Macca Division Edit


This is a huge must watch, Division's first solo edit dropped and its Mitchell Mcdonald aka Macca destroying a range of street stuff, the dude is fast becoming one of my favourite street riders in Australia. All filmed by Troy Charlesworth before he made the jump to HD

2010 Triplesix Roadtrip.

The TripleSix team jumped on the Roadtripz bus for a whirlwind tour from Melbourne to Brisbane, featuring Chris Harti, Mat Lawton, Junior, Hoang Tran, Tom Fordyce, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jase Bannan, Scott Greentree, Cam Pianta, Ryan Sher and more.

Will Gunn/Dishonour

Will Gunn's new Dishonour edit has finally dropped, and it is fucking amazing. So much style, so much blast. Dudes so good at everything, and it shows in this. Sit back and enjoy.

Will Gunn / Almost Spring 2011 Edit from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Ride On Coastal Cruisin'

The Ride On crew comprising of Mitchell Macdonald, Raph Jeroma-Williams, Tom Dunn, Steve Morrisey, Brendan Hansen and Ben Clisold took a trip down the coast to Lismore. Some dope riding goes down at Goonellabah and Mullumbimby parks. Raph, Tom and Mitch kill it on the uprail.

The Gentlemen of Bullmix

Tom Boorman, Will Hermann and Paul Chamberlain doing awesome stunts at Cambeltown skatepark. Tom's hip lines are to die for.

Jamie Mauri- Boogie Oogie edit!

This was fucking awesome. Jamie has a good variety of quirky tech riding, along with loose, fast-paced goodness. Watch this now.

Josh Stead; Glenbrook Trails session

Unit brings us this rad little edit of Josh Stead, Dane Searls and Chris Harti killing the Glenbrook trails in the blue mountains. A bit of riding for everyone in here, with big tricks from Josh, and amazing style from Chris. These trails look a heap of fun, and the video was really well put together.

Chris Nicol

Nick Derrick killing a real fun looking concrete park, and The Shed. A heap of good tricks in here!

Unit Strewth Tour

I stumbled across this whilst cruising vimeo, and I don't think it's been posted yet. A bunch of real good riding in this, with something for everyone. Richo's lines at Grafton were my personal favourite. Everyone killed it though. Featuring Jed Mildon, Ryan Guettler, Richo, Cam Pianta, Dane Searls, Colin Mackay, Anthony Napolitan, David Girsch and more travelling from the Gold Coast to Cam's Jam via Sydney.

Sk8 Park for Coffs

Coffs Harbour's BMX and skate scene have been endeavouring for years to get a decent skatepark happening. They're nearing the end of the journey, but, as always, there are still a few 'concerned residents' who don't see the numerous positives of having a great facility for the youth. To try and sway these pains, a crew of dudes are putting on this even on September 10th. Find out more info on the Sk8 Park For Coffs events page on Facebook.

Gold Coast Trails.

Australia's trail scene seems to be virtually non-existant, which makes this video even radder. Pat O'neill and friends have rebuilt the old Teasedale trails, and these things are fucking monsters. Featuring Pat, Josh Stead, Johnny Mackellar and Robbie Stewart. Video courtesy of Cam Nolan.

trails edit from Cameron nolan on Vimeo.

LUX/DVRSTY; Justy, Mitch and Ev

Diversity's own Mitch Wood and Justy Bumpstead, and LUXBMX's master-mechanic Ev Jaques got in this real fun looking session at a local park in Brisbane. Mitch has really changed his style since I last saw him, and Justy and Ev kill it as usual. Teenage girls hate Crispy Stream

LUXBMXxDVRSTY Justy, Ev and Mitch at Carole Park from Mitchell Wood on Vimeo.

Matt Whyatt- FIST/Impurity

Matt Whyatt is among Australia's top park riders hitting the US for the contest season. Here he kills the Animal House and JayCee park in Greenville, for Fist handwear and Impurity Bikes. Video by Brett Trigg

Matt Whyatt FIST Handwear / Impurity Bike Collab. from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.

King of the Jibs 2!

The second annual Colony King of the Jibs went down at the Ausbike trade show in Melbourne yesterday, and from all accounts, it was real good fun, with heaps of good riding happening. In the end, Daniel Johnson took the win, from Marnold in second and Diversity's own Jack Elkins in third, while Raph Jeroma-Williams took out best trick with an up-luc-e to duster down the other side on the wedge rail. Wild!

Triplesix Distribution's New Website

Triplesix Distribution recently updated their website, and it's a damn sight better than their old flash model, and is a hell of a lot more consumer friendly. It's got a blog, rider bios, and all the info that a distribution site needs.

Triplesix Distribution's New Website.

Triple Six recently updated their website, and it's a damn site better than their old flash site which was rarely upated. This one features bios with their team, a blog, and all the kinda info that a distro site should.

YPISN Damien Walker

Have no idea what YPISN is, but this edit was cool. A bunch of really good street influenced park lines in this. And it had Earl for the soundtrack.

Jay Wilson; Welcome to the Shadow Conspiracy

I've always been a fan of Jay. He kinda has this cool hybrid of modern technical street riding and bonedeth flavour. Definitely his own thing. Anyway, he was recently added to The Shadow Conspiracy Australian team, and this is his welcome edit. Enjoy!

Jay Wilson - Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Daves Dad and Brother

This is the last thing from Bullmix featuring Billy Brooks for he has bid farewell to the inner west for the greener pastures of Mudgee. However, it still has Dirty Paul and Lee to take out those North Shoreans

Jess Goodwin and his new bike.

