mitch "Man Beast" Wood. Supposedly filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson, but not 100% sure about that.

Nathan Himsley and Jack Gibson/Stay True

Nate and Jack are two of my favourite people to ride with, and are both Stay True team riders, so I filmed an afternoon session, and this is what we got.

Another Cam Hillside Jam 6 Video

Like I said I'm putting up as much coverage from this event as we can find because it is so crazy. This video has shows a ton of pretty crazy crashes and a bit of footage that hasn't been in the other videos. So all the people looking for more Cam Jam 6 footage here it is.

Cam Jam 2012 Photos

(Kyle Baldock - ‘Cams Jam 2012’ - Photo: Max Duff)
 I know, I know another Cam Jam post, but people are searching for it so I'm going to put up whatever I can find. Plus its got to be Australia's biggest event at the moment and maybe the worlds most talked about DIRT event. These are some photos taken during practice. There are some really great shots in here so its worth a look for sure. The photos are taken by Max Duff who is a great guy and takes really good photos. So check them out here Max Explores Cams Jam.

Coast 2 Cams Tour: On the road two

This is part 2 of the DEFT gloves road trip from the Gold Coast to Cam Whites Jam. It looks like they will be doing a full edit of the trip, but this is just another short video of it. The first part can be found here.

Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam 2012 Highlights Video

Here is another video from Cam Whites Jam 2012. This one is better quality and shows footage from the entire jam. I guess this event it really hard to film everything because you cant see the top half and bottom half together very easily. But the bottom half is where most of the bangers go down. This video gives you a good feel for the vibe of the event so check it out.

Mt Beauty Trails

Spotted this over on The Rad Theory. Classy way to finish off my Sunday night.

Nick Harris X The Riding Way

Nick Harris shredding Ballarat park for his shop sponsor The Riding Way. More than a few good moves in this, but that whacky side-saddle hang 5 thing was rad!

Best Trick Cams Jam 2012

Here is a short video someone made of the best trick contest at Cams Jam 2012. You see Jaie Tooheys flip triple whip in this. Also TJ Ellis doing a flip no hander to whip is in this. Sketchy filming as the person was in the crowd its enough to see what is going on.

Update: Another video added.

Here is another video of the best trick comp at Cams Jam 2012. This one is from a different angle. I just added this video to this post as this post is getting a bit of traffic and the videos are of the same thing.

Update: And Another video added.

This one is pretty low quality. But again whatever we find is going up.

Crispy Reel FUCKED Edit

Crispy Stream just keeps the edits coming, here is another by them. This one was put together by the big jezza Jerry Vandervalk. Like most Crispy edits it is half riding and half funny messin around shit. As I am a Crispy fan boy and they me mates I'm gonna say this is a MUST WATCH. k thanks.

Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam 2012 Run Down

(Pic from Cams Jam 2011)
 Cams Jam is done for 2012 and just like the other years this one was amazing. Cam White always put in a ton of work to make sure that it is one of the if not the best dirt comp/jam in the world. The days leading up to the jam had been wet, but luckily on the day of the event it was clear sky's and good weather. But Cam woke up at 6am to fix the jumps that had taken a beating from the rain, after 10 hours of work he was to tired to ride, which was a shame because he would of killed them as per usual. But he was out there all night making sure the jumps were running well for everyone.

Now to the riding! There are 3 categories best style, best trick and king of the hill. Its set up so the riders vote for who they think won. This year best style was taken out by Chris Harti who goes so high and with an obvious ton of style. Chris had been killing Cams jam for years so it was awesome to see him take out best style. Best trick went to Jaie Toohey who did a flip triple tailwhip which was absolutely crazy. King of the hill went to American TJ Ellis who is not scared to go nuts on big jumps and that is what he did all night.

Other noticeable mentions. I keep hearing stories from Big Salad about this Ryan Loyd guy from Adelaide who has the best style and is really good. Well everyone got to witness it first hand last night. He did the craziest upside down 360 one footed seat grab, it was done with so much style and I have never seen anything else like it. Mike "Hucker" Clark was there ruling as always, he casually did a double flip over the big trick jump like it was nothing. He went down on a opposite truck to downside whip and he was pretty much done after that. Kyle Baldock was there going nuts as well, its always good to watch him ride and the big jumps didn't seem to bother him at all as he was doing crazy stuff all over the place.

There were also a lot of bad crashes and injuries. Vince Byron and Pat O'neill got knocked out cold over jumping the last jump. Both of these guys were taken to hospital but will hopefully be ok. Shane Conlon bailed on one of the jumps and broke his back. His spinal cord is fine and doesn't need surgery but is still going to be in hospital for a week or so. There was a lot of bad crashes all night, so I'm guessing there will be a few sore dudes around today. Fingers crossed Vince, Pat and Shane are going to be all good though.

This is just some of the stuff that happened, I could go on for ever about it, but Im hungover so this is long enough. Hopefully someone will put a video of the event out soon so if you weren't there you can see the craziness for yourself. Thanks again to Cam White and his family for putting it on and doing it all for charity, they really are great people. Thanks to all the sponsors Mongoose, Monster, UNIT, Vans, Back Bone Bmx, Langes, Urban Freestyle, Forgiven, Lavs Lab and Nandos. The event was in memory of Dane Searls who was the best ever on these jumps and was sorely missed. If you didn't make it out this year, defiantly try and make it to the next one as it will be one of the best things you will ever get to see.

