Websites: Rhys Newling

The Rad Theory frontman Rhys Newling just dropped his portfolio website. It has a really nice aesthetic, and features all his videos and photography. It has photos outside of BMX, which is sweet. Check it out here

Cody Pollard

Cody Pollard sent over this this clip of himself cruising some concrete parks in Queensland. I really dug this, had a nice vibe.

Mark "Wolfman" Schneider: Questions and Answers

Mark Schneider aka Wolfman aka the night rider is a legend in the Australian BMX scene. From killing vert ramps, to running the legendary Heavy Metal Heroes comps, Wolfman has done so much for BMX. He could tell stories about things he has seen and experienced for days. Scheider is still out there killing it and doesn't seem to slow down to much even after his terrible luck with multiple knee surgeries. This is a really good read, so check it out.

Place to ride? Beenleigh or my Backyard MiniRamp.

Favorite trick to do? fWive fWorty!!!.

Favorite trick you cant do? Vert 540 Whip, it's just an Awesome trick to watch.

Rider you like watching the most? Ryan Nyquist is my favorite comp rider of all time, no matter how much pressure he is under you can bet he will come thru with the goods.

People to ride with? Glen McLaughlin, Clint Millar, Guy Taylor, Rado Sodama plus all the Beenleigh Locals as I always have. I did enjoy the old KP sessions with Corey Bohan, Paul Robinson and the rest of those guys too.

What bike do you ride? I know Clint Millar so I have more Colony bikes than V8 cars.

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? I've kept all my Cinema Stubbs since 1991, I have over 800 now. My Loughroom is one big Home Cinema with over 600dvd's. So I'll keep it short and say my fav movie is the original 1976 ROCKY, with a special shout out to Paul Robinson and the movie FIRST BLOOD!.

BMX could do without? I'm 41yrs old so I could whinge on ramp decks for hours but being I didn't really have anybody to ride with until I was 26yrs old as I lived up north in Townsville. There wasn't any magazines, videos and the Internet hadn't been invented yet. So I still really appreciate having the people reading this to ride with.

BMX could do with more? The Australian Scene could do with some Comps. For the huge amount of Riders we have here in Australia we don't have much Comp wise. Comps are a massive headache to get running tho, I know, been there done that.

Did you ever race? Hell Yeah I did! I really enjoyed it back in the early 90's. Only moto I ever won I got disqualifed for because I spun a victory 360 on the last jump. I also Drag Raced a GTS 350 Monaro back then too, does that count?.

Favorite place you have traveled too? Greenville 2004. Spent 7weeks there with Colin Mackay and also at Josh Harrington's flat. Ramp's were ridden, bourbon was drunk, fun times.

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? No it doesn't count. But if you learn a trick in foam then take it to Resi, then Pull it on a ramp/dirt jump/down a stair case then Yes that counts. I grew up without that stuff and I wish I had Foam/resi back then. I learnt Backflips in 93' lakejumping into the Ross river where I seen a 3m croc 2yrs beforehand so appreciate what you little barsterds have nowadays.

Do you like contests? After running 15 Heavy Metal Heroes Comps at Beenleigh the answer is Yes. I loved those days.

Magazine or websites? Both.

Favorite website? YouTube.

Plans for 2012? Less Drinking more Riding. Going to the USA in september for
a coast to coast roadtrip with Glen McLaughlin. Going to be hitting up a lot of parks, trying out the Aussie accent on lots of chicks and doing the tourist thing. More Fun Times.

Raphael Jeroma-Williams Subrosa Brand Edit

Raphael Jeroma-Williams from Triplesix on Vimeo.

This is Raphs new edit for Subrosa Brand. Its filmed at street spots and parks around Brisbane by Stewart Munro. Raph is one of those guys that does everything so easy and has so much power when he rides. My favorite clip is at 2.20, where it shows just what I am talking about with him just doing whatever he wants. This is a must watch, good shit Raph.

David Girsch: Questions & Answers

Here is a little interview with Cairns local and Unit Clothing rider David Girsch. Girsch is crazy good as you can see from the long list of edits he has had over the years, David Girsch Edits. Keep reading to find out more about the Girschy.

Place to ride? Red bull dirt pipe.  

Favorite trick to do? Barspins/turndowns.  

Favorite trick you cant do? Hangfives.  

Rider you like watching the most? Dennis enarson.

People to ride with? Basically the cairns crew Danza chris Kerley soko & mulesy plus others.  

What bike do you ride? Nightfallbikeco frame with profile wheels.  

Favorite Dee Vee Dee? Last chance by demolition or the new united one.  

