Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay- To Byron and Back

Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay were part of a trip promoting the Sony Xperia phone from Sydney to Byron and Back. Both of these dudes are absolute ramp monsters, so as you'd expect, it's full of wild quaterpipe tricks.

Jack Whitehead End of Year.

13 year old Jack Whitehead submitted this video of himself riding some parks around Brisbane. He has a pretty reasonable selection of tricks for a kid who has been only riding eight months. I look forward to seeing his progression once he gets bigger and little more bike control. Keep at it dude!

Merry Christmas from Stowaway

To ring in the silly season, our good friends at Stowaway Distribution put together this really awesome video filmed during what looks to be a rad session at Chris & Will Kerr's trails during their trips for the D.A.N.E Jam. Featuring The Kerr Brothers, Jamie Moore and Ryan Lloyd, as well as two of my favourite Englishmen Toby Forte and Chaz Mann. These dudes have style for miles, collaborated with these trails, it's simply amazing.

Newcastle Jam

The annual Andrew Legget memorial jam is going to be poppin' off this weekend at the South Newcastle beach skatepark this Saturday, the 22nd of December. These always look like a bloody good time, so if that's what you're after, get there!

Keahnu Doyle- Division

Young Gold Coast destroyer Keahnu Doyle comes through with the heat in this new edit for Division. Dude is ridiculously good.


Pat Freyne X Stay Local Co.

Regular submitter Pat Freyne just got hooked up by new Gippsland-based clothing label Stay Local, with this being his obligatory introduction video. It's been cool watching Pat progress over the last few months, and this video is no different, particularly the ender.

Diversity Q&A: Tom Boorman/Hell On Wheels

This is the first, of what I hope will be many Diversity Q&A's. To kick things off, I hit up Hell On Wheels' Tom Boorman to find out a little bit more about the shop. Tom is a rad dude, and, despite starting from humble beginnings, the shop has a solid team behind it, and a bright future. Read on after the jump.

Dishonour Collab Drop

Dishonour have just dropped two new collaborations with Stay Deadly and Crispy Stream respectively. First up, is the Stay Deadly snapback, which is something of a five panel and starter hybrid, with a shallower fit but a more traditional shape. With a simple aesthetic featuring nothing more than a woven SD tag up front, and embroided 'Stay Deadly X Dishonour' in the back.

Following, is the Crispy tee. The only real way to describe this, is that it is Crispy embodied in a tee shirt, with bikes, dogs, attractive mugshots and partying. For more info head over here.

Dane Searls Memorial Jam Video

This is the video from the D.A.N.E jam that went down at the Stromlo jumps in Canberra recently. A veritable list of Australia's best trails riders shredding in memory of the legend that was Dane Searls. 9 minutes of pure awesomeness. Shot and cut by John Young.

Frenchie Orange Juice Collection Promo

Alex Coumailleau squeezed this fresh promo for Orange Juice. Frenchie has a rad ledge style, and makes the goofy four peg game look good. Yew!

Orange Juice collection promo video: Frenchie from Orange Juice on Vimeo.


Bullmix are back online and kicking it off with a quickie of Dave C and Billy B riding their DIY spot. Shits rad.

Gippstape #1

Pat Freyne has been making moves with his scene blog Gippy Crew for a little while now, and this is their first full mixtape. Based around the scene at the Warragul skatepark, a wide variety of riding is showcased, from what appears to be a rather large crew. Whilst the level of riding from all is pretty high, Pat and Chris Nicol definitely steal the show. Their second mix is currently in the works, so I look forward to seeing what comes from these dudes!

Rhys Dennis

Jayme Timms got behind the lens for Rhys Dennis to put together this video on behalf of his clothing hookup, VC CLothing. Rhys shreds a few SEQ parks as well as the Southbank ledges.

Clint Millar 10 Clips

For this instalment of Colony's 10 Clips, boss man Clint Millar takes care of business; cruising some Brisbane concrete, then the Ride On park. So much front brake tech, it's ridiculous.

Josh Kathigitis X LBB: Skids and Jibs

I've always jived with Josh Kathigitis' riding, but unfortunately we haven't seen much from him since that rad 2020 cover way back in 2010, so I was stoked when I saw this pop up in my feed today. There are a lot of unique tire slide/ghost feeble type tricks in here, but the one that stood out the most to me was the pole jam, and the ender.

Dayvis Heyne/Simple Man Clothing

Dayvis Heyne gets it done in a three hour session at Monster for his threads hookup; Simple Man Clothing. The dope street influenced lines are abundant, but he is more than capable with more traditional park riding, as well. He also Nollies into a few things that you don't normally see nollied into.

Darryl Willing

Darryl Willing is another park shredder from Mossman; which has produced the likes of Zane Caldera and more over the years. There are a bunch of cool footjam variations in here, like the vader push up on the extension

Mixtape #2

Gary McIvor has churned out yet another mix featuring his Albury crew; this time from a trip to Melbourne. Tame Impala and cruising some concrete works so well.

Mixtape2 from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Levi Jackonia X The Set

Levi Jackonia comin' through hot with this dope video for The Set, filled with sweet manual lines, gaps at high velocity and one of the best tables in the game. Dude is good!

Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher put in three months worth of work for Blair Johnston's camera, and came through with the goods at some Queensland parks and street. Filled with some impressive nose manuals, crankslides and more!

Travis Bond

I apologise for the lack of activity over the last week or so. I was on holidsy on the Gold Coast. Travis Bond sent through this short video of himself with some street-influenced park riding. He locks in a really good Ice, and a really good nose manual amongst other lines.

clips from travis bond on Vimeo.

Jayden Fuller at Beenleigh

Paul Gerlich got together with young Kiwi Jayden Fuller to film this video at Beenleigh over a couple of sessions. There are some pretty impressive clips in here, especially for a few sessions.

Jayden Fuller, Beenleigh Edit from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Forster Day Trip

PMQ homies Clint Lankester, Jeremy Lankester and Mitch Wilke made the most of the warm weather by taking a day trip to Forster via the new Laurieton park. The brothers Lankester have polar opposite styles, with Jeremy killing the peg game, and Clint coming through with the fast, stylish simplicity, which is really interesting.


Myles and Kurtly Weekend Clips

Kurtly Jamieson sent through this video of him and his boy Myles putting together some sweet doubles lines at their local park.


