Zac Miner 10 Clip.

Colony's latest 10 clip is with Canberra's Zac Miner. This is fucking boss. So many wild high speed lines!

Zac Miner - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

The Rad Theory Mixtape Vol. 5

Been a little while since Rhys Newling and The Rad Theory crew dropped their last mixtape, so this was good to see. Cut as fresh as always, and the riding was dope, too. #NBHNC

Sunday Chills

Travey Bond sent this through. Manual 180 bar and ice to over thing was tiiight.

Third Annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam

Over the past few years, I have been running a Jam in memory of my younger brother, Blake Butterfield. He was a keen BMX rider from a young age, and tragically passed away at only 10 years old. I have been watching the event grow in terms of support, rider turnout and such, and it's been getting me stoked. This year is the third installment, and once again, all proceeds will be going to the Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney. Flyer by Joel Easson, featuring Nathan Himsley. So much love for our supporters in Tempered Goods, Stowaway Distro, Dishonour Clothing, Vale BMX, Back Bone, TripleSix Distro and Hell on Wheels

Jamie Mauri

Jamie quit Bone Deth earlier this week, and has since come through with this video which is a compilation of a heap of footage collected earlier in the year.

BMX Nostalgia: Kyle Jacobson

Next up is Kyle Jacobson's Section from BMX Nostalgia

BMX Nostalgia: Dan Watson

Here is Dan Watson's section from Jack Birtles' BMX Nostalgia DVD from last year. This is sweet, Dan kinda marches to the beat of his own drum. Good to see.

Dane Searls Passes.

My deepest love and sympathies go out to all of Dane's close friends and family. Such a tragic loss within the community. Rest in Peace, brother. Below is a video from Dane's Giants of Dirt, to remind you all one of the many reasons why he was such a fucking badass.

Ben Clarkson and Flav' Carminati

Ben Clarkson and Flav' Carminati are both visitors from Europe, and have graced our shores for some time now. I was lucky enough to ride with Flav', who, as I understand it, is back home now, a few times in Sydney, real cool dude. Ben and Flav' did some travels up and down the east coast recently, and produced this to document some of those travels. Rad!


New clip from Bullmix. So stoked on this; Paul Chamberlain, Dave Cragg, Billy Brooks, Mat Lawton, Mathew Muttock, Lee Cruickshank, Tom Boorman and more having rad times on their bikes.

BMX Nostalgia: Drew Rasion X Jack Birtles

The first full section uploaded from this DVD is the Drew Raison X Jack Birtles split. Great production value coming from an Australian DVD, and it's rad to see pool riding!

BMX Nostalgia Online

Jack Birtles is putting his 2010 Brisbane-based nDVD BMX Nostalgia online. There will be a section a day for the next 9 days, and the first is the 'Intro' section. Personally, I really enjoyed the DVD, and this is great for those who haven't seen it yet.

Dane Searls Incident.

As most of you probably know, dirt-jump master Dane Searls was involved in an incident at a nightclub on the Gold Coast. As I am aware, he is still critical. On behalf of us all at diversity, our thoughts and condolences are with Dane and his family.

Riding Way Promo

Adam Dyson sent through this edit that he, Gorak and Alex Mamo came up with for The Riding Way after a day of cruisin'. This doesn't feature anything spectacular riding wise, but it was fun as fuck, and got me real stoked to go play bikes.

Josh Matthews at GC

I spotted this over on the Vale blog. Josh Matthews killing the GC Compound.

No More Hops for Guy

Vocko sent me this edit of Guy Perrett via Facebook. Kid has some pop, and takes it fucking hard on a few of those rail hops. Damn.

Shane Conlon Classics

Shane Conlon just uploaded this mix of classic footage, from 2006-09. A bunch of local parks, a few contests and Lavin's Backyard. Fuckin' rad to see some wild moves from the dude, and a suicide double truck. Badass!

Colony Ten Clips: Chris Courteny

Guettler filmed and edited this 10 clip of Chris while he was over in Greenville. A lot of wild, techy park stuff, with some tricks at stupid height.

Chris Courtenay - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Nathan Himsley

I've been kinda aimlessly filming since I got my new camera, and this is the footage I've collected of Nathan Himsley so far.

Big Calls

A pretty big claim on their behalf. Doubles runs for days

Plazapalooza PT3

The third installment of John Young's Plazapalooza series doesn't disappoint. It's production is so on point, as is to be expected from John, and the riding is fucking dialled. Featuring Danger, John Young, Ben Clarkson, Jadan Roxburgh, Troy Charlesworth, Liam Zingbergs, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Tom Stretton, Kym Grosser, Cody Ryan, Zac Miner and Flagz. Highlights for me were John getting a clip, Stretton's wild hang five pole jam thing at Nimbin, and Kym's Ice to real turndown on a foot high ledge.

