Terrible One's 'Let's Didgeridoo This' Tour Video

Today, it is my absolute pleasure to bring you the video from Terrible One's Australian tour made possible by Jason at Roadtripz from earlier this year. Everything about this video is amazing. The riding, the filming, the editing, the vibe. I won't spoil it, though. Brew yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy 16 minutes of bicycle art. Joe Rich, Ruben, Leigh Giasson, Russell Brindley, Jason Cousins, Tom Dugan, Danny Hickerson and more...

Tempered's ESPN Today Feature

Whilst in LA, ESPN filmed this feature with the Tempered contingent. Jerry Vandervalk, Mat Lawton and Nick Kajewski kill it in this, as well as the US team of Jeff Cadger and Brian Histand. Not many clips of Mat, apparently he slept in, which would come as no surprise to anyone. Good shit, and keen as fuck to see the edit from the full trip!

Andy Swan

Andy Swan put together this edit with an improperly healed collarbone, which makes this riding pretty impressive. And apparently broke it again at the end of the day. Damn dude. As a public service announcement; make sure you're healed properly before you ride again. I know it's hard to stay off the bike, but waiting an extra week means that you'll be able to ride better, for a longer period of time. Heal up Andy!

Ali Hassan

13 Year old Ali Hassan riding some parks around the Brisbane/Sunny Coast area, and doing it well.

Andrew Ahumada Greenville Session

Brett Trigg cooked up this edit of Melbourne park rider Andrew Ahumada during a few sessions at The Animal House. Some brilliant park riding in this, and that alley-oop flair was dialled!

Kris Faulkner Winter Clips

Spotted this one on Facebook. Kris Faulkner comin' through with a short little mix of some clips he collected over winter. A few sizeable 180s in here, and a nollie three down stairs. Good to see

Dishonour Crew Mixtape #1

Some fresh shit from the Dishonour crew. As always, the riding is on-point, with some nice variety in it, with such a wide range of riders, it's good stuff. Featuring Brock Olive, Tom Blanch, Will Gunn, Dullah Djawas, Mikey McMah, Jadan Roxburg and Brad Wright. Brock's last clip is just, wow.

Primary Geelong Afternoon

The primary crew of Ryan Knight, Ryan Lloyd, Robbie, Dempsey, and Flagz tripped up to Geelong to catch up with fellow Primary dudes Chris Finnigan and Ren McQueen one afternoon. Ryan Lloyd was my personal favourite. Style for miles.

Ramp Attak Edit

Ben Conolly sent through this video of him and his friends riding Ramp Attak for one of their birthdays. The riding was all top notch, but the resi clip kind of ruined it. I mean, I think it's great they're progressing and everything, but resi clips don't belong in edits.

Riley Taylor

Riley Taylor has been working on this for a little while now, and it turned out pretty good. Shreddin' the parks around the Coffs Harbour region.

Chris Storey Winter/Spring

Tim Storey shot us this edit of his little brother, Chris. Chris has nose manuals on lock by the looks of things, and gets some sizeable rails done. Killing it must run in the family.

Beast and Strett's Mad Monday's

Tom and I hit the concrete for the first of what will hopefully be a frequent series of short edits from our Monday arvo rides. Guest starring Kyle Jacobson and Drew Raison.

Dullah Djawas Dishonour Edit

All alliterations aside, this is Dullah's new edit for Dishonour. Killing the rails and ledges in this, a crankflip and a killer end clip!

Mikey McMah; Welcome to BSD

Mikey McMah was put on BSD through Triplesix, and this is his welcome edit. It's really fucking good. Tons of peg moves both ways, and that last nosey was legit!

Rest in Peace Rowan Membrey

I honestly shed more than a few tears while watching this. Rowan Membrey passed away earlier in the year, and this jam was held at The Shed in his memory. Aside from the great riding featured in this, there's also an important message. It's not my place to say, so watch the video, and you'll understand. Thanks to Sam Illman for the video

Make Up Gets Chicks

So much good riding, and quality entertainment. Featuring Matt McCallum, Jerry V, Mike Vockenson, Troy Charlesworth, Jack Elkins, Samson Ross and more. Crispy...

Crispy: Make up get's Chicks from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Tempered US Trip

Nick Kajewski, Mat Lawton and Jerry Vandervalk are currently doing a trip on the west coast of the US for Interbike. For updates and a little slew of photos, hit the Tempered blog

The Package Vol. #1

This is the first in a new web series from the fella's over at Focalpoint. A heap of really solid clips in this, featuring Cooper Brownlee, Marnold, Gonz, Kym Grosser, Mick Bayzand, Troy Jackson, Jack Kelly, Jack O'reilly, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Flagz, Sam Illman, Rhys Yeomans, Brock Olive, Jerry Vandervalk and Troy Charlesworth
THE PACKAGE // VOLUME #1 from Focalpointbmx.com on Vimeo.

'Local Knowledge': A BMX Documentary

Brett Trigg is putting together a documentary about the redevelopment of the Warrnambool Skatepark. These are the outtakes of the interviews, pretty funny!

New Chris Courtney Ride On Edit!

Chris Courtenay - RideOnBMXStore from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Here's an awesome edit from Chris Courtney filmed by Jack Birtles, so psyched on his banger!

Push for a New Sydney Skatepark

A swag of Sydney locals are trying to get a new skatepark in Callan Park, Balmain. As usual, there are 'concerned' locals who think a top-notch skatepark would be detrimental to the area, but will be the first to whinge when we ride street in said area. Anyway, if you're from the Sydney region, or even if you aren't and would like to help out, I know a lot of people would greatly appreciate it. Get more information here

Gold Coast Trip

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to jump on Jason Cousin's Roadtripz bus for a journey north in search of warmth, bowls and good times. It was one of the best weekends of my life by far. I'd highly recommend one of these trips to anyone, given the opportunity. My boy Joel Easson filmed and edited this relaxed, short video. Doesn't show half the riding, but gives you a good idea of the vibe. Featuring Nate Himsley, Jason Cousins, Jacob Denford, Jett Andrews-Govett, Zac Wilson, Jack Gibson, Mole Foot, myself and Toby Forte. A huge thanks goes out to Roadtripz, and Vale BMX for putting on a sweet BBQ afternoon and letting us ride the ramps.

Hell On Wheels Street Fighter

And the winner is...

STREET FIGHTER ENDGAME from Hell On Wheels on Vimeo.

Jess Cini at the Shed

A new ditty of Young Victorian Jess Cini riding The Shed in Melbourne. Impressive riding for a young dude, and that Nac Nac drop in was rad!

Jeff Burns

Paul Gerlich produced this nice little edit of Jeff Burns. Dudes got some real good park moves at spots all around Brisbane.

B.I.K.E- Tim Storey V Josh Irvine

Tim Storey and Josh Irvine clash in this game of B.I.K.E at Thornlands skatepark. 

Tim Storey

Tim Storey comes through the goods once more in this edit. A bunch of really good tricks, and impressive rail moves, like that solid-sized over ice.

Ammon Chesworth - Welcome to Tippo's edit

Ammon Chesworth welcome to Tippos from Lust Fang on Vimeo.

Here's a sick edit from Ammon Chesworth, filmed by JP, featuring a whole bunch of gnarly shit, he also three's an absurd drain gap which was on the cover of an older 2020. The Tippo's site is updated pretty regularly by my boy mitch morison as well so check it out here.