November Mix

This is a mix video from some South Australian crew ripping some parks and backyard setups. Featuring Ryan Cranage, Brad Ferguson, Shaun Withers and Marcus Wanganeen.

November 2012 Mix Edit. from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

Octoberfest Trail Jam

This is Stowaway's video from their Trails Jam from mid-October. These dudes have public, council approved jumps, which looks to be paying off, as so many of these guys are so good.

Focalpoint Issue 30

Issue 30 of Focalpoint just came online, and it is full of all the content it's become synonymous with. A bunch of really nice photos, interviews with some lesser known riders, some scanned throwbacks and a few other cool pieces. Good shit!

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Season Finale

Corey Bohan winds up his youtube reality show; 'The Wizard of Aus' at the Texas Toast Jam in Austin. There is a ton of riding footage, as well as a few words from Taj about the thesis of Toast. It's a really good way to wrap up the first season.

30 Minutes with Chris Nicol

Pat Freyne put his new camera to good use by producing this short session video with Chris Nicol shredding Warragul. Chris is a park killer, with a barrage of tricks on the hip and spine. James Curnock also gets a cameo.

Zacahrya Dangerfield/Impurity

Tristan Montagu joined up with Zacahrya Dangerfield to put together this video for Impurity. Zac has a whole swag of wild front wheel tech, as well as some big air tricks. I think the 360 to Hang Five is a first, as well?

Zacahrya Dangerfield for Impurity Bike Co. from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Justin Bumpstead

This is rad! Our very own Justy Bumpstead ripping around Browns Plains park in Brisbane. Has a sweet mix of fast, boosted moves and tech lip and manual tricks; all with more style than Vince Noir. The Hall and Oates track gave the video an awesome vibe, too. Hell yeah Justy!

Dan McNamara

Dan McNamara is only 14 years old, and has a deeper bag of tricks than most people many years his senior. I think Brisbane has a production line of stupidly good park kids, or something. Video by Jack Paton

Dan Mcnamara | 2012 Web Edit from Jack Paton on Vimeo.

Dishonour 'Nomad' Drop

Dishonour have churned out some fresh goods in time for summer. The ever popular Raglans, and the very appropriate singlets. Both of which are a rad fit, and the Nomad print is awesome. Find out more here.

Jack O'Reilly at Our House

Federal's Australia conncection, Jack O'Reilly managed to catch a few sessions at Seventies' Our House park. There are some sweet lines in here, but the no footer to table, and the ice to nose on the curved ledge were my favourites.

#mmm Nerang Nights

Gold Coasters John Falconer, Adam Cox, Eddie Shawcross, Sam Nikora, Shane Conlon, Will Hickman, Jason Peterson, Keahnu Doyle and Jye Stuart, along with Port Macquarie ring-in Jack Gibson shred the night session at Nerang. Some sweet bowl burning, and plenty of real cool lines on the plaza section, but Jye's last line was too good.

Mmm #Nerang Nights from Adam on Vimeo.


Paul Gerlich compiled a bunch of footage leftover from other projects, and put them to good use in this Scraps quickie. A bunch of good riding in this from some lesser-known Brisbane riders. It's really cool to see how people who ride together all the time develop completely different styles.

Scraps from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

An Afternoon with Jonny Mackellar

Jayme Timms headed down to the Sumners Road trails in Brisbane for an arvo session with Brisbane's resident trails hessian; Jon Mackellar. Jonny kills it, especially on home turf, with a few solid combos, and a fuckload of style. My favourite part about this, though, is that this is exactly how he rides every arvo.

Colony Guettler/Miner Split

During our Winter, Zac Miner left our shores for the warmer climate of So Cal, catching up with fellow Colony dude Ryan Guettler. In that time, they churned out this video, which is sweet. We catch Guettler doing some stuff that he's not so well known for, and Miner cruises a couple parks as well as getting some rad things done on street.

Kym Grosser Plaza Video

I'd heard rumours about this, and that it was supposed to be real crazy. It not only lived up to, but exceeded my expectations. Plenty of solid, and somewhat out of the ordinary lines in here, but that one three to smith was insane.

Josh Fountain Ten Clips

Josh Fountain's new video is a raw, 10-clip style edit. He has a fairly deep bag of tricks, and some unique lines in here.

Josh Fountain 10 clips from josh fountain on Vimeo.

Hawker Hurricane Premiere Party

To celebrate the release of their new video; Hawker Hurricane, Aliphant and Oicnt are putting on a premiere party on the 16th November at the Bar Orient in Freemantle. Get there!

Dirty Hessians Park Sessions

Another rad clip from West Oz dudes Jaymin King, Josh Henke, Jamie Harrold and Warren Bowers. These dudes seem to be really versatile, capable of shredding anything.

Colony/Woodward West Shootout

Woodward West are running a video competition, comprising of six teams and their footage from the camp; one of which being Colony. The video features Alex Hiam, Bobby Altiser, Chris Courtenay, Brandon Van Dulken, Clint Millar, Peta Shepherd, Ryan Guettler, Jourdan Barba, Tom Stretton and Paddy Gross, and it's awesome! Head over here and cast your vote!

30 Minutes at Ramp Attak with Victor Torres

Jack Paton teamed up with Chilean shredder Victor Torres for about half an hour at Ramp Attak skatepark in Brisbane. Victor has some big tricks up his sleeve, but the wallride to flair thing was awesome.

Levi Jackonia Fitzroy Session

Levi Jackonia put together this video from a cruisy session today down at Fitzroy's bowl. Despite it being a chill arvo session, he gets some good shit done; and also has one of the best tables around.

News: Liam Zingbergs on AFRAY

AFRAY have just announced a new addition to their already stacked team; being Liam Zingbergs. To celebrate, they've dropped this new video; Andtroducing; Liam Zingbergs. Liam brings the heat, as does the rest of the team in their respective clips. John Young's behind the lens, so you know the production is on point. Afray are doing it right

AFRAY ANDTRODUCING Liam Zingbergs from AFRAY Denim Co. on Vimeo.

Brock Olive on Premium

After leaving longtime sponsor, Colony recently, Brock Olive has been added to the Premium team. Dude kills it, should be good.

Halloween Jam 2012!

The bicycle party that is the Annual Halloween Jam went down this past weekend, and Pete Conway was on hand to capture the action. Featuring Ammon Chesworth, Tom Stretton, Tom Boorman, Billy Brooks, Paul C, Josh Druce and many more. It looks like the typical awesome day. Did I spot a Holmes cameo?