 More Cam Jam 2012 Posts

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Cam Jam 2012 Photos
Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam 2012 Highlights Video
Best Trick Cams Jam 2012

Kurtly Jamieson and Mat Kirk

Kurtly Jamieson and Mat Kirk riding a prefab park.

Re-Up: Cam White's Hillside Jam

This thing is on tomorrow, so if you're anywhere nearby, have the weekend off or are keen for a trip, get there!
You will also be able to purchase this extremely limited Dane Searls print. Only 100 available tomorrow night. These tees are a really cool initiative by the folks at Back Bone, crafted from love.

January 2012 Mix

Ryan Cranage sent through this January mix of himself and his homies James Levitzke,Ryan Baxter, Jye Hayward, Brad Ferguson, Shaun Withers, Benny Gartner, Luke Taylor, Jesse Pridmore shredding some parks and a little street in South Australia and South-East Victoria. I love seeing crew mixes.

Raphael Jeroma-Williams: Questions and Answers

Raph has been all over Diversity this week with his Subrosa Web Edit and the AFRAY iPhone Wallpapers. There is no point in slowing down with the hype, so here are a few questions we got him to answer.

Place to ride? Would have to be the local park Hibiscus.

Favorite trick to do? Either flattys or ice picks.

Favorite trick you cant do? 360 one foot flatty to look back.

Rider you like watching the most? Ty Morrow.

People to ride with? Bradie, Macca, Willie Manu, Stetton, Miner, Bayzand, Jerry fuck too many to list.

What bike do you ride? Subrosa DIABLOUS.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? its always been little devil criminal mischief and that cult dvd let em talk.

BMX could do without? Drama.

BMX could do with more? Chillers.

Did you ever race? Yeah sure did.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Barcelona.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? Never hit a resi up and if i did it would'nt count.

Do you like contests? Not really my thing but i went in a couple last year and they were fun.

Magazine or websites? Magazine.

Favorite website? facebook???.

Plans for 2012? Travel, ride, get more of my apprenticeship done n party!.

Websites: Stowaway

After a considerable time with the old format, Stowaway have freshened up their blog. It looks like they've gone with the 'less is more' approach, which I dig.

Focalpoint's 'The Package' Vol. #4

The package mixtapes get better with each installment. This one features Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Cooper Brownlee, Flagz, Sam Illman, Jack Kelly, Kym Grosser, Troy Charlesworth, Jamie Keating, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Phil Del Tito and Mick Bayzand. Every clip in this is noteworthy, but the standout for me was Elkin's railhop at (I think) Waterloo. That thing is huge. There is also a photogallery accompanying it here.


Jacob Dimauro and Dom Arrigo

Here's a little over a minute of Jacob Dimauro and Dom Arrigo riding Bacchus Marsh and Hoppers parks.

Focalpoint Issue 26

The latest issue of Focalpoint is done, the cover is dedicated to the late, great Dane Searls', who's roasting a 360 Table, shot by Scott Greentree. I'm keen to get my hands on a copy!

Liam Zingbergs Colony Wallpaper

New Colony wallpaper featuring Liam Zingbergs doing a Luc-e to 360.

Afray iPhone Wallpapers

Need to freshen up your iPhone lock screen? Luckily for you, Afray have just dropped 8 iPhone wallpapers to keep your device looking crisp.

Kristopher Humphries

This clip of Kris Humphries was supposed to be for the Triplesix/Newcastle BMX 'Hooked Up' video contest, but it didn't fit the criteria. Bunch of nice riding at parks around Newcastle and Sydney.

Luke Parslow on SE

Dirt Contest ruler Luke Parslow just got added to the SE team in the states. Dylan Pfohl produced this edit of Luke cruising his yard

SE Bikes Welcomes Luke Parslow from SE Bikes on Vimeo.

Dave Dillewaard: Questions and Answers

Dave Dillewaard was one of the first Australians to go over to America and do well. He has been able to keep this going for over 10 years now which is no easy task. Being one of the only non foam pit style riders in the Dew Tour now days he has been able to keep his popularity going strong as people from both sides of BMX can relate. He kills dirt, park and street with a unique style. Dillsy spends half of this time in the USA and the other half in Australia. To find out a little more about Dave keep on reading.

Place to ride? Redcliffe Skatepark.

Favorite trick to do? flatty/table/inverts.

Favorite trick you cant do? oppo whips.

Rider you like watching the most? Corey Bohan.

People to ride with? Yonny, Biz, Enns, Heath Pinter, Brett Walker, K-Town, Dano, All da boyz.

What bike do you ride? GT/Demolition.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Its actually a VHS called Thunder.

BMX could do without? Wip to crank arm catch, crank arm clamp barspins, One uppers.

BMX could do with more? Just HFWI.

Did you ever race? Yeah for a few years, got to competitive though and lost its fun.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Hawaii and China.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? You can count it, just dont claim it till u do it on something real.

Do you like contests? Yeah i enjoy some contests. I dont really like the competitiveness in the big contests but prize money is good.

Magazine or websites? I enjoy mags but with the internet being so accessible its where you look first for updates news and info.

Favorite website? the come up, crispy stream, world star hip hop, facebook, twitter.

Sponnos? Gt Bikes, Demolition parts, Famous Stars and Straps and s-one helmets.

Plans for 2012? ride as much as i can in bris before i head back to the states, then got a bunch of sweet stuff planned with gt. couple of trips, couple of contest, and try film for some shit.