'Roadtripz to the Future' Youth Program

The crew over at Roadtripz are running a weekly program for Indigenous youth of the Sydney region, taking them on regular trips to the best Skateparks, street spots and trails that Sydney has to offer, showing them a good time and getting them stoked on BMX! Looks like they're having a rad time! You can also book your own trip of a lifetime here!

Alex Hiam Bro Cam 2

Some fresh heat from Alex Hiam, who's been somewhat quiet since his real solid Colony part. This clip was real fucking good. Big tricks, with plenty of height. Yew!

2 Clips 1 Spot; Complete.

Throughout this year, Ren McQueen and Chris Finnigan have been dropping videos of 2 Clips 1 Spot for Primary. This is the compilation of said clips. A whole heap of really good stuff.

Halloween happenings.

If you're a Brisbane local and aren't heading to the Sydney Halloween jam be sure to get out to Jindalee on Saturday for the Jindalee Halloween Stomp in memory of Jarvis. It's gonna be a rad day followed by a rad afterparty!

Also be sure to check out LUXBMX's Halloween sale. 10% off everything in store if you check in on Facebook or 10% off all online purchases if you use the code HALLOWEEN. It ends on Sunday so don't miss out!

Lust Fang

Brainchild of Ammon Chesworth and Alex Liiv. Riding is loose, and good. Mature Audience's only.

Ben Donaldson

Ben Donaldson sent through these clips of himself at Fairfield in Brisbane. Long ass hang fives!

8 Clips with Jake Danielson

Jake Danielson with a few little clips. Nice stuff

Daniel Johnson Division Video.

DJ bringing the heat for Division. In typical DJ fashion, he fucking murders it. Massive switch Icepicks.


Brock Olive Ten Clips

Colony's latest ten clip comes fresh from Brock Olive. Some really nuts bar/switch bar lines in this. I don't even need to tell you that it's insane.

Brock Olive - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Ben Kent

Ben Kent sent over this video of himself. Didn't really go much on anything editing wise, but the riding, for the most part, was good.

Josh Mete

New Josh Mete video by Rhys Newling, filmed in two sessions at Albury skatepark. Josh has a real good 360 Table.

Beast and Strett Mad Mondays 4

Tom and I head out to Acacia Ridge for an arvo sesh. Features Jonny Mackellar, Ben Power and blogger extraordinaire Brodie Butterfield.


Tim and Chris Storey invested in a 550D, so we can expect more of this goodness, now in nicer quality. Ledge sessions at Cleveland, fresh.


Sydney's annual Halloween Jam is on again! I think they're up to like, number 6, or 7 now? Anyway, it's probably the best bicycle party ever. Some of Australia's best riders, liquor flowing, music, apt amount of shit talking, weirdly built add on contraptions and a swag of dope companies such as Hell on Wheels., Tempered, Bullmix, 2020, Stowaway and Steadfast Video supporting, it's bound to be good. I was lucky enough to attend last year, and it was amazing. You know you wanna be there.

King of the Jibs 2

The second annual Colony King of the Jibs went down in Melbourne at the Ausbike trade show. All the big name street riders were on hand, and by the looks of things, it went off! Highlights for me were Marnold's Smith to hard 360 and Raph in general. Jack Elkins, Jack Kelly, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Danger, Coedie Ryan, Brock Olive, DJ, Luke Vandenberg and more all kill it, as well.

King of the Jibs 2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Focalpoint's 'The Package' #2

Focalpoint's second 'The Package' mixtape is just as good as it's predecessor, and with a lineup including Jack Elkins, Marnold, DJ, Mick Bayzand, Jack Kelly, Cooper Brownlee, Jack O'reilly, Flagz, Brock Olive, Caleb Johnson, Rhys Yeomans, Sam Illman, Phil Del Tito, Gonz, Lachy Swanton and Luke Vandenberg it's easy to see why. So much good shit.