BMX could do without? Riders hating on other riders.  

BMX could do with more? Funding from governments for more places to ride & more girls that ride bmx!.  
Did you ever race? Raced from the age 5-13 on n off.  

Favorite place you have traveled too? Noumea, new caledonia (amazing people & landscape).  

Tricks done on resi, do you count it? I think if your going to claim a new trick as pulled it has to be over a legit jump.  

Do you like contests? Contests can be fun. Mainly to rde with a bunch of dudes you don't normally ride with.  

Magazine or websites? Websites for sure, I still see a purpose gor magazines for sure.  

Favorite website? Vital bmx, the come up, tube8 & YouTube.  

Sponnos? Unit Clothing.  

Plans for 2012? Ride as much as possible get decent clips n pics travel n have fun!.

Coast To Cams Tour: On the road

"The Coast 2 Cams DEFT Gloves Family Road trip... we have the whole Aussie DEFT crew plus Harry Main as a special guest rider stopping at selected parks and compounds along the east coast of Australia till they meet up with Cam White and the Dirt Jam comp... stay tuned so you can score free swag along the way.. special Thanks to Jetpilot, Ethika, GoPro, ODI Grips and Ogio Monster Energy."

Dillsyfoto Update

Dave Dillewaard just put a couple of new photos up on his site The update is some photos at Redcliffe skatepark which has recently been upgraded. The site is mainly just photos from Daves everyday life in Australia and California.

Comments No Longer Moderated To Be Approved

For a long time on Diversity when you made a comment it needed to be moderated and approved before it would go up. We will no longer will be doing this. So when you comment it will go up straight away. I guess it had been that way to stop the hate, but the reality is there is always going to be hate in BMX and there was just as much hate before the internet and trying to block it out in the comments really isn't going to do much to stop it. Waiting a day to see if your comment comes up and then to see if any one responds is silly, its 2012 and 24 hours internet time is like a week in real life time.

We will still see the comments that come in and will only be deleting truly hateful comments. Comments like "joes frontie double x-up looks like shit" or "grind something higher then a 1 foot ledge pussy" isn't classed as hateful. Comments attacking peoples families etc are classed as hateful. That being said positive comments are better. As the saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This should still hold true for the most part. It would be good to see more people commenting on videos as it makes the site more interesting for everyone. K now go cray.

Dave Cragg 2010 Footage

Another little gem from Sam Chilton's Vimeo page. Dave is a rad dude for sure, and he really excels around Five Dock's marvellous bowls.

Gonz's Defero Section

Adrian Galaz's section from the 2010 Defero dvd is now online. I really liked this, a bunch of really technical rail moves. The ender was sweet.

Adrian Galaz "Gonz" Defero 2010 DVD Section from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.

MacNeil Riders Andrew Lazaruk & George Bolter in Brisbane

(Andrew Lazaruk RIDEbmx wallpaper)
MacNeil Bikes Andrew Lazaruk from Canada and George Bolter from New Zealand have recently made the trip to Brisbane to meet up with Beerwah local and Australian Macneil rider Smason Ross. There plan is to hit as many spots as they can and experience the Brisbane scene. Unfortunately it has been raining like crazy in Brisbane the last couple of weeks, so there isnt much you can ride. They are here for just over a week, so hopefully they get a bit of good weather so they can make the most of the trip. If you are in Brisbane keep and eye out for these guys.

Arvo at the Dock with Mathew Muttock and Lee Cruickshank

I just stumbled across this cruising through vimeo. Sam Chilton put together this edit with Mathew Muttock and Lee Cruickshank. Shouts to Lee for killing transition.

Chris Harti off Subrosa; On Fit

Chris Harti has parted ways with Triplesix/Subrosa and is now on the already stacked Fit Australia team. On an unrelated note, welcome to our newest contributor Yonny Wakefield!

Australian BMX on Instagram

Instagram has been blowing up as of late. It is a social photo app for iPhone's, its basically like twitter but only photos and you can comment on them and follow people and people follow you, you get the gist. Having good people to follow makes it a lot better to use. But finding people to follow can be a little difficult. So I have made a list (in no particular order and certainly not all) of Australian BMX riders and people in the Australian BMX community that you can follow.

