David Girsch: Questions & Answers

Here is a little interview with Cairns local and Unit Clothing rider David Girsch. Girsch is crazy good as you can see from the long list of edits he has had over the years, David Girsch Edits. Keep reading to find out more about the Girschy.

Place to ride? Red bull dirt pipe.  

Favorite trick to do? Barspins/turndowns.  

Favorite trick you cant do? Hangfives.  

Rider you like watching the most? Dennis enarson.

People to ride with? Basically the cairns crew Danza chris Kerley soko & mulesy plus others.  

What bike do you ride? Nightfallbikeco frame with profile wheels.  

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Last chance by demolition or the new united one.  

BMX could do without? Riders hating on other riders.  

BMX could do with more? Funding from governments for more places to ride & more girls that ride bmx!.  
Did you ever race? Raced from the age 5-13 on n off.  

Favorite place you have traveled too? Noumea, new caledonia (amazing people & landscape).  

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? I think if your going to claim a new trick as pulled it has to be over a legit jump.  

Do you like contests? Contests can be fun. Mainly to rde with a bunch of dudes you don't normally ride with.  

Magazine or websites? Websites for sure, I still see a purpose gor magazines for sure.  

Favorite website? Vital bmx, the come up, tube8 & YouTube.  

Sponnos? Unit Clothing.  

Plans for 2012? Ride as much as possible get decent clips n pics travel n have fun!.


Wilton Headley said...

Yon-E puten in work for the site, more then Mitch did over the whole time his been working at diversity.

NightFall Bike Co. said...

Yeh good shit Davo!