Halloween Jam 2012 from Pete4130 on Vimeo.

Stephen Griffiths Farewell Video

UK Native Stephen Griffiths spent a few years on our shores, and has since departed for his homeland. In wake, Jack Birtles put together this sweet little video.

Stephen Griffiths Farewell Edit from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Jason Petersen "Still Sproutin'"

Damn, this is so awesome. So cool to see a 16 year old doing something other than cookie-cutter genericism, and still killing it.

Kris Faulkner 2012

Kris Faulkner spends his days out in Tamworth, working as a qualified Bicycle Mechanic, going to B&S's and kicking it with Lee Kernaghan. Occasionally, he rides BMX, and does a pretty good job of it.

Jeremy Lankester

Jeremy Lankester is a Port Macquarie local, who runs four pegs and a freecoaster, and makes the most of them both in here. It's been rad watching Jeremy progress lately, both tricks, and a nice, fluid style.

Ride On Halloween Jam

This was awesome. Hulk doing nosemanuals and whips and Satan doing euro tables to Rob Zombie. Good shit!

RideOn Halloween Jam 2012 from RideOn Bmx on Vimeo.

2012 Albury Halloween Jam

The Albury Halloween Jam popped off a couple of weeks ago, and Rhys Newling not only ran it, but managed to document the day, as well. Definitely has a rad vibe about it, dudes know how to have a good time!

2012 Albury Halloween jam from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

A Couple Dope Weekends

Ali Hassan sent me this video featuring his crew; Jordan Meaghan, Ashley Ballard, and Ty Tsartoglou shredding some parks and a couple Brisbane spots over the course of a few weekends. These kids go in hard, and there are actually some real good clips in here, like that Hang 5 to 180.

Crispy: Jootlagged World Premiere

The highly anticipated Crispy DVD is premiering at Lux BMX on the 24th November. Being an 18+ event, it should be a fucking good time!

Elkins X 2020

Chris Whyte teamed up with Jack Elkins to produce this dope video to promo the new 2020 site. Jack destroys everything in his typical, real tech style.

Colony in the UK

I've been hearing about this video from the Colony UK trip for a while now, and they've definitely come through with the goods. Cooper has it covered in Chris Courtenay really steals the show in this, for sure.

Ride On's Halloween Jam

The dudes at Ride On are running their own incarnation of the Halloween Jam this Saturday, with prizes for a whole gaggle of events. All you have to do is dress up, and make your way down!

Jack Birtles - Welcome to United

This is so sick. Birtles got added to the United team via Stowaway a while ago, and I know this has been in the works for a bit. Jack knows how to have a good time, and kills it on a bike. It's rad to see a bunch of out of the box type stuff. Fuck yeah

Jack Birtles - Welcome to United 2012 from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Boyd Hilder

This video is entitled '3 Chilled Minutes with Boyd Hilder', but the riding is any but! Dude gets in some big tricks on both park and trails; taking some nasty spills in the process, as well as putting together some sweet cruisy lines and high speed stuff. The song had me feeling all nostalgic. I'm gonna go play Dave Mirra 2


Jaymin King, Mitch Hannigan, Josh Henke and Warren Bowers braved the heat of Gosnells last weekend to put together this raw, musicless Two Minute video. The lack of music gives it a cool feel, and there is a good variety of riding, all of which is awesome. These dudes are so good.

CookingInGosnells. from Max on Vimeo.

Albury Mixtape

Gary McIvor has been coming through with the goods of late, and this little Mixtape is no different. Riding is dope, and the conglomerate filming, editing and music choice result in a rad vibe.

Mixtape from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Tyler Knight

Jack Paton (Who is quickly becoming our most regular video submitter) sent through this video of Tyler Knight shredding Redcliffe at night. Unfortunately, the filming was cut short due to a knee injury which has put Tyler out til Early 2013. Shits rough.

Jake Anderson Chill Clips

FNQ homie Jake Anderson put together this cruisy little video for his threads hookup Spent Clothing. Kid is living the dream, with trails and a mini ramp in his yard, which he puts to good use, flowing through with some nice style. Would be really cool to see what he could come through with if he had a filmer!

Jake Anderson chill clips from jake anderson on Vimeo.

Nimbin RoadTrippin'

Jack Paton took a Nimbin trip recently with his homies Zac Atkinson, Dan Mcnamara, Edward Hill, Cody Smith and Jack Bennett, and it looks like they travelled in style, too! The dudes start off shredding some notable South East QLD parks, and getting some rad stuff done there, too! Nimbin park is always a treat, and it looks like these fellas had an awesome time!

Jason Watts

This new Jack Birtles produced Jason Watts video is fuckin' wild! Jason has a that rare ability of having massive tricks and making them look good. The video itself has everything from high-speed gaps, big park tricks, stylish 360 combos on trails, ledge lines and two rolling front wheel lines that have to be seen to be believed.

Josh De Reus Visit

Tempered's NZ Connection Josh De Reus paid a visit to W.A and spent some time with the Kalgoorlie dudes, and they put together this video. It features some real good riding from Sam Pearce, Cale Deeble, Corey Smithies and Josh De Reus. The altercation at the start was intense!

Josh De Rues Visit from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Minty- Talk Is Cheap

Minty caused quite a stir with his first Cult video, and this one is sure to get a similar reaction. Ben has one of the more buttery styles in Australian street, and puts together some real rad grind lines, as well as some opposite stuff, wallrides and more. Minty's riding combined with John Young's prowess behind the lens makes for a fucking amazing video.

Tom Stretton Colony 10 Clips V3

Tom Stretton has yet another rad 10 Clips via Colony. He has some real cool, creative moves, as well as legit stuff like that Unluc-e.

Myles Fletcher 10 Clips

A short 10 clip video of Myles Fletcher put together by Aidan Mair. That park looks good fun.

Jaiden Bombski

Jaiden Bombski sent through this video of himself, with a description of nothing more than 'a few clips at the local'. I was taken somewhat aback when the first clip was a flip over the concrete box. The rest of it is equally solid, with some nice, high airs, transfers and some good tricks.

Focalpoint's 'The Package #7'

Focalpoint just dropped the latest edition of The Package, and it's basically a two and a half minute montage of dope street moves from the likes of Sam Illman, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Rory Matthews, Lachy Swanton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Bolton, Phil Del Tito, Troy Charlesworth and Jack Kelly. And as with all FP videos, the production is on point, as well.