alexhiam - Alex Hiam
seventy_seven - Ammon Chesworth
bcjones01 - Brendan Jones
brolive - Brock Olive
colinmackaybmx - Colin Mackay
bowie82 - Corey Bohan
xarmedwithamindx - Cooper Brownlee
cosmicbeast - Mitch Wood
djbmx - Daniel Johnson
danoheadon - Daniel Headon
dillewaard - Dave Dillewaard
dngrone - Chris O'donnell
dirtywhite - Dylan White
girschy - David Girsch
glewybmx - Thomas Glew
thuggyboy - Justin Bumpstead
leezy_zingbergs - Liam Zingbergs
luxbmx - LuxBMX Store
mikeycz - Mike Czajkowski
nahyouriteminer - Zac Miner
kajewski - Nick Kajewski
nitaiw - Nitai Whitehurst
nyrm - Nah Your Rite Mate
petapanda - Peta Shepard
peterradivo - Peter Radivo
ryanguettler - Ryan Guettler
guettlerbmx - Ryan Guettler
smorriesy - Stephen Morrisey
teabaggyballs - Tom Stretton
tritto - Tristan Montagu
bigsalad - Troy Charlesworth
dishonourbrand - Dishonour Brand
estobmx - Evan Jaques
codieryan - Codie Ryan
brennoboi - Brendan Hanson
chriscourtenay - Chris Courtenay
jadanroxburgh - Jadan Roxburgh
adamhoughbmx - Adam Hough
andybuckworth - Andy Buckworth
yonnybmx - Yonny Wakefield
afraybrand - AFRAY Clothing
calvincop - Calvin Kosovich
toohey_bmx - Jaie Toohey
you_john - John Young
marn0ld - Marc Arnold

New Diversity Contributor: Yonny Wakefield

We have a new contributor here at Diversity and he goes by the name of Yonny Wakefield. So chicks get at him on Facebook.

Crispy Stream Big Time Edit

Brand new Crispy Stream edit thanks to Michael Vockenson. There is a chance this is the best edit so far made on the internet ever, so don't be scared that is 10 minutes and watch it. Good vibes and some good riding mixed in. If you don't know about Crispy Stream you need to get over there and check out what they are doing, keeping BMX fun.

Jess Cini for LKI

Jess Cini's new edit for his clothing hookup LKI. Dudes killing it. It seems switch whips are becoming staple, which is pretty nuts.

Crispy X Tippos

While Vocko was invading our territory, he filmed this edit with Mitch Morrison and Ammon Chesworth. Really fucking good.

Crispy V Tippos: Mitch Morison & Ammon Chesworth from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Tempered 'Liiv Fast' Web Advert

New Tempered ad for Alex Liiv's 'Liiv Fast' seat, featuring possibly the raddest Nac Nac of the year.

Colony/Vans in Adelaide

Colony just dropped this video from their team trip to Adelaide in December last year, and damn. It's straight fire, pretty much. Way too much good stuff to delve in to. Featuring Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Cooper Brownlee, Ryan Guettler, Zac Miner, Tom Stretton, Brock Olive, Valvo and Clint Millar

Port Macquarie New Park.

A bunch of locals shredding Port Macquarie's new skatepark. This park has been open like a month, and I've seen these kids improve out of sight, it's rad! Featuring Damien Edwards, Jeremy Lankester, Smason Ossedryver, Clint Lankester, Mitch Wilkie, Curtis Hockey and Jack Gibson.

Tom Ash's Backyard Jam

Tom sent us this video of himself and his dudes Jeremy Mckay, Josh Robson, Jack Paton, Jack Carter, Jayden Parsons, Shayn Beavis and Zac Crookes. having a quiet little jam on his fun-looking backyard set-up. Rad shit dudes!

Ashton Schultz

13 year old Ashton Schultz with some impressive park riding in Brisbane

Liam Krumiel for Riding Way

Liam kills it in the short, sweet clip for Riding Way. Ice to bar at the end was clean.

Liam Kruimel from blue on Vimeo.

Dillon Mitchelson

Jacob Hosking facebooked me this video of his boy Dillon Mitchelson killing some park and street. Dude has moves for sure.

VALEBMX has moved!

VALEBMX has moved from their Helensvale store location to a new shopfront in the Southport/Ashmore area. The new address is 6/511 Olsen Avenue, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4215. For more info on the store, trading hours and everything else Vale, head on over to their blog!

Steve Van Ginneken for Impurity Bikes

Brett Trigg sent over this clip of Steve Van Ginneken riding a kicker to dirt landing set up for Impurity Bikes

Tempered Site: Product Features, Mini Interviews and Team Updates

Temepred have just updated their website with some fresh new features. They've got team updates, features on their goods, and mini Interviews with their crew about all manner of things from Roadtrips, Music, Rails and more! Head on over there and check it out.