Dishonour Brand: The realest drop

It's been a little while since the last Dishonour drop, but I think the new goods were definitely worth the wait! The Realest range features a dope new Snapback in two colourways, some fresh 3/4 tees, again in two colourways, as well as some nice tees and crewnecks. For more info, head over to the site

Jason Watts; Forgotten

Mitch Brown put together this really rad edit of Jason Watts for Forgotten Bikes. Wild tricks, and tonnes of boost. A few things I've personally never seen done, and those Elanora clips... wow.

Jason Watts from Mitch Brown on Vimeo.

Mike Vockenson for Tempered Goods

Vocko's newest edit for Tempered. As usual, everything in this is man-sized and ridiculous.

Pete Koh 2011

This video made my day. Pete Koh, an FBM/Stowaway team member, is something of an enigma around here. Occasionally I'll roll up to the skatepark, and he'll be there, stopping for a ride on his way up the river for a camping trip. He's always a pleasure to watch ride, and this edit is no different, cruising Newcastle's Bar Beach bowl before work. I'm stoked Video by Josh Stephenson

Newcastle Skatepark Jam.

Josh Stephenson cooked up this really cool edit of the recent Newcastle Jam. Tons of dope riding, with a little something for everyone. Featuring big names like Pat Casey and Andy Buckworth, and local killers Hayden Reid, James Redman, Daniel Chiarelli, Jake Cole, Tim Kmetyk and more. Looks like a rad day.

Newcastle Skatepark BMX Jam 2011 from Joshivision on Vimeo.

Dylan Ferguson

Ryan Humphries produced this slick little edit of Dylan Ferguson on parks around Newcastle. Some cool stuff in this, especially that No Hander to X-up.

Dylan "Doop" Ferguson from Armeture on Vimeo.

Jesse Bull/Federal

Wow. So much crazy tech stuff in this. Ice to 180s have always been one of my favourite rail tricks to see.

Jesse Bull from StowMedia on Vimeo.

Raph and Steve at Nimbin

Raph Jeroma-Williams and Steve Morrisey took a trip to Nimbin with one of their homies Braidy, who skates. Nimbin park is really fucking fun. Raph's pocket Icepick is badass, that bowl is biiiiiiiig.

Nimbin from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

Canberra Trip 2011

This is the best video I've been sent all week! Alex Quirk comin' through with this well-produced edit of Minty, Matt King, Brodi Allingham and himself killing some Canberra parks. Minty is fucking good.

Canberra 2011 from Alex Quirk on Vimeo.

Jacob Hosking

I approve of grinding church signs.

Ledge it #2

Chris and Tim Storey shredding a ledge out at Mount Cotton skatepark.

Ledge-It # 2 from Chris Storey on Vimeo.

Thirty Minutes with Boyd Hilder

Boyd Hilder came through with this video from 30 Minutes at his local park. Some really cool lines in this, like that 270 straight into a 5.

Fifteen Clips with Liam Kenny

Liam Kenny sent us over this little fifteen clip mix of himself. Kids got some good tricks, albeit flyout.

Peta Shepherd Colony 10 Clips

The most recent 10 Clip is with Peta Shepherd, one of Australia's premier girl BMX riders. She's getting really good.

Blog Wars

Fueling the Fire.

In this on-going blog war, in which we are somewhat of a Switzerland-type character, things are getting fierce. Hence, it is our job to fuel the fire, and according to Crispy; do this.


Bullmix's response:

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on these horrific hate-filled occurances.

Update: Mat Lawton supports Bullmix

Brock Olive for LUXBMX Store

Brock Olive is the latest rider to have a web vid for LUXBMX Store and he kills it. That last rail won't be able to sit down for a while after the way Brock treated it.

Jack O'reilly Federal Video

Really psyched on this; Jack O'reilly doing it for Federal/Stowaway. Tons of dope lines in this! Props to Brendan Boeck for the edit, too!

Jack O'Reilly Federal Edit from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Joel Lenton and Jesse Clarkson

Chris Storey cooked up this edit of Joel Lenton and Jesse Clarkson at Redland Bay. This is chocked full of great supermega-esque park riding!

Afternoon at Dayboro

Zac Crookes sent us this edit of him and his boys Maxwell Armstrong and Jack Paton riding Dayboro park one afternoon. They make the most of what they've got, that's for sure.

The Notorious J.I - Sunday Scraps

The man himself, Josh Irvine sent through this edit of his scraps for his upcoming "Sunday edit". Some pretty decent riding in this...

CJ Promo

Your mate Sam Illman sent this one in, video description was 'expect the unexpected' and it features caleb johnson shredding a park, spine backy clip was definitely my favourite

Mitch Wilke and Clint Lankester

A little ditty I spotted on Facebook. These two are rad kids, who are kinda local around here. Stoked to see them comin' out with some stuff. Kids get my psyched.

James Amos at Fairfield

Yet another Fairfield edit, this time of James Amos courtesy of Paul Gerlich. A whole lot of tech park riding in this. I really dug the slow Busdriver air though

Boyd Hilder

Boyd Hilder sent over this edit of himself. Dudes got some good tricks, and I really liked the vibe of this video.