CRISPY: M-Diddy Heat

New Matt McCallum shit from Crispy. Mackle is really fucking good.

Crispy: M-Diddy Heat from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Melbourne Trip

Ryan Baxter sent through this edit from when his homies Brad Ferguson, Ryan Cranage, and Benny Gartner came to Melbourne for a little trip. These dudes are having fun. There's also a cameo from my dude Alex Mamo

Colony Ten Clip: Tom Stretton

This is Tom's second 10 clips for his parts hook-up Colony. Tom is the fucking dude, always having a rad time, and kills it.

Tom Stretton - Ten Clips V2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

LUX Pizzey Session

A portion of the LUX team in Samson Ross, Brock Olive and Nick Kajewski come through with this edit at Pizzey Park on the Gold Coast. Sweet to see them use everything, as those bowls are fucking sweet. Brock is way too good. Damn. And Nick's tooth in the old bowl was fucking groovy.

Nicko Smithson

Nicko sent through this edit he filmed for Ride On. This was fucking gravy, cruising hips is whats good.

Nicko Smithson-RideonBMXStore from nicko smithson on Vimeo.

Jordy Reid

Jordy Reid sent through this edit of clips he's collected so far over summer.

Summer Clips from Jordy Reid on Vimeo.

Dillon Mitchelson

Dillon Mitchelson filmed this edit in two afternoons before he moved away from Mackay. He's got some good moves, but I've never been psyched on those multiple footjam combinations with several hops. Keep it simple.

Luke Vandenberg "Welcome to Fit"

Luke Vandenberg recently got put on the Australian Fit team, and this is his welcome edit. Dude fucking kills it, and the switch dubs to whip was sweet

FIT- Welcome to the AUS Team- Luke Vandenberg from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Old Grand Dad Mitch Smith

Josh Dove from Sydney town sent across this edit he made of Mitch Smith It was refreshing to hear a Bad Brains track on a web video. Some really cool stuff in this, and that table over the rail was fucking boss. Good work on both accounts.

Jack Elkins/LUXBMX

LUX just dropped a fresh edit of our own Jack Elkins and it is straight fire! Dude is wild.

JACK ELKINS #2 from LUXBMX on Vimeo.

Chase Handford

I was facebooked this earlier today. This little dude is killing it. Plenty of big moves!

Bill Faulkner

Here's a little video of Bill Faulkner sneaking in a few moves at Uralla before the storm hit.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas on behalf of everyone here at diversity. I hope the fat old bastard filled your stocking with some marvellous BMX goodies.

Wilton Hedley

Wilton is getting really good, and has the best time on his bike. That hang five to 180 was fucking boss.

Welcome to Macneil Samson Ross

This welcome edit of Crispy employee Samson Ross has been in the works for quite a while. Honestly, this was really awesome, had a heap of unique stuff that you probably won't see elsewhere

Samson Ross: Welcome to Macneil from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

Liam Kenny End of 2011

Liam Kenny cruises some parks with some nice tricks. Rad

Carl Bowen

Dude is having fun!

Dyllan Leahy Late 2011

Dyllan Leahy sent over this video containing a bunch of clips that he's collected over the past few months. Lots and lots of footjams. That splice buzz is a first, too, I think?

Will Gunn for Forgotten

Today has been a great day for video quality. I fucking love Will's riding. So much good stuff for everyone.

Will Gunn FRGTN x BACKBONE from Forgotten Bmx on Vimeo.

Afray Mixtape Vol 1

Wow. Afray definitely made their 'rebirth' worthwhile. Their crew of Chris 'Danger' O'Donnell, Tom Stretton, Mitchell Macdonald, Zac Miner, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, and Liam Fahy-Hampton teamed up with grandwizard of Australian video John Young to produce this fucking incredible edit. I'm not even gonna try and justify it with words, just watch it here.

Giants of Dirt: The Final Chapter

This is nuts. Filmed just days before his passing. Dane pushed Dirt jumping in the right direction. Progressing the jump size rather than the amount of tailwhips you can do over a bog standard jump. Much love to this man, rest in peace brother.

Top Secret

Alex Quirk came through with another top notch video, this time documenting the creation, and shredding of a ghetto spot by he and his homies. So good!

Andy Swan

Andy sent through this edit of himself, first clips since breaking his collarbone. Good to see him back on the bike. Went a little over the top with film burns, but other than that, it was pretty cool.

Todd Meyn/TotalBMX Video Bike Check.

The purpose of these videos kinda goes over my head, but Todd does some wild stuff in this. The last riding clip was fuckin' sweet.

Dom Williams- Three Days

Dom Williams sent over this edit of himself. Kid has some really good park lines, and that footjam to barspin was dialled.

Dishonour 'Team Issue Jerseys'/Promo

James made up these sweet limited Team Issue Coast to Coast Jersey's, purely for the team rep. These look pretty sweet, in a Bulls Home Red/White colourway. You have the chance to win one of these, and be the only dude who isn't on the team rocking one, simply by heading over to the Dishonour Facebook Page and letting them know who your favourite Dishonour team rider is! Easy, eh?