Crispy 'Joot Lagged' Final Promo

Filming has wrapped up for the Crispy DVD, entitled Joot Lagged, and this is the final promo, featuring Dave Wood. Dave gets taken out by this rail quite a few times on two separate occasions. Glad he was wearing his helmet for the last one. The DVD features about 200 of Australia's best riders, and it sounds like it's gonna be sick!

Crispy: 'Joot Lagged' Final Promo from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Biloela Boys- Brisbane Trip

A bunch of Biloela riders headed to Brisbane for a few days, and together with Jack Paton, put together this rad little edit. It features Carl Bowen, Aswhley Horwath, Aaron Horwath, Maxwell Armstrong and Jayden Gallagher, and everyone gets some nice riding done at a few of Brisbanes better-known parks.

Brock Olive off Colony

Brock Olive has decided to part ways with Colony, after being on the pro team for a little while now. As is tradition, they've put together a little video as a farewell of sorts, Which is packed full of Brock's crazy peg-tech shit.

Plazapalooza 4

This has been online for a couple of weeks now, and somehow it slipped through the cracks. The fourth installment of John Young's Plazapalooza videos. This one features Jack Elkins, Nick Gascoine, Cody Ryan, Danger, JP Chavez and Ammon Chesworth and was filmed at plazas in Sydney and Canberra. Ammon's flatrail moves are groundbreaking!

Plazapalooza 4 from John Young on Vimeo.


The annual Halloween Jam is on again! This is one of Australia's greatest and longest running jams, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it'll be the raddest of times! You know you wanna make the trip down for this!

After Surgery Sydney Road Trip

Good friends and BMX Militia team mates Shane Conlon and Rahdi Frances-Cater spent a fair chunk of time off the bike due to injuries. Both had to have surgery, and as soon as they were healthy; packed up their goods and, along with Matt Dean, headed to Sydney to celebrate. These guys are some of the most fun people to ride with, and this video reflects that. Yewww!

After Surgery Sydney Road Trip from backwardsbmx films on Vimeo.

Logan Martin: 720 to Footjam

Damn. I remember when 720's were a crazy jumping trick.

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Dirt and Nothing Else

Back Bone are putting on a Memorial Jam for Dane Searls. Click on the picture for full info.

Jesse Goodwin

Curtis Winstanely put together this video of young Bendigo resident; Jesse Goodwin, which is filled with big tricks and tech combos, all of which seem to come way too easy to him.

Jesse Goodwin | 2011 2012 Edit from Curtis Winstanley on Vimeo.

Hayden Brown; Work Clips

Hayden Brown making moves at Monster for DVNT Clothing.

Three Afternoons With Pat Freyne

Jayden Warn spent three afternoons down at Warragul park with Pat Freyne. Gets some real good tranny stuff done, as well as some sweet lines in the street-ish section of the park, then heads to the streets. Good shit dudes!

Re Up: Octoberfest Trails Jam

Just a reminder that the Octoberfest Trails Jam will be going down this Sunday at the Adelaide City Trails from 1pm onward. Looks set to be a real fun afternoon, so if you're anywhere nearby, make the trip!

Josh Druce Welcome to Verde

A few months ago, Josh Druce was added to the Verde BMX BIKES team, as well as having an interview in the most recent 2020; and this 'welcome to the team' video is a very apt follow up. Packed full of big transition moves, as well as some sick ledge stuff, definitely kills it. The last two clips are insane. Probably the wildest thing to be done on that sort of set up.
Josh Druce welcome to Verde BMX from Benn Edwards on Vimeo.

A Day Out With Riding Way

The crew from Riding Way made the most of a perfect Melbourne Spring day, and hit up a few of Melbourne's favourite spots. Highlights include Adam Stone's own brand of creativity, some big box jump tricks, some rad style and seeing bossman Gorak shredding the shed bowl! Riders featured are Kai Moody, Dylan Pell, Chris Nicol, Adam Stone, Alex Mamo, Liam Krumiel, Gorak and Trent Bucknell.

A Day Out With Riding Way from Riding Way. on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 12

In the most recent episode of Wizard of Aus, we follow Corey to the NORA cup and subsequent after parties, hear a bit of whiskey-influenced exchange between the only two people to get 5 NORA cup's on the trot; Garrett Reynolds and Corey himself. Then we are treated to a few sneaks from a commercial for his new sponsor. It's also sweet to hear Corey's opinion on the current state of contests.

Zac Woods

This Jack Birtles-produced video of Zac Woods is sick. Has some real cool manual and nose manual lines, as well as a sweet little collection of non-riding good times. Good shit

ZAC WOODS from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Corey Vinci & Jake Bertollo

15/16 year olds Corey Vinci and Jake Bertollo put together this video from the riding they collected over the holidays. These kids have some big tricks, and this is only part one. I'm definitely interested to see what they come through with for part 4

Ryan Cranage Spring Edit

Ryan Cranage has been working on this one for a while, and came through with this decent little video.

Ryan Cranage Spring Edit. from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

China Trip

Brothers Tim & Chris Storey went on a family vacation to Beijing for 10 days. They both took their bikes, and managed to get some cool little riding clips and put together this video documenting their experience. Looks like an interesting time, definitely.

china trip from Chris Storey on Vimeo.

Geelong Clips

Dylan Godfrey put together this video of himself, Ben Scott, Floyd Westlake, Nathan Watts, Michael Hennessey and Paul Lemercier shredding the Geelong Park. The production is real dope, and there are some nice clips, too.

Geelong Clips from Dylan Godfrey on Vimeo.

Albury Halloween Jam

Rhys Newling has taken some initiative, and decided to put on his very own Halloween Jam down in Albury. These dudes know how to have a good time, so I'm sure the jam will be sick!

Alex Coumailleau We Are Orange Juice

Our favourite Frenchman, Alex Coumailleau has freshly squeezed a sweet new video for Dutch blog/thread brand Orange Juice. Frenchie has the goofy footed peg tech on lock, and does some real cool combo's in this.

Alex "Frenchie" Coumailleau WAOJ 2012 from Orange Juice on Vimeo.

Harry Bartter & Hayden Brown in Griffith

Young dudes Harry Bartter and Hayden Brown were in Griffith for a few days, and put together this cool little video with their Go Pro.

