Mitch and Andy Sunday Arvo Sesh

Mitch Brown and Andrew Schlenert feature in this cool little edit filmed at Supermega Headquarters.

Renald McQueen Video Bike Check

Personally, I couldn't care less what parts professional riders run on their bikes, but the riding in this was actually really dope, especially Renald's moves on the rail. The Derek Duster in particular was real cool.

Renald McQueen Video Bike Check from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.


This was a really refreshing edit. Put together by Ryan Humphries featuring his crew, it was completely different to the edits we receive everyday. Filmed, and edited superbly, and a super mellow vibe about it. This is good.

Armeture from Armeture on Vimeo.

Kalgoorlie Best Of

For the first half of this year, Corey Smithies and company have been producing top quality riding. In this edit, Corey has mashed together the best clips. It's really impressive. What the fuck is with Western Australia and producing bullshit good young riders?

The Best Of Kalgoorlie Bmx from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson is only 13. I was kickin curbs on a Dunlop mountain bike when I was 13. Thanks for making me feel bad about myself Caleb.

Spotted on Dishonour.

Tom Stretton - Ten Clips

If producing one of the DVD sections of the year wasn't enough, T Strett has been hard at work on other projects including this mind blowing web video for Colony. If you haven't seen the Colony DVD yet you're missing out! Pick up a copy from your local bike shop or grab one online here.

Tap Zoos Twos

Tuck into this tasty little treat cooked up by Chris Lembo from a session the other night at Ramp Attack. Features Chris Lembo, Nick Kajewski, Dan Headon, Nate Headon, Tom Stretton and yours truly.

Tempered Signature Series: Benn Pigot

Next in the Tempered signature series are these Benn Pigot signature bars. Dropping in the coming months, these things look amazing, and they come in the only colour worth having; chrome! Jacked from Back Bone

Jack O'reilly

B-Dog cooked up this little ditty of Jack O'reilly from scraps of two other projects. Real solid clips on the ledges at City Park in Canberra. Spotted on Back Bone

Jacko don't enter no dance comps! from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

Down Underground 2- Sydney

A few weeks ago, round 2 of Australia's national flatland series, Down Underground went down at Summer Hill skatepark in Sydney's inner-west, courtesy of Freestyle Now and video-savvy man John Young was there to capture all the action. Part One of this edit is entirely flat, however, part 2 features some sweet little flat rail jibs from Greg Sing, Hayden Fowler, Lee Cruickshank

DUG Round 2 - Flatland from John Young on Vimeo.

DUG Round 2 - Flat Jibs from John Young on Vimeo.

Kyle Baldock

This morning, Kyle Baldock won the first stop of the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland, and it's pretty easy to see why. I don't think I've ever seen someone nose a 720 in to a spine like that, and catch so much transition. Dudes ridiculous.

Kyle Baldock | Quick Clip from Bret Trigg Visual on Vimeo.

Stephen Grubb

Stephen Grubb edited this collection of clips out of boredom last night, and I reckon it turned out pretty good. Impressive riding, and nice filming. Yew!

late night edit from stephen grubb on Vimeo.


This little beauty from Sion Bourne was sitting in our inbox this morning, psyched! Fresh riding, and fucking dope filming. Also, stoked to see more shit from Western Australia

Rockinghammers from Sion Bourne on Vimeo.

Brandon Burt

Lanky sent over this edit of Brandon Burt riding the GC Compound. This place is like the breeding ground for supermega kids. This edit was really impressive though. Flairs both ways, and solid boxjump moves.

Corey Smithies Scrap Clips

This was really fucking good. Some nice little ledge combos, some tricks you wont see everyone do, and some nice gaps. If these are scraps, keen as mustard to see what he'll bring with some proper clips.

Corey Smithies. Scrap Skatepark Clips from Corey Smithies on Vimeo.

Jerry Vandervalk - Tempered Video + Signature Frame and Bars!

Heres Jerry's new Tempered edit filmed by everybody's favourite wog Chris Lembo; there's so much ridiculous shit in here and the filming looks great, definitely a must watch! Also Jerry's new Tempered frame and bars have been released on their website and they look fresh as hell so make sure you check that out HERE.

Jack Elkins for LUXBMX Store

This will probably be the craziest video you watch today. Diversity's own Jack Elkins flying the flag for LUXBMX Store. Make sure you watch this.

'Mid Year Mess Ups'

Not a whole lot of riding, but you can tell the dudes are having a good time, which is always gravy.

Tempered/Jerry V CBR trip edit.

Jerry Vandervalk took his camera on the recent Tempered Goods Canberra roadtrip. This is a mix of the footage he collected. This one shows a bit of the non-riding side of the trip, as well as second angles and unused lines. It's dope, check it out!


Sponno Me

This is the best edit I've ever seen. The riding, and the attitude. I mean, the dude is in it for the right reasons for sure.


Jye Stuart sent over this edit he's put together of himself and a bunch of his homies. This was bullshit good. It features full sections from Cedric Tsing, Jeremy Tsing, Jye Stuart, and a split from Robbie Bennet and Beau Matthews, and a mix section featuring Adam Cox among others. I really enjoyed this, great to see a longer, well filmed edit filled with great riding depicting an entire scene.

Chums. from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.

Street Fighter!

Hell on Wheels are running this really dope competition at the moment. They've built up these two amazing customs from Bone Deth and Animal/Skavenger and you vote on which you think will sell first. If you get it right, you go into the draw to win a prize pack from that company. Visit their facebook to vote. Get on it! Thanks to John Young for the dope video!

Hell On Wheels - Street Fighter from John Young on Vimeo.

