Danger on The Set.

I have heard whispers of Danger leaving the Volume distro team to ride for The Set for a while now, and I guess this welcome edit makes it official. I've really enjoyed watching Danger make the transition from a supermega to the legitimate street rider that he is today. Gotta say, I really enjoyed this video. Overtooth both ways on legit rails, switch 180 bar railhop and more impressive riding. John Young was on the production side of things, so you already know the filming and editing is crisp.

Danger - Welcome to The Set from John Young on Vimeo.


Den said...

Why say "supermega" as if it is a bad thing?
It is a style of riding?
And however people have fun on BMX isn't that what they should do?

Wiseguy said...

If it was switch his feet would be around the opposite way, That is what switch is.

You scene.

danger said...

switch is anything thats not your regular way

get it right WI$E guy