Tim "STINGRAY" Watson VB-Roll.

Rhys Newling worked with the veritable icon of boganism; Tim 'Stingray' Watson on his part (Which is available now on iTunes if I'm not mistaken) for The Hunt. This is the (V)B-roll from the aforementioned part; which is filled with Stingray doing sick trix on his pushy and quite a few tokens of Australiana. I forgot the first song existed, but it's amazing.

Tim "STINGRAY" Watson VB roll from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

Armeture Crew Mixtape 2

Kris Humphries hit me up with a link to the second Armeture Mixtape. Though composed of predominately b-roll footage, there is still plenty of great riding from the likes of Jono Borham, Kris Humphries, Kaddi O'shea, Dylan T-D and Dylan Ferguson. Good to see these young Novacastrians producing some good quality shit.

Armeture Crew Mixtape 2 from Armeture Productions on Vimeo.

Spring Trails

Sion Bourne decided to switch things up and cruise some trails after a year of bombing stairs and rails. And, along with Jake Corless, Kie Ashworth, Warren Bowers, Luke Snelling, Carl Cotrell and Brandon Lee managed to produce this rad little edit. Looks like a good time!

Spring Trails from Sion Bourne on Vimeo.

United Voyage Ryan Lloyd Edition Promo

In the wake of Ryan Lloyd's recent Stowaway epic, and receiving a signature colourway of the United Voyage frame, we have this awesome video promoting the latter. Ryan rips around some better known Canberran parks, as well as doing some wild shit on one nasty-looking quarter pipe. Dude has way too much style.

United The Voyage Ryan Lloyd Edition from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Shannon Farrugia

Thomas Glew put together this edit of Shannon Farrugia killing Jaycee park and Dave Mirra's old Warehouse. Some big tricks on big stuff in here.

Shanon Farrugia - Greenville 2012 from Thomas Glew on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan: Cali Trails Session

Unit just dropped this new video, I imagine as something of a welcome to the team for Corey Bohan, and it's a real treat. Something really awesome about Bohan cruising trails with a very California song laid over the top.

'Wizard of Aus' Episode 11

In this episode, we catch Corey having a night session at the trails with Dave Dillewaard and Heath Pinter; paying homage to some dirt jumping legends. The BF tribute is amazing. Then, he has an arvo sesh at a few concrete parks with Brian Hunt, Drew Bezanson and Anthony Napolitan. A lot more riding in this episode than others, check it out!


Pahau Milner and Chase Handford kill their local park in this video put together by Jacob Hosking.

pah - chase from Jacob hosking on Vimeo.

Nathan Skopelitis

Nathan Skopelitis has a real sweet, cruisy style; and he puts it to good use at Melbourne's City Park and the streets.

Colony Ten Clips- Nuke

New addition to the Colony team, Nuke kills it in this Ten Clipper. Some nice lines in here with a dialled, smooth style. Pretty crazy that he's only 15.

Ten Clips - Nuke from Colony BMX on Vimeo.


A rad little video coming out of the Gold Coast featuring Adam Cox, Jye Stuart, Keahnu Doyle and more. Some different stuff in here, for sure.

Mmm#1 from Adam on Vimeo.

Octoberfest Trail Jam

On October 14th, there will be a rad jam happening down at the Adelaide City Trails. The general concept behind the jam is to get more people stoked on riding jumps, which I think is an awesome idea. The whole day will be entirely non-competitive, with fun being the main focus. Sounds like it's gonna be a real awesome day!

Dishonour: Frontier Button Downs

Dishonour have just dropped a very handsome pair of button down flannels. These things look real nice. There's not much more you can say about flannels, but hit their site for full details.

Angus Samson X LBB

This Doug Underhill produced clip of Angus Samson is fucking awesome! Goofy footed style for miles, a very Inman-esque 360 X-Up and a whole bunch of other radness. Yeeew!

Matt Whyatt Facebook 10 Tricks

It seems Matt Whyatt had a little thing running on Facebook, where people would call out tricks, he'd select ten and throw them down in this short video. The trick that Shane Conlon called out was pretty wild.

Rewai and Cavs Quickie

Nicko Smithson hit me up with the link to this video of his boys Rewai Milner, Chris Kavanagh and Jeremy Beddow ripping at Rockhampton park. Unfortunately, filming was cut short because all three of these dudes had their bikes stolen from their house, on the same day no less. There is some absolute scum out there, for sure. Fucking sucks.

Rewai and Cavs 2012 quickie edit from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Benn Pigot's Datura Bars Promo

Two fucking rad John Young produced videos in two days; this time in the form of a promo for Benn's signature Tempered Datura bar. It's been a while, but it was definitely worth the wait. The first clip is probably the most brutal thing I've ever seen in person.

Benn Pigot's Datura Bars by Tempered Goods from John Young on Vimeo.

Fear of Missing Out

This new Jack Birtles production entitled 'Fear of Missing Out' is, in his words 'A selection of the finer moments of 2012', and I'd say it's pretty fitting. There is very little riding in this, but still very relatable and a good watch nonetheless.

Fear Of Missing Out - By Jack Birtles from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Shaun Withers 2012

Ryan Cranage put together this video of his friend Shaun Withers. Shaun doesn't get to ride too often, but you wouldn't think so from this video.

Shaun Withers 2012 Edit from Ryan Cranage on Vimeo.

Sumner's Dirt Jam

You might recall the Sumner's Road Dirt Jam that Jonny Mackellar put on last month. I had been wondering when I was going to see footage from the day; and tonight I stumbled upon this video of it. Looks like it was a real rad day, I wish I could've made it.

Slay the Rail 2012

Sydney video extraordinaire John Young put together this awesome video from this years Slay the Rail contest in Melbourne. You already know this is bullshit good on all fronts.

Slay the Rail 2012 from John Young on Vimeo.

Focalpoint Issue 29

The new Focalpoint has just gone online, and it's packed with some really cool content. Photo articles and opinion pieces, as well as all the usual jam coverage and interviews. Is it just me, or has the word count increased since going online? Either way, that's a positive!

Crispy X Frenchie

Frenchie is awesome. Kicks the video off with some French freestyling, then packs it with some real nice rail and ledge moves. Ice to smith would have to be one of my favourite ledge combos at the moment.

