Rusty and Harti at Tuggers

Two of Canberra's finest and most stylish, Chris Harti
and Russel Brindley at Tuggers on a casual Thursday morning. Perfect mix of Rusty's OG trails flavour, Chris' new school boost and stylecatness and classic rock and roll. Rad as fuck. Courtesy of the lovely gentlemen at Back Bone BMX

Back Bone BMX - Chris & Rusty at Tuggers from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

stop putting up videos that dont work you bunch of cokheads.

tee said...

Works for me. As do the rest of the videos on here. Maybe you'r computer is just shit, anonymous.

Butterlegs said...

I can assure you that this, and all other videos on this page work. Any problems you have are with your Internet, or system itself.