Mark "Wolfman" Schneider: Questions and Answers

Mark Schneider aka Wolfman aka the night rider is a legend in the Australian BMX scene. From killing vert ramps, to running the legendary Heavy Metal Heroes comps, Wolfman has done so much for BMX. He could tell stories about things he has seen and experienced for days. Scheider is still out there killing it and doesn't seem to slow down to much even after his terrible luck with multiple knee surgeries. This is a really good read, so check it out.

Place to ride? Beenleigh or my Backyard MiniRamp.

Favorite trick to do? fWive fWorty!!!.

Favorite trick you cant do? Vert 540 Whip, it's just an Awesome trick to watch.

Rider you like watching the most? Ryan Nyquist is my favorite comp rider of all time, no matter how much pressure he is under you can bet he will come thru with the goods.

People to ride with? Glen McLaughlin, Clint Millar, Guy Taylor, Rado Sodama plus all the Beenleigh Locals as I always have. I did enjoy the old KP sessions with Corey Bohan, Paul Robinson and the rest of those guys too.

What bike do you ride? I know Clint Millar so I have more Colony bikes than V8 cars.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? I've kept all my Cinema Stubbs since 1991, I have over 800 now. My Loughroom is one big Home Cinema with over 600dvd's. So I'll keep it short and say my fav movie is the original 1976 ROCKY, with a special shout out to Paul Robinson and the movie FIRST BLOOD!.

BMX could do without? I'm 41yrs old so I could whinge on ramp decks for hours but being I didn't really have anybody to ride with until I was 26yrs old as I lived up north in Townsville. There wasn't any magazines, videos and the Internet hadn't been invented yet. So I still really appreciate having the people reading this to ride with.

BMX could do with more? The Australian Scene could do with some Comps. For the huge amount of Riders we have here in Australia we don't have much Comp wise. Comps are a massive headache to get running tho, I know, been there done that.

Did you ever race? Hell Yeah I did! I really enjoyed it back in the early 90's. Only moto I ever won I got disqualifed for because I spun a victory 360 on the last jump. I also Drag Raced a GTS 350 Monaro back then too, does that count?.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Greenville 2004. Spent 7weeks there with Colin Mackay and also at Josh Harrington's flat. Ramp's were ridden, bourbon was drunk, fun times.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? No it doesn't count. But if you learn a trick in foam then take it to Resi, then Pull it on a ramp/dirt jump/down a stair case then Yes that counts. I grew up without that stuff and I wish I had Foam/resi back then. I learnt Backflips in 93' lakejumping into the Ross river where I seen a 3m croc 2yrs beforehand so appreciate what you little barsterds have nowadays.

Do you like contests? After running 15 Heavy Metal Heroes Comps at Beenleigh the answer is Yes. I loved those days.

Magazine or websites? Both.

Favorite website? YouTube.

Plans for 2012? Less Drinking more Riding. Going to the USA in september for
a coast to coast roadtrip with Glen McLaughlin. Going to be hitting up a lot of parks, trying out the Aussie accent on lots of chicks and doing the tourist thing. More Fun Times.


Dave Dillewaard said...

fuck yeah wolfman!

Anonymous said...

This was great

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it's been almost 15 years since that Vert X comp

Anonymous said...

hey yonny, do you reckon butterlegs is jealous cause you get more comments on your post than him? i bet he is really going to dig deep and post some gnarly shit ey?

Clint Millar said...

Hell yeah Wolfie !! Been so busy of late totally forgot to read this until now. It was a good read mate. You rule.