New York Minute

As you may have read in his recent Q&A, George Prentoski is stateside at the moment, and after a stay in Cali and Vegas, he is currently taking in the sights, sounds and spots of NYC. He managed to put together this little clip from an evening out with some locals. Looks so awesome over there.

New York Minute from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

House of Hammers

There have been whispers about this for a while now, but finally it's official! The Factory Theatre in Sydney will be hosting House of Hammers, a new 'Slay the Rails' type event on October 6. It sounds like it's going to be fucking amazing. For all the info, check the flyer below, or click here.

Out and About with Nick Harris

Nick Harris cruises some rad spots in this video for Quintin

Brock Olive- Ten Clips V3

In his third Colony Ten Clip, Brock Olive shreds the Ride On park. A bunch of dope grinds in here.

Rhys Dennis- Propaganda

Rhys Dennis getting some good shit done at some parks and spots around Brisbane. I really liked the feeble to whip on the out ledge at Ride On.

Jack Gruber Pure Bikes/Back Bone

Damn, this is sick. Young Canberran royal rat absolutely kills it in this video for Pure Bikes and Back Bone. Holds it down in the park for sure, but he stands out on street. Big drops and nice lines. That can can off the roof was amazing.

Chris Harti Bike Check

Fit's resident stylecat/Judas Priest fan Chris Harti has a little bikecheck look-book via Fit. It runs you through his TD-350 set up, and features a couple of cheeky trails photos.

Afternoon at Albury

Gary McIvor and his boys managed to come through with this during a chill arvo sesh down at Albury park

Afternoon at Albury from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

Park Mix

Josh Anderson put together this park mixtape featuring himself, Jax Anderson, Mitch Hollins, Ben Mallard, Adrian Barling, Alex Marshall, Conor Harkin, Ryan Dawson, Michael Fletcher, Luke Ward, Josh Kent, Adam Hine, Brendan Robbins, Luke Dalrymple, Daniel Daraxaglough, Lloyd Gwillym, James Lumiscisi and Jeremy Findlay. It's always cool to see scene mixtapes.

Park Mix from josh anderson on Vimeo.

'Wizard of Aus' Episode 10

In this instalment of Corey Bohan's webshow, we see a lot less riding, and get a bit more of an insight into the luxurious lifestyle that he is fortunate enough to lead.

Todd and Brad- Queensland Clips

Brad Ferguson and Todd Williams flew up to Queensland for a shredcation, and managed to collect a few clips. Looks like they had a rad time up there for sure!

queensland clips Todd and Brad from brad ferg on Vimeo.

Vote for Dane!

The late, great Dane Searls is a nominee for the Action Sports hall of fame, and you know he deserves this honour. To do so, all you have to do is head over here. You can vote 10 times an hour. Get it done! Below is a reminder of why he was such a champ.

Ryan Knight

This rad video of Ryan Knight just popped up, and it's rad! Bowl burning around Adelaide and in Hawaii. Bring on summer!

Questions and Answers: George Prentoski

It has been a little while since we've done one of these, so I hit up Sydney photographer George Prentoski to get one sorted. You might have seen some of his work in a few recent issues of 2020, or elsewhere on the web. Not only does he kill it behind the lens, but is more than capable on a bike, as well. Read on after the jump.

Mat Kirk and Kurtly Jamieson

Aidan Mair put together this video of Mat Kirk and Kurtly Jamieson. It's titled 'Chill Clips', but they do some pretty reasonable tricks in here.

Dayvis Heyne- Simple Man Clothing

Simple Man Clothing recently picked up young shredder Dayvis Heyne, and this is his welcome edit.

2020 'That's What's Up' DVD Trailer

2020's new DVD 'That's What's Up' has been in the works for a while now, and isn't too far off being released. If this trailer is anything to go by, it should be awesome! Featuring full parts from Jerry V, Nick K, Mike Vockenson and Liam Zingbergs, as well as mix sections. In other 2020 news, their new website is live now, and is a massive improvement on their old one. Yew!

Dishonour Welcomes Rhys Gogel

Dishonour Brand welcomes Rhys Gogel to the team with this rad edit. Anything with crankflips, sprocket barspins and Tame Impala jives great with me.

Matt Whyatt at Rampfest

In this new video, Matt Whyatt shows his local knowledge at Rampfest, ripping around with some real cool lines, as well as sharing some thoughts about the place. It's always interesting to hear what dudes like to ride, and why.

Home Turf: Matt Whyatt / Rampfest Skatepark - More BMX Videos

Jaie Toohey/Unit 'Dirt's Not Dead'

Unit just released this new Jaie Toohey video, compromised entirely of dirt, which is pretty awesome to see. Jaie blasts the shit out of all the contest jumps and trails, and there is some FMX influence in there, for sure.

Warren Bowers: Goonshowers

Wazza is a fuckin' badass. He once got a dick fake-tanned into his chest for the $100 Zoo mag challenge. Outside of that, he also fucking kills it on a bike. So much goodness in this; and it's only a promo. Courtesy of Eat Children.

Jack Kelly X Kink

Damn, this is sick. Jack Kelly has some wild rail variations, particularly tooths and crankslides. The hedge gap to hangover was awesome, and I don't think I've seen anything do the last trick down a rail before. Produced by Cooper Brownlee

News: Christopher Whyte on Division

Sydney's Chris Whyte has just been added to the Division team, which is awesome news. Chris absolutely kills it, and is a super rad dude, as well. I'm sure tons of goodness will come from this.

Marnold/Colony 10 Clips

Marnold comes through in the latest installment of Colony's 10 Clips; killing the picnic bench/ledge and rail setups at Melbourne's Rampit. Marnold has some pretty wild lines, and doesn't neglect any of his pegs.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 9

I really dug this episode of Corey Bohan's webshow 'Wizard of Aus'. He starts it off with a day trip to Woodward West to hang with the campers and get a session in on everything that place has to offer, then heads to some trails for a warm up session before Luke Parslow's 'It is What it is' jam; which was to raise money for Stephen Murray. The one footed seat grab table at Woodward, and the one handed tables on the trails were pure bmsex.

Canberra Trip

Doug Underhill put together this fucking awesome video from a recent trip to Canberra. Dean Manson, Chris Harti, Raine Turnbull and French T-1er Mike Molineri set to Judas Priest. A rad start to Wednesday for sure!

