MacNeil Riders Andrew Lazaruk & George Bolter in Brisbane

(Andrew Lazaruk RIDEbmx wallpaper)
MacNeil Bikes Andrew Lazaruk from Canada and George Bolter from New Zealand have recently made the trip to Brisbane to meet up with Beerwah local and Australian Macneil rider Smason Ross. There plan is to hit as many spots as they can and experience the Brisbane scene. Unfortunately it has been raining like crazy in Brisbane the last couple of weeks, so there isnt much you can ride. They are here for just over a week, so hopefully they get a bit of good weather so they can make the most of the trip. If you are in Brisbane keep and eye out for these guys.


hot chick said...

this site is alot better now with yonny on it.

Nick K's Mum said...

So much bloody better uh. Long live da yon