Alex Liiv Bike Check with Handsome John

Handsome John gives you the low down on Alex Liiv's river jumping deth sled. This is without doubt the best fucking bike check ever. Video by Sam Green

Alex Liiv Bike Check 2011 Starring Handsome John from samgreen on Vimeo.

Primary 2 Clips, 1 Spot #13

Chris Finnigan and Renald McQueen both come through with their weekly clips for Primary Threads.

Aidan Montero at Hibiscus

Check out this sweet edit of Aidan Montero from a session at Hibiscus skatepark. Aidan's getting flow from Ride On for a while now and for good reason. Check it out

Primary Denim!

Primary Threads is branching out into denim and they produced this awesome little teaser of Chris Finnigan to promote them. From the teaser they look great and the fact that they're manufactured in Australia is amazing!

They should be available soon from one of your favourite Primary stockists, like Little Black Bike, LUXBMX Store or Backbone BMX.

Gary and Nathan Clipen

More sweetness in the form of an edit from Rhys Newling/The Rad Theory featuring his boys Gary and Nathan. A few really cool little lines in this, and as always, the filming and editing is on point.

gary + nathan clipen from rhys newling on Vimeo.

Jay Cooper

Jay sent us this sweet little boogie of himself. To quote the man himself "Nothing too serious, just shit that gets me stoked to be on a bike". I definitely got that feel out of it. Felt nice and cruisy. The five and seven over that tiny spine were pretty fucking legit. He had some cool little flowy lines around a park that didn't look like it had a lot of flow.

Jordan Meaghan - Scrap clips

Jordan Meaghan Scrap Clips from Ali Hassan on Vimeo.

Here's a couple tidy clips from my mate Jordan Meaghan riding webby park, filmed by Ali Hassan.

Tim Storey

This is fucking amazing. Awersome mix of burly street moves and some solid park stuff as well. Lots of man-sized rails throughout. Definitely keen to see some more of Tim's riding after this.

Joshua Robson

Joshua Robson sent over this edit of himself riding some park in south east queensland. Gotta be honest, in the first 20 seconds I'd all but written this off, what with the cased whip clip, but it actually ended up really good. the Footjam to bars, and bars to double pegs to bars were really impressive. As soon as his riding is a little more polished he'll be destroyin'!

Day Clippin'

Josh Irvine sent over this sweet little mix of him and his homies riding Nimbin and Goonellabah skateparks in North-Eastern NSW. Regardless of your opinions on Irvine, there's no debating that the dude knows how to ride a bike. That 360 to smith on the hubba was fucking bullshit. There was a bunch of other cool riding by his boys, too.

Untitled from tim storey on Vimeo.

Dishonour X Quintin Snpaback Promo Video

Dishonour, once again at the forefront of threads in this country, have collaborated with Quintin caps for this fresh "Ballin" cap. In this drop, they've also got a sweet hoody, which I'm sure will be great for this unusually harsh winter. To celebrate, they hooked up this dialled video with Brock Olive. You already know this is nuts.

Brock Olive / Dishonour x Quintin Snapback + Hoody Promo from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

Dishonour: Sydney to Adelaide trip

The much anticipated, somewhat belated Dishonour Sydney to Adelaide trip video has finally dropped, and well, it's fucking rad! Their team Will Gunn, Jadan Roxburgh, Brock Olive, Daniel Dunn, Mikey McMah, Tom Blanch, Tenna, Chris Barnes, Sam Illman, Jake Shepherd and Brad Wright spent five days aboard Jason Cousins' Roadtripz bus. Personally, I've spent my fair share of time on the Roadtripz bus, and every time I venture on it, there is always a relaxed, fun vibe, and I feel James and Dre have captured this vibe in the video, while still presenting all the dope riding that went down. Everyone killed it. Can't wait to see more from the team.

Alex Liiv - The Liiving Dead Frame Promo

Holy shitballs. If you watch one video today let it be this.

Nick Kajewski for LUXBMX Store

Nick K is the latest rider to have a LUXBMX web video. In other LUX news make sure you get along to the LUX One Year Anniversary party this Saturday night at the store. There may even be a bit of a birthday sale during the day to spice things up.

Nick Kajewski

Royal BMX Store

Calvin Kosovich has started up this little series highlighting the WA scene, which I think is dope, because they really don't get the coverage they deserve. First up, is an interview focused on Royal BMX store, located in Perth. The store looks dialled, and the video was great. I look forward to the rest of the series

Royal Bmx "On The Down Low". from Deprae Films on Vimeo.


I wanted to post this while I was away, but I couldn't, and it slipped my mind til tonight. I fucking love all the Bullmix videos that Billy Brooks produces, because fun is clearly the name of the game, but some dope riding always comes out. BMX needs shit like this.

WINTER @ BLMX ERM SOMETIMES PT. 3 starwars from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

Jordy Reid.

Jordy sent us this dope little edit that he's been putting together for the last few weeks. Dude's got some good riding up his sleeve. Aside from a little bit of shaky filming, it was real good.

Rather Winterish from Jordy Reid on Vimeo.

Kippin' Everyday

More good shit from the Billy Brooks and the rest of the Sydney posse. Including, but not limited to: blood splatter, shit talking, cats, girly looking Korean guys and bikes. Starring Billy Brooks, Lee Cruickshank, Mat Lawton, Ricky Muller, John Young and Tom Appleby.

Kippin on the regular from billy sometimes on Vimeo.

TRT: Garfield at Beechworth

I always get stoked on stuff by The Rad Theory because, as the name would suggest, it's pretty rad, and this edit of Garfield riding Beechworth stuck to that trend. Definately some cool, quirky moves in this. The 360 crankflip and nosepick to fakie were personal highlights. See kids, you don't have to ride a certain way to kill it!

a day in beechworth with garfield from rhys newling on Vimeo.