Welcome to Ride On/United- Jack Birtles

Stowaway and Ride On just announced their latest recruit; in Brisbane video wizard and bike killer Jack Birtles. Congratulations dude! Look forward to see what kinda goodness comes from this.

Dylan Ferguson Wallsend Section

Shane Pike puts together this rad video of Dylan Ferguson shredding Newcastle's Wallsend Park. It looks like he has a real good grasp of this park, and puts together some awesome lines.

Dylan White for Total BMX

Tristan Montagu has been behind some really good videos lately, and this one with Dylan White is no different. A bunch of real technical park moves, mixed in with some nice big tricks and gaps. The last clip is fucking wild!

Dylan White for Total BMX from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Kevin Keifs Neil Bio- Hindsight 2

This popped up on Facebook yesterday, and it's about time it went online. Australian BMX Legend Kevin Keifs Neil's groundbreaking bio from Hindsight 2. A lot of the younger generation probably don't realise that BMX is the way it is now because of this man. Press play and educate yourselves.

Dishonour 'Ride More' Drop

The new Dishonour drop was self-described as belated, but that doesn't mean it's any less dope. The 'hand-scrawl' ride more tees and crewnecks are real nice; and my personal favourite, the beanies. Maroon and Dark Grey in the knit variety, and black and grey in the pom-poms. Yew! For full info and prices head here!

Forgotten BMX: Will Gunn After Hours

The Bruce Springsteen of BMX braves the harsh Canberran winter to produce this fucking rad video for Forgotten BMX. Will has Belco on lockdown; with gaps and high speed shit in the plaza, to stylish motowhips and massive airs in the snake run/bowl. Dude is way too good!

Ronny Clip

Rhys Newling sent me this video, put together by Gary McIvor, who apparently bought Rhys' old camera and has just started getting in to filming. The video is real cool, with some sweet riding, good filming and a cool vibe. Good shit!

Ronny Clip. from Gary McIvor on Vimeo.

'Still Bleeding Black and Blue'- Premiere

The upcoming Deprae Films release 'Still Bleeding Black and Blue' is complete, and will be premiering next Saturday, August 25th at the Old Swan Barracks in Perth. For full info, check out the flyer below. And just incase you've forgotten how awesome this video is going to be; re-watch the trailer after the jump.

Mike Vockenson ~ Happy Times 2012

Damn this is sick! Mike Vockenson managed to get these clips in between filming for the next 2020 dvd, and they're rad! Not enough people do x-ups and fastplants. Doing it for Tempered.

Mike Vockenson ~ Happy Times 2012 from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

LUXBMX Ekka Day Sale

LUXBMX are having 10% off storewide tomorrow; for one day only, in celebration of Ekka Day. They're also selling showbags, which have over $100 value for $25. Sounds pretty good to me! Get down there.

Kalgoorlie 60D Skatepark Clips

Corey Smithies put together this rad little video of himself, Cale Deeble, Sam Pearce and Bradley McKay shredding Kalgoorlie Skatepark. There are a ton of really impressive lines in here, dudes are killing it!

60D SkatePark Clips from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Sk8 Park For Coffs

Coffs Harbour is one of the biggest cities in the country that doesn't have a decent skatepark. The Coffs locals have been looking to change that for a long time now, and have been making steady progress. Matt Dean sent me this link, a poll for Coffs residents to vote on the important issues in the community, with skateparks being an option. He has asked if you all would vote, to help get their voices heard with the local council. You can do that here.

Coffs Harbour OG Shane Conlon

Chris Courtenay

Chris Courtenay has produced some wild videos over the past few years, and this new one by Troy Charlesworth for Colony does not disappoint. Plenty of real technical coping combinations, along with some real good air tricks, all blasted as fuck. The opening clips at Varsity Lakes bowl are bullshit.

Chris Courtenay from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Bar Beach Bowl Bash

This looks like it's gonna be awesome! The dudes at Newcastle BMX are throwing a jam at the Bar Beach Golden Bowl next Sunday, the 19th. This bowl is an absolute monster, so it should be real good to see what gets thrown down. There are prizes for best style, the Deft Family Big Air and the S&M Rail Jam. On top of that, this event is for a great cause; CanTeen, which is a charity organisation run to help teenagers living with cancer. For more information, check the flyer below.

Spills & Thrills

Curtis Winstanley put together this video featuring Jesse Goodwin, Kurt Teague, Tom Vadala, Ned Bailey, Billy O'Toole, Boedan Nelson, Zac Balnaves, Josh Turner and himself from all the scrap clips so far this year.

Spills & Thrills from Curtis Winstanley on Vimeo.

Corey Bohan's 'Wizard of Aus' Episode Eight.

Episode eight picks up right where episode seven left off; at the Vans Dirt and Roll contest in the Czech Republic. There is a whole heap of riding in this one. I could watch Corey do his 360 One Footed Flattys all day.

Raphael Jeroma-Williams- Ride On X Fallen Footwear

Damn. Raph is on some next level shit right now. This video for Ride On and Fallen is a perfect example of that. There are a bunch of real cool tech lines, as well as all his usual burly shit. And Jack Birtles handles the production, so you know it's on point. This is easily the best video you'll watch today.


Diversity Premiere: Pat Freyne | Afternoon Clips.

Pat Freyne and his homie Dylan Arldt cruised down to Warragul one afternoon and put together this rad little session video for us. It has a cruisy, arvo session vibe to it, but that's not to say there aren't some goodies in here. Thanks dudes!

Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski ~ Quickfire

Jerry V and Nick K kill it in this little split for Tempered. These dudes are killing it on the peg game at the moment, and Jerry's Nollie 270 to X-ride is awesome

Jerry Vandervalk & Nick Kajewski ~ Quickfire from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Colony's California Vacation

Colony recently took a majority of their team over to the States for a sweet riding trip. They collected enough footage to produce these two videos featuring Ryan Guettler Jourdan Barba, Clint Millar, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Peta Shepherd, and Bobbie Altiser. Check out the first one below, and the second one after the jump.
Colony's California Vacation Part 1 - More BMX Videos

Brenton Gutter - Ghetto Edit

Ballina's Brenton Gutter has been getting on his peg game for a while now, and is currently putting in work on a longer edit. In the meantime, he has this little clipper up. Some nice street and park lines; as well as one of my favourite Nerang gaps.

Brenton Gutter - ghetto edit. from Dane Hodkinson on Vimeo.

