Tempered Originals.

Recently, you may or may not have seen a bit of teasing about these Tempered Original Tee's. Now, these bad boys are real close to dropping. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first one. Let me say, they're dope. Top quality shirts, in this case AA, with a heap of individuality to each one. Each shirt is hand made, meaning no two are the same. In some cases, the design is part of the dye, as opposed to being a print, which is gravy as fuck. There are some nice little touches, including the one-off, different for each tee polariod/fabric pocket and wax string, and hand sewn woven Tempered tag.

This is BMX at it's finest. DIY Shit hand made by riders, for riders, with all proceeds going to support riders. Future tees will be designed by other members of the Tempered family, with proceeds going to supporting them, the brand, and any future events that Tempered may hold. Snap one up while you can, kids. They'll be gone as quick as they're released.


Anonymous said...

do they smell really bleachy? i hate the smell of bleach.

tritto said...

definitely keeeeen!