Stowaway 6 Questions: Xave Koen

Xave Koen has been killing it forever, but is something of an unknown quantity. Always surprises me every time I see him ride. Head on over to Stowaway, where he has a little interview where you can find out a little more about him. See that here.

Bullmix: Long One Coming After November

New heat from Bullmix. For some reason, this got me excessively stoked, and keen for a ride. I don't know if it's because of the overwhelming cuteness of Lee and Dave C, fresh Xave Koen footage, Liiv riding trails, Billy's unique style and way of doing things or a combination of them all. Either way, this is fucking rad, and completely delivers on the riding front. Love you.

Slay the Rails 2

A rail jam in a nightclub is always gonna be badass. Slay the Rails 2 went down recently in Melbourne's Revolver, with an incredibly stacked lineup of Australian street riders, it went off. This edit was put together by John Young, with filming help from Flagz, and Matt Holmes, so you know everything about it is on point. I won't spoil anything, but it's more than worth the watch. Thanks to 2020, Dishonour, Fit, Cinema Wheels, Etnies and Revolver Nightclub for making it all possible.


So much ridiculous shit. All the usual suspects, killing it.

Crispy: Woooooooooo from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Harry Bartter at Monster

13 Year old Harry Bartter shredding in a session at Monster in Sydney. Big moves for such a little dude.

'Local Knowledge'- A BMX Documentary by Brett Trigg.

The local's at Warrnambool in Victoria have been lobbying for a new park for years, and finally, this year, they got their wish. Brett Trigg collected a bunch of footage, both riding and interviews, and threw together this short film documenting the whole process. Plenty of great riding from 5:10 onward, featuring Jake Arndell, Steve Van Ginneken, Liam Arnott, James Clingan, Sam Fitzgibbon, Charlie Goodall, Josh McDonald, Renald McQueen, Hugh O'brien and Luke Tickner.

Welcome to Montage Byron Richardson

Sweet little edit Adam Dyson put together welcoming Byron Richardson to Montage. Killing it on the streets! Maybe it's just me, but does the logo at the start look a lot like this? Regardless, fucking dope edit on all accounts.

Beast and Strett's Mad Mondays- 3

This weeks episode comes to you from Fairfield park. Beast growls, Stretton rules it, Drew Raison gets rad, Kyle Jacobson links some nice lines, Pommy Steve makes an appearance, and Wade Barnes holds the fuck out of a toothpick grind.

Will Gunn Welcome to Forgotten.

Second hot as fuck edit in as many months, this time for his new sponsor Forgotten. Will is a fucking beast. That table at Milthorpe was bullshit, and the last clip is masculine status.

Forgotten Bikes - Welcome Will Gunn from Forgotten Bmx on Vimeo.

Queensland Holiday

Jack Axtens recently went on holiday to North QLD, and came up with this sweet little mix from his travels. A bunch of cool clips from a few dudes. Check it out!

Julian Klimek

Cam Nolan cooked up this edit of Julian Klimek riding some Gold Coast spots. A lot of cool stuff in here, like that manual tap 180 over the Runaway Bay street spine.

Levi Jackonia - Melbourne Edit

I'm unbelievably stoked on this, a dude I grew up riding with who is probably one of my favourite riders of all time, Levi Jackonia, just dropped this Defero edit filmed by Kym Grosser. It's got a bunch of classic Melbourne spots in it and a killer ninja drop, definitely a must see!

The Rad Theory Mixtape Vol. 4.

This is the fourth mixtape from Rhys Newling/The Rad Theory, and it lives up to it's predecessors. Such crisp filming and editing, great soundtrack and a really relaxed vibe. Loved it.

Travis Bond

This was really fucking good. That 5 cab was so ridiculously dialled.

Defero Online 3

The third instalment of Defero Online from Flagz.A ton of good riding in this, but Kym Grosser at the end, damnnnnnnn.

DEFERO ONLINE ISSUE 3 from DeferoVideoMag on Vimeo.