Stay Tripz

Myself and a bunch of friends recently jumped on the Roadtripz bus, and headed up the coast to Lismore for the Stay True Jam in Lismore; and we managed to collect enough clips to put together a 2 minute video. Whenever we go on these trips, we always say we're gonna film more, but we always end up having way too much fun riding, to get anything. Enjoy.

Stay Tripz from brodie butterfield on Vimeo.


The dudes from DARWINBMSCENE collected a bunch of clips from the winter, at Palmerston and their dirt setup, and put together this mix video. It looks like these dudes have fuckloads of fun.

Levi Jackonia Cairns Park

Levi Jackonia's new video is fucking dope! He is one of the few riders who has the ability to make everything he does look like a cruisy afternoon session, even though the shit he does is legit. A ton of really sweet lines in here. He's also one of the nicest dudes in BMX.

Pat Freyne 5 Clips

Pat Freyne filmed this 5 clipper at Warragul today. He puts together some nice peg lines, as well as a nice cruisy bowl line. Expect more from Pat in the coming weeks.

Zane Caldera; 4 clips.

Mossman homie Zane Caldera has always had a really cool mix of style and tricks; and he demonstrates both in this real short video for Leaf Cycles. That 360 was pretty damn bombed considering the box it was on. Hope to see another full length edit from Zane real soon.

4clips. from Zane Caldera on Vimeo.

The Commission BMX- Cammeray Poppin' Off

Lee Cruickshank and George Pretonski cruised out to Cammeray, and put together this rad video on the many ledges. They both get a bunch of nice clips, but Lee's final icepick is awesome!

The Commission BMX - Cammeray Poppin' Off from George Prentoski on Vimeo.

Nathan 'Tinny' Matutinovich

More goodness from Tristan Montagu. Nathan 'Tinny' Matutinovich gets some really cool stuff done at parks around Brisbane; including some ambidextrous peg riding, manual threes and more.

Nathan "Tinny" Matutinovich from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Moe Russ Bit Cheeky

Fresh video from Moe Russ. Moe rips around a few concrete parks with a real nice style. The final line was awesome

Moe Russ Bit Cheeky from Matthew Feldman on Vimeo.

Jason Watts for Verve Footwear

Tristan Montagu just uploaded this sneaky little promo for Verve Footwear with Jason Watts.

Jason Watts for Verve Footwear from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Sponsor News: Dean Manson on S&M

Dean Manson is the newest addition to the S&M Team via Stowaway. Dean is a perfect fit for the team. I look forward to seeing his welcome edit, which is sure to drop soon!

Fit Australia Melbourne Trip

This premiered at Slay The Rails last night; so if you, like me, didn't make it down you can check it all out here. Featuring Jack Elkins, Dullah Djawas, Luke Vandenberg and Tenna, the riding level is obviously high, and with John Young covering the production side of things; you already know it's gonna be crisp.

Corey Bohan 'Wizard of Aus' Episode 7.

In this fortnights installment, Corey does some stunt driving indian givers with Jeremy Fry, then heads over to Prague in the Czech Republic; samples the nightlife and catches a few sessions at some really fun looking trails.

Wilto Day Edit

Wilton Hedley shot me the link for this video that he and Tristan Montagu cooked up at Fairfeld in a couple hours. Wilto is a Fairfield local, and it shows in this video; ruling every inch of the park roasting gaps, grinding ledges and everything in between. Every second clip had me saying 'fuuuck'. Yew!

Wilto Day Edit from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

#LUXTRIP2012 Video

As you may or may not be aware, the LUX crew jumped on the Roadtripz bus and tripped from their Fortitude Valley home, up the coast to Gladstone. They have one of the most stacked teams in the country, so it kinda goes without saying that some pretty wild shit went down; which is captured in the 17 minute video below. I know it sounds like a lot, but it doesn't seem that long. Featuring Keelan Troy, Mitch Brown, Mitch Wood, Tom Stretton, Troy Charlesworth, Mike Vockenson, Yonny Wakefield, Jack Elkins, Brock Olive, Dave Dillewaard, Evan Jaques, Dan Headon, Brock Olive, Justy Bumpstead, Nick Kajewski, Samson Ross and Nate Headon, with the production side taken care of by Troy Charlesworth and Mitch Wood, this one is not to be missed.

Dullah Djawas Welcome to Fit

Dullah has been on Fit for some time now, and this welcome edit just dropped. A few clips, but he puts his coaster and pegs to good use.

Harry Bartter in America

Harry Bartter recently went to the States, and managed to put together this solid little video.

Leeton Kleingeld Afternoon Clips

Leeton Kleingeld put together this video from clips he collected one afternoon, which is pretty impressive. The first hang five line was sweet.

Bustin Fat Chills 2

Garrett Honsa and his band of homies have put together a sequel to Bustin' Fat Chills. It's good! It has a flyout backie to rival Will Gunns in Steadfast 2 as well as a 720 that looks like it's over a rail.

bfc2 from garrett on Vimeo.

Dave Dillewaard GT Video

All terrain ripper Dave Dillewaard kills it all over the place in this. His 360 One Handed Tables and 360 Inverts are things of beauty.

GT BMX: Dave Dillewaard - More BMX Videos

Sumners Park Dirty Jumping Jam

Jonny Mackellar hit me up to let me know about the Sumners Park Dirty Jumping Jam, which he is running at the far end of Sumners Rd, Brisbane. It's all going down on August 11, Glory Hour til dark. Find out everything on the flyer below. Jonny takes a huge amount of pride in these jumps, so you know they'll be in top shape for the day. Get there, I know I will!

The Second Crispy DVD Trailer

"it wil proly cum out soon id reckoin" . Also, the greatest song to ever feature in anything BMX related.

Pat Freyne 10 Clips

Gippy Crew head honcho and all round shredder Pat Freyne had this 10 clipper put together by Kieran Payne, and apparently these are all scraps. Regardless, the clips in here are still real nice.

Afternoon at Clifton Hill

Marnold, DJ and Luke Vandenberg having an arvo roll at Clifton Hill plaza. All three of them come through with some real dope ledge lines, and Marnold's Feeble hard 180 down the hubba looked way too easy.


The Tasmanian scene as a whole is one of, if not the least heard from scene in the country, but by no means are they sleepin' in the apple isle. The video below is packed full of great riding and really fun looking parks and spots. Most of those parks actually look really awesome. You can check out more at thetrianglestate blog