Apparently, a few of Jess' homies built him up a new bike, free of cost for him. I'm not quite sure, but it is rad as fuck nonetheless. This edit has some really good supermega riding on that tiny prefab park. Highlights include the 720 over the 2 foot spine and possibly the cleanest 3 whip to fakie I've ever seen.

Danger on The Set.

I have heard whispers of Danger leaving the Volume distro team to ride for The Set for a while now, and I guess this welcome edit makes it official. I've really enjoyed watching Danger make the transition from a supermega to the legitimate street rider that he is today. Gotta say, I really enjoyed this video. Overtooth both ways on legit rails, switch 180 bar railhop and more impressive riding. John Young was on the production side of things, so you already know the filming and editing is crisp.

Danger - Welcome to The Set from John Young on Vimeo.

Chris Whyte Cammeray Session

Cammeray Session from chris whyte on Vimeo.

Here's a tidy edit filmed by Chris Whyte featuring himself, Hayden Fowler and Greg Sing. Definitely stoked to see Chris and the dudes putting in work and creating good stuff!

Tempered Bundaberg Weekend

This edit got me more stoked than anything I've seen this year. Awesome vibe, insane riding and this was over only 3 days. The Tempered boys know how to produce and Tempered bossman Mat Lawton absolutely killed it as well as Mike Vockenson, Nick Kajewski, Samson Ross, Jack Elkins and that other guy with the tiny head. Make sure you check this out.

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson with an edit from a session at Redland Bay. That flair crash at the start was loose. A bunch of good park-esque tricks in this. I enjoyed it a lot more watching it on mute.

Chris Storey

Nice edit of Chris Storey riding a skatepark. Some cool ledge and park rail moves.

Adam Dyson and Nick Harris; A day at Rampfest

The weather in Melbourne has been pretty terrible lately, so indoor has been the only option. This is a little mix from Adam Dyson and Nick Harris from one of their indoor sessions at Rampfest Skatepark. A bunch of cool jib stuff, and freecoaster moves.

Division Split

Australia's newest parts brand Division just dropped this split edit of their 3 team riders and it's fire. Full of heavy moves from DJ, Troy Jackson and Macca.

In other Division news they just released their first batch of softgoods with parts to follow soon. Pick them up from your local bike shop or favourite Aussie mailorder.

Wilton Hedley Edit

Wilton put in some work for this edit and it shows. Filmed and edited by by Tristan Montagu.

Tritto and Steve edit

Me and steve from Tristan Montagu on Vimeo.

Here's a tidy little edit from Tritto featuring him and UK steve shredding a couple parks, worth a watch!

Ash Murphy at Rampfest

Tom Brown sent over this video of Ash Murphy riding rampfest. Kids got some real good supermega moves, pretty much kills it. Seems to me, though, that originality is fading.

Ash Murphy - A session at Rampfest from Tom Brown on Vimeo.

Epping Quick Fix

Sweet little mix from the dudes at Montage, a sweet session at the Epping skatepark. Some real nice ledge and rail moves. Looks like fun,

Montage Quick Fix: Epping Skatepark from Adam Dyson on Vimeo.

Belco Opening Jam

It's on this weekend, and this place looks absolutely incredible. Get down there, shits gonna be wilddddddd

Tyson Jones-Peni

Back Bone dude and all round shredder Tyson Jones-Peni features in this fucking rad edit, which showcases exactly what I love about BMX; classic style. I'm real psyched to go flow a concrete park now. Video by Brendan Boeck

Tyson Jones-Peni Bike Check from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Daniel Burr x TRT

Rhys Newling/The Rad Theory cooked up this sweet little mix of Daniel Burr. A bit of everything in here, including what looks like a legit 3 pointer. Baller.

daniel burr from rhys newling on Vimeo.

Paul Gerlich

Paul Gerlich sent over this edit of himself, filmed around Brisbane parks, and a few in NZ, too. A bunch of really cool jibish moves that you won't see every day. Good stuff.

Paul Gerlich Edit from Paul Gerlich on Vimeo.

Bike Cinema Fridays!

It's that time again! Hell on Wheels are putting on another one of the nostalgic BMX features, this Friday. This months is all of the square one videos. You already know it'll be dope. Here's a little promo.

Bike Cinema Friday/SQ1 from Hell On Wheels on Vimeo.

Cheap Tuesday

Fresh Bullmix edit from what could be any weeknight session at Summer Hill. Riding in this is fucking dope, everything from tech manual and peg lines to whack moto-whip to euro combos and trains over the hip. Featuring Mat Lawton, Been Pigot, Lee Cruickshank and Patrick O'neill. I miss Sydney.

C|BLMX from BULL MIX on Vimeo.

Alex Hiam 10 Clip Colony Edit!

Alex Hiam - Ten Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Here's an awesome edit from everyone's favourite young gun Alex Hiam, it's in the 10 clip format at fairfield and is definitely worth watching!!

Crispy: Better than you

Every guy wants to be Crispy and all the girls wanna be with Crispy.

Zac Dangerfield 2011

Big thanks to Diversity video contributor Luke McIntyre for this edit of Zac Dangerfield. This edit features some insanely technical skatepark stuff and turned out amazing

Waterfront iPhone Edit.

We're having new age fun with a vintage feel.


Fresh heat from the enigma that is BULLMIX. Cool technical street lines, and a nosepick to fakie on a volkswagen beetle. Stunters include Will Hermann, Billy Brooks, Lee Cruickshank, Mathew Virgara, Dirty Paul and more.

Cast and Crew

Ben McPherson has just dropped this really cool lifestyle magazine-style blog called Cast and Crew documenting the going on's with him and his crew. It's contributed to by both riders and skaters. I think it's an awesome concept, and it's dope to see someone stepping up and doing something new within the Australian scene