Tuggeranong BMX Competition

Anthony headed out to the BMX Comp at Tuggers recently, and filmed everyone's runs. It's a little long, but worth the watch for sure. That kid ripping around on the 12inch got me so stoked! Prime example of the fun!

Machine Green Slime

Some fresh stuff from regular submitter Corey Smithies. A bunch of real good street riding, those wheelchair access hops were impressive.

Quick Clips

A clip of Ryan Baxter, Jesse Scott and Luke Clark sessioning a dodgy little lander, filmed and edited by Jacob Dimauro

Mitchell McDonald X Division

Macca does pretty much every trick possible on a foot high flat rail in this quickie for Division. Shot and cut by Stu Munro


Matt Whyatt 'Welcome to DC'

I could be wrong, but hasn't Matt been on DC for like, 2 years? Regardless, some top notch park riding.

FP: The Package Vol. 3

The level of riding coming in these videos is pretty fuckin' ridiculous. Really psyched on the switch stuff going on down rails at the moment, and Jack Kelly's Ice to Crank was fucking cool. Features the usual line-up

Jack Stead/Pilgrim

Jack Stead comes through with a barrage of front wheel, barspin, and tailwhip stunts, and possibly the longest vader buzz ever for his hook-up Pilgrim. Shot and cut by Daniel Tran

Freestyle Now Canberra Roadtrip

Some of the Freestyle Now and Bullmix contingent were in Canberra recently, to assist with Jam's at Queanbeyan and Tuggeranong. So much good riding in this, but the highlight for me was Chris Harti (I think?) in the Belco snake run. Style for months.

360 Frontflip

Wow. Nuts. Doesn't even make sense. So much props Not related, but GC Compound has some fucking gay ass music on.

Dishonour 'Coast to Coast' Jerseys.

This is the latest dishonour drop, and these are fucking perfect for summer. Long, light and loose. More info here.

Shannon Farrugia

Shannon Farrugia sent through this dialled new edit of him riding some Greenville, then Australia parks

Psycho Lovers

Psycho Lovers is a new project by Lord of (5)Docktown Trent Rowsell. At the moment, he's doing DIY Denim seat covers, which is really cool! Check it out here

Ryan Lloyd

Spotted this new joint of Ryan Lloyd for LBB over on the Primary Threads blog. Dude is way too good. So much boost, and as much flow and style as anyone. Damn.

Nick Harris/Impurity

Tons of real good shit in Nick Harris' new edit for Impurity. Dude has some hang five skills!

Playing Silly Buggers

A new clip from Jack Birtles, compiling a year of footage of himself, and his posse. I love Jack's edits, they always capture the good vibes our lifestyle bring.

Calvin Kosovich for The Set

I really dig Calvin's riding. He has this really sweet mix of big stuff, and plenty of tech, which makes for a real enjoyable watch.

Danger X Demolition Macquarie Fields Session

Danger kills Macquarie Fields in this short little video by Chris Whyte. That 540 et was bad as fuck, so were the rest of the clips. Interesting Note: Maacquarie Fields is one of the sketchier communities in Western Sydney, and the housing commission backs onto the park.

Demolition Parts: Danger plaza session. from Chris Whyte on Vimeo.

Bmx Nostalgia: Thomas Dunn

This section is short, but sweet, and edited to The Jezabels. Psyched. That three over the double set rail is badass!

Montage Canberra Trip

The Montage crew took a trip up to Canberra, and this is what they came away with. Featuring Julian Harris, Nick Harris, Adam Stone, Kurt Teague, Josh Davis and Adam Dyson shredding a bunch of famous CBR spots.

Sam Illman

Some new stuff from Sam Illman. Really dig his riding, nice, smooth street riding.

Sam Illman / Winter '11 Edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Caleb Johnson After Hours

Fresh edit from Caleb Johnson. Kid is at the forefront of the next generation of Australian riders. Great all round skills. Filmed and cut by Sam Illman


Here is Zac Woods' section from BMX Nostalgia. Has some really cool moves, like the halfcab at the drains!

BMX Nostalgia: Friends Section

"Go to the valley and gets some chicks, man. Maybe we'll get some good pussys there". Featuring Tiny, Garret Hadfield, Nick Burton, Ben Lange, Roman Walker, Stephen Griffiths, and Keelan Troy

Lars Brust

Lars has barspins on lock. I really dug the manual 360.

Hayden Fowler: Welcome to Volume Bikes

Hayden Fowler recently got put on Volume through BMX Militia distribution, and this is his introductory edit courtesy of Chris Whyte. A ton of big moves in this, and plenty of tech flat ledge stuff, too. Hayden is a bad motherfucker.

Eat Children Mix #2

A really cool video from the dirt South (Australia).

Eat Children Mixtape #2 from shizee on Vimeo.