Crooked World 2 with Andrew Ahumada

Andrew Ahumada seems to be always producing high quality web content, and this doesn't disappoint. Fuckloads of wild park riding, but I had to mute it. Either way, this is wild.

3rd Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Here is the edit from the 3rd Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam, which we held at the Kempsey skate park this past saturday. It was one of the best days riding I've ever had. Such a good day roasting hips with the best crew, all while raising money for charity, I couldn't really ask for much more. Video features Jonny Mackellar, Jett Andrews-Govett, Nate Himsley, Jack Stead, Jack Gibson, Shane Conlon, Zac Wilson, Linden Evans and Rahdi Frances-Cater. I have nothing but love for all our amazing supporters in Hell On Wheels, Dishonour Brand, Back Bone BMX, Triplesix Distribtuion, Tempered Goods, Stowaway, Vale BMX. I can't articulate how much your support means.

Stephen Griffiths

Jack Birtles produced this really good edit of Liverpool export Stephen Griffiths. Stephen seems to be a really diverse rider, killing park, street and massive bowls all in this video. Hell yeah!

Ali Hassan at Ramp Attak

Another video from young Brisbaneite Ali Hassan. This time, from a session at Ramp Attak

Tyson Von Hoff

Tyson Von Hoff shredding some parks and street in QLD. Crooks to 180 was sweet!

FIST Handwear: Danny Campbell

Some wild and kinda different park moves in this edit of Danny Campbell, with a Cameo from Andrew Ahumade

Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam

This is (I think) the 5th year that Cam has put on the Hillside Dirt Jam, and from all accounts, it just keeps getting better. This year should be a special one, though, as a tribute to Dane. Get along if you can, I'm sure it'll go off.

Zacahrya Dangerfield

Zacahrya Dangerfield pumped out this fresh edit for the new year, and has plenty of good moves. Bar to hang five is a rarity. A few too many barspins for my liking, but aside from that it was sweet!

Jerry V's Signature 'Surefire' Frame & Bar

Following the release of the Datura bar, Tempered have also dropped the second installment of their signature series, the Jerry V Surefire line, which we previewed a little while ago. Boasting one of the cleanest frames of the year, with some up-to-date, yet on point geo, and some sexy dropouts, as well as some sensibly sized bars, the line is dope! For more information, check out the flipbook below or hit up the Tempered site.

Benn Pigot Signature 'Datura' Handlebar

The long awaited Benn Pigot signature 'Datura' handlebar has just dropped, and is in shipment as we speak. These bars feature the same 9x29 height/width dimensions as the 1929, but with a slightly more classic up and backsweep. Having ridden Benn's bike fitted with these, I have nothing but good things to say. Hit up Tempered Goods for the full spec. It also mentions that Benn is back on the bike and working on the promo for these bars. Hell yes!

Dishonour 2012 Calis

Dishonour just made their newest drop, and it is fucking legit. Some new Cali sunglasses to ring in the new year, and they are legit. Die cast logo, matte black frames and polarized lenses. On top of that, there are some fresh gradient-print tees, and as always, they're on point. Get on that.

Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam TV Show Now Online

Unit just uploaded the TV segment from the 2011 Cam Jam that appeared on Fuel TV, to promote the upcoming 2012 Cam's Jam, which will be on February 4th. This video features plenty of the worlds top dirt jumpers, including Anthony Napolitan, Colin Mackay, Ryan Guettler, Jed Mildon, Nick Richardson, Dane Searls, David Girsch, Cam Pianta, Hucker, Brandon Dosch, James Foster, Cam White and more. Be sure to check it out, and get to Cam's Jam!

Jack Paton

Regular submitter Jack Paton sent over this edit of himself riding parks and street around Brisbane. Dude's got moves.

Mikey Ross

Spotted this little gem over on Back Bone. Mikey Ross killing Tuggers one afternoon. Sweet mix of tricks, speed and style.

Joel Lenton

The Storey Brothers put together this edit of Joel Lenton whipping his way through some parks in QLD

Montage 'Best of 2011'

Adam Dyson composed this 'best of' section, compiling the highlights of all his edits from the last year. Tons of good riding from all walks of BMX life.

Best Of 2011 | By Adam Dyson from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Re-Up: Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam.

It's just over two weeks away now, and everything is coming together nicely. Expecting a nice turnout of good dudes, gonna be a rad day! Hope to see you there! Remember, it's a charity day to raise money for the Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney.

Dave Wood and Pierre Blondel in Paris

Dave Wood facebooked me this tonight, and it got me psyched! A few clips collected late last year of himself and Pierre Blondel. A few famous spots, and bunch